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The Tower of Time is a defense tower of Vandellòs l'Hospitalet de l'Infant, Spain. Is declared as a cultural asset of national interest.


It is a circular tower made ​​of stones with very little mortar. It is situated on a rock which is a tombolo at the top of the island of Torn. This island is a stalk of rock that goes into the sea at the southern end of the La Rojala-Platja del Torn.


Platja del Torn is an idyllic beach outside the inhabited center of L’Hospitalet, discreetly hidden from view, stretching about 1700 m. It is embedded between two rocky mountains as they plunge into the sea. Tourists and locals enjoy bathing here in the crystal clear water and feeling united with nature in an intimate and peaceful setting. Thanks to naturism, this place has remained genuinely wild, as no concrete buildings or mass tourism were ever tolerated here.





Ореховая балка (она же Матуба, Кештав-Елга) с горой Кызыл-Кая («Красная скала») между отрогами горного массива Долгоруковская Яйла (Субаткан-Яйла).


Hazel Gorge (a.k.a. Matuba or Keştau-Yılğa) and Kyzyl-Kaya mountain (Qızıl Qaya, i.e. “Red Rock”) between two spurs of the mountain massif Dolgorukovskaya Yayla (a.k.a. Suv Batqan Yayla).



Athens Riviera, beach life

Wilder Strand nahe Valley Gran Rey. Die Wellen sind meist stark und deshalb wegen gefährlichen Strömungen leider nur sehr bedingt zum Schwimmen geeignet.





Коккозка (тюрк. kök «небо, небесно-синий», köz «глаз») — 18-километровая горная река в Бахчисарайском районе Крыма, приток реки Бельбек.


The Kokkozka (Turkic kök «sky, sky-blue», köz «eye») is an 18-kilometer long mountain river, a tributary of the river Belbek, in the Bakhchysarai Raion of the Republic of Crimea (Russia).







Эврика — название живописного дикого пляжа в посёлке Семидворье под Алуштой. На горизонте — горы: Кастель и Аю-Даг.


Eureka is the name for this picturesque wild beach in the village of Semidvorye near Alushta (Crimea, Russia). The mountains on the horizon are called Kastel and Ayu-Dag.



It was a sunny day when i along with my friend went to witness the glory of Malika e Parbat. The day was full of surprises and the majestic snow covered peaks were welcoming those few mountaineers who were on their way to Ansoo lake. They were saying "“Progress always involves risk; you can't steal second base and keep your foot on first base.”

Am i right my friend?????


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Our first really nice weekend of Spring. Time to enjoy the weather while it lasts.

New Pool :

Creative Photography Labs.

The climate in the SE of Ireland is warm & dry enough for Giant Viper's-Bugloss "Echium pininana" to thrive (we do put frost fleece over them if a hard frost is forecast). They take 2-3 years to reach full size then they produce this amazing flower spike covered in delicate blue/purple flowers that bees love. The plant in the foreground is the same age but hasn't sent a flower spike up. Saving itself for next year. Martin took the photo & I'm delighted he got the whole plant in to show it's height.


The first Saturday in May is World Naked Gardening Day. I've taken part the past 2 years, the photos have generated a lot of interest (and laughs) so I thought I'd give it a go again but outside this year not hiding away in the polytunnel. I'm donating €5 to The Donkey Sanctuary, Ireland for each of my Flickr friends who dares to bare a bit on the day.


You can read more about the day here






This is Small Banana Beach, a popular nude beach on the Greek island of Skiathos. This beautiful and secluded beach is located right next to the neighboring Big Banana Beach. The two beaches are seperated by a small rocky outcrop.

Naturism is still really popular in Greece and most of Europe, so beaches like this are common. Only a few beaches are designated "nude" beaches, but topless is legal everywhere. That's why there were a few topless women on the neighboring Big Banana Beach, and the nearby Koukounaries Beach.


I was actualy looking at pictures of this beach, and everyone had clothes on, so i wasn't expecting to see any nudists, but almost everyone on the beach was naked. Mostly older people, but a few young people as well. But most of the young people were on the neighboring Big Beach.

I felt a little awkward with clothes on, so I stripped down as well and went skinny dipping.

It was very hard to find an empty spot. There were people everywhere!


These two beaches are twins to Big and Little Makena Beach on Maui.





