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7DWF - Landscape


Our neighbors have professionals to keep their yard perfect...all year round. They graciously allow me to come by and photograph their place, along with giving me a few samples - thank you, Bob and Maggie!


Thank you so much for your views and if you comment, it is most appreciated.

1 or 2 variations to come

A winter morning on Edisto Island in South Carolina, full of silvery light and empty of people. Frozen toes, a dolphin, and shrimp boats in the distance.




Canon F1 / 28mm

:copyright: All rights reserved.




Two Continents, Three Countries: Spain, Gibraltar, Morocco


**This photo is on sale via Getty Images***

Cats have it all - admiration, an endless sleep, and company only when they want it. Rod McKuen


Have an enjoyable Sunday everyone!...

zebra turkeyfish (zebra-zwergrotfeuerfisch - pendrochirus zebra)


knobby seastar (noppenseestern - protoreaster sp.)


hdm - haus des meeres wien

(aquarium and terrarium in former aviator defense tower)

. . . as seen through the eyes of my mailbox.

Storks for Ms. Bailey:))


Dim the Light, hit the M | WEBSITE |INSTAGRAM | via 500px

It kinda irks me that the squirrels eat so much of the seed that I put out for the birds. But on the other hand, who can blame them? They're just doing what squirrels do...

(large + on black)

I found these barns in the Grande Ronde Valley in NE Oregon State, USA. Miles from anywhere in particular, these three barns caught my eye while looking for images down a rural county road. The peacefulness, clean air and scenery were wonderful on this day. The Grande Ronde River runs through this valley and is an approximately 180 mile long tributary of the famous Snake River. Thanks for visiting and for your flickr friendship.

Gold Coast aerial photo trip with the MavicPro. 5 image panorama 61m AGL.

During our recent trip to Chicago, we took a tour where we learned interesting facts about the Chicago's architectural history. Many of the building's exteriors are almost all glass . According to our tour guide, architects design buildings of glass to honor the surrounding buildings which ultimately allow us to see nearby buildings in the reflections. This shot is a perfect example of that concept. Look at one -- see the other. View On Black


These two neighbors have taken over the abandoned building...

What do you think they're talkin' about?" [see notes]


Gingin and Gloria are neighbors living away from the crowd but there is no love lost between them. I feed them together, Gingin on the bench and Gloria, under, after the meal there is often a race with my redhead climbing up her favorite tree and Gloria preparing a siege which is very short lived.


I won't tell Gloria that Gingin reached #269 on Explore on July 16th, 2013!

Volyn - Northwestern Ukraine

ID please? (I know it's a squirrel...)

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