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Otra de mi perro, se llama nerón pero a veces le decimos nerf... ah ok

Foto: Hermano.

Nerf, powered by Ironlak


Intervención Urbana Iberoamericana en el CCEBA


Entrada gratuita

Cierre muestra: 13 de Junio


nerf -

Exhib Graff 2010


Junín, Buenos Aires

the neuralgic tree


[to crisis yesterday

Modeled after the Nerf Maverick revolver. The barrel and the slide move. No it's not spring-loaded and no, it doesn't shoot.

My version of the concept that we used for the workshop in Singapore organised by David Wirawan. I decided to use a background that I shot already a few weeks before, that was originally ment to be for this concept. The photos of the models are shot by Geoff Ang, during the workshop. Because we had a different background during the workshop the models are not perfectly lighten for this photo, but still it all works pretty well

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Nerf NStrike Vulcan EBF25 Blaster Yellow

bouquet de nerfs


maybe i will delete this tomorrow...still, for tonight it's fine.


no awards please, thank you.

You sure you want to do that Ty?


Here's the final product of my camo test.


For this I used my new studio lights. Shoot-thru umbrella w/ strobe at 1/2 power on left. Softbox w/ strobe on full power on right.


These toy guns are great fun! I can't wait to try this same paint scheme on my Remington 887!

After finding the competition for bountys mounting up across the galaxy,

Ren Pegason finds he must trade in The Mercy Flute


For a Correllian Kestral class frieghter.


Faster and with a longer range than The Mercy Flute The Kestral

gets the package delivered on time.


Still able to fit his refurbished nerf crate to the cargo mandebles on

the front of the craft Ren wastes no time returning to his calling.

I said I'd upload pictures of some of my NERF projects, so here one is! It's based on Mass Effect guns, though it really doesn't look like any from the game. I'm not really going to go into details about it, 'cause it's really not any different from the stock form. And I'm feeling a little sluggish, 'cause it's about midnight right now()where I am. :P


If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments for FM me.





A gun I sent to my good friend Shaun in Scotland.

"Perfect square dissection": dividing a square into square parts of all different sizes. (Read about it at MathWorld).

Those cyborg monkeys sure love them some Nerf disc action.

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