Урочище Кызыл-Коба (тюрк. «Красная пещера») на юго-востоке горного массива Долгоруковская яйла (Субаткан яйла) — это не только длиннейшая карстовая пещера нашего райского полуострова и одноимённая горная река Кизилкобинка, но ещё и прекрасный водопад Су-Учхан (тюрк. «Летящая вода»). Его «немолчный говор» и освежающие струи утоляют жажду, а причудливый пейзаж из каскадов, каменных глыб и деревьев в ком угодно пробудит художника.


The gorge Kyzyl-Koba (Qızıl Qoba, Turkic for “Red cave”) in the southeastern part of the mountain massif Dolgorukovskaya Yayla (a.k.a. Suv Batqan Yayla) is not only the longest cave of the heavenly beautiful Crimean peninsula along with the eponymous mountain river Kyzylkobinka; it is also the site of the gorgeous waterfall Su-Uchkhan (Suv Uçqan, Turkic for “Water flying”). Its rumbling murmur and gushing jets of fresh waters quench your thirst, while its fancy landscape of cascades, boulders, and tress invokes your inner artist.



This rock looks like the guardian of this beach at Tarutao island.

Sunset is perfect for outdoor yoga.

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Ce rocher semble etre le gardien de la plage sur l ile de Tarutao.

Le coucher de soleil est parfait pour faire du yoga en bord de mer.

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At the pousada, Trancoso

At the praia de nudismo

Our favorite stop on the Bare Necessities FantaSea cruise on the Carnival Miracle was Half Moon Cay.


Photo by Debbie

Tobago Cays beach day.

Caliente Nude Windjammer Charter on the Yankee Clipper - 2006

Igual me comeria la manzana...


Even alone I eat the apple...

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La playa de la Pared es sin duda una de las más salvajes y vírgenes de toda la costa noroeste de Fuerteventura. El fuerte viento reinante, el oleaje y sus aguas bravas casi todo el año, hacen de esta playa un lugar ideal para los amantes del surf, el kitesurf y el naturismo.

Las montañas que respaldan su arena dorada han sido desgastadas por la acción del viento, lo que la convierte en un paraíso para los surferos y demás cabalgadores de olas.


The Wall Beach is certainly one of the wildest and most pristine of all the northwest coast of Fuerteventura. The strong wind, waves and his brave waters most of the year, make this beach an ideal place for surfers, kite and naturism. The Mountains that support its golden sands have been eroded by wind action, what turns the beach into a paradise for the surfers and other horsemen of the waves.



Physiopolis was born in 1928, out of the idealistic vision of two hygienist doctors, the Durville brothers, who wanted to create a special place dedicated to the philosophy of naturism. They extolled life in harmony with nature, the development of mind and body by sports, and curing people by sun, water, phytotherapy, prayer and faith. It was the city of Nature, and perhaps the first idea of a natural resort. People could live in tents, later in bungalowas, participated in all kinds of activities and sports, celebrated the sun in a yearly festival.Physiopolis was first railed and mocked in the press because of nudism, but it was very successful. A hotel and pool were built, as well as cabins later (see my other photos, Hotel de la Plage). The complex was very popular until the 1980's and then the activities diminished and the hotel and pool were sold to a private developer to try to build again a huge leisure resort. Due to legal hassles and loss of economic activity and being situated in a flooding zone, the whole property is abandoned now.

Pentacon 6TL, Kodak Portra 400, CZJ Biometar 120mm

Now that I do not have my magic island to photograph, I am back in Paris and to my other interests, abandoned places, film cameras, portraits,photographying time, memory, beauty, life, and what remains.

self portrait taken after i did a bodypaint bike ride. i painted myself

Tavira Island lies south of the town of Tavira, just a few hundred metres off the coast. It is 11 kilometres long and varies between 150 m to 1 km in width. The island has 11 km of the best beaches in the Algarve, Portugal, including areas where naturism can be legally practised. It is part of the Natural reserve of Ria Formosa. It is also popular among tourists, people that like to swim and bird watchers. Access to the island is by ferry, and also by a small floating bridge in the Santa Luzia/Pedras d'El Rei area.

Plage du Petit Pont, Brétignoles-sur-Mer

Sur l'horizon, l'île d'Yeu.


💣Exobiology ART project💣️🎎




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♥♥♥♥♥ T_W_I_T_T_E_R ♥♥♥♥♥


♥♥♥♥♥ A_R_T__ I_N_S_T_A_G_R_A_M ♥♥♥♥♥



This photo from the Townies easter event by Laura Liberty. 2020 Easter Town is here! 20 Easter eggs are hidden all over the sim with great gifts inside. The peep race is different this year.

This event is closed so no SLUR for it. But you can join the Townies group to visit more events. In this year Townie will back to work in autumn with Halloween Town :))

Townies Group ID secondlife:///app/group/7ecd7ffb-ed50-c5c2-baec-0b4df3d54264/about (post this ID number into the Second Life search and you will find the group)

This is a group for our Townie people. We rotate holiday towns for Valentine's Day, St. Patrick's Day, Mardi Gras, Easter, Halloween & Christmas.




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The only enemy is your anti - Ego. So don't give up and continue fighting...

to the sea in freedom

e pensare che ho sempre creduto che si dicesse nudismo...opsss


e la domanda nasce spontanea...

noi occidentali giudichiamo chi indossa lo Hijab o il burqua,e pure i naturisti , gli islamici giudicano sia noi occidentali , e sia i naturisti, al contrario i naturisti non giudicano ne gli uni ne gli altri , gli occidentali appaiono agli integralisti, come i naturisti appaiono ai conservatori/puritani, i quali vogliono obbligare gli islamici integralisti, a spogliarsi in spiaggia o in piscina, è come se i naturisti obbligassero tutti ad andare a passeggio come natura ci ha creato ...

che non sarebbe poi così male...

ma però ..

concludendo è giusto che ognuno faccia come gli pare , senza presumere che la propria idea o modo di vivere sia quello giusto anche per gli altri....


se la natura sbaglia

perché non obblighiamo anche i cani ,gatti ,maiali e le vacche ad indossare gli slip o lo Hijab????

Of course, we don't deserve a creepy image on Monday. So I was wondering how to make it less creepy, more suitable to start the week...


"The title...", one of the trees whispered me, with a wink.

Armação dos Búzios - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil


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Осенняя панорама Бельбекской долины, открывающаяся с юго-западного края горы Кулле-Бурун возле Сюйреньской крепости (недалеко от сёл Большое Садовое и Малое Садовое в Бахчисарайском районе Крыма). В центре — головокружительный обрыв с трамплином для бейсджампинга. Слева — жёлто-красно-зелёные деревья в поросшем лесом овраге Исар-Алтын-Дере. Справа — дорога между живописными горами и скалами вдоль русла реки Бельбек.


An autumnal panorama of the Belbek River Valley as seen from the southwestern edge of the rocky mountain Kulle-Burun not far from the Suyren Fortress (in the vicinity of the two villages: Bolshoye Sadovoye and Maloye Sadovoye in the Bakhchysarai Raion of the Republic of Crimea, Russia). Center: the mindboggling vertical cliff with a trampoline used for B.A.S.E. jumping on its top. Left: the red-yellow-green trees in the bosky gorge Isar-Altyn-Dere. Right: the road between the picturesque mountains and rocks along the River Belbek.



A little gift from me to you, just to say that I love and appreciate each one of you.





Карантинная бухта — или попросту Карантинка — со времён древнегреческого полиса Херсонеса Таврического использовалась для временной изоляции экипажа прибывших из дальних странствий кораблей. Восточный берег бухты — более известный как «Скалки» — усыпан сверкающими на солнце глыбами известняка. Отсюда открывается живописный вид на мыс Херсонес с узнаваемым силуэтом Владимирского собора.


Karantinnaya Bay (Quarantine Bay)—or simply Karantinka—has been the place temporary isolation of ships since the days of the ancient Greek polis of the Tauric Chersonese. The eastern coastline of the bay—known locally by the name of Skalki (Russian for “little rocks”)—is scattered with chunks of sparklingly white limestone. From there, one can get a picturesque view of Cape Chersonesos complete with the recognizable silhouette of St. Vladimir Cathedral.



EL Charco Azul es una piscina natural de la isla de El Hierro. Un lugar idílico si lo que buscas es relajarte y disfrutar de un buen baño con seguridad y en un entorno espectacular.


Aquel martes era mi último día en la isla, así que me recorrí algunos de los puntos de interés que más me habían gustado los días anteriores para disfrutarlos con más tranquilidad y aprovechar para hacer alguna foto desde otros ángulos.


Esta no fue nada fácil: llegar hasta el otro lado del charco mientras la marea sube y ves como las olas, cada vez con más fuerza, van llenando la piscina justo por el lado donde has colocado el trípode y van engullendo las patas con tu querida cámara instalada justo encima, no es aconsejable para los que tenemos el corazón frágil...


El resultado valió la pena. En las otras fotos que hice de este mismo lugar unos días antes, la luz era maravillosa, pero no se aprecia en absoluto la belleza y el color del agua como desde este ángulo. Además, en esta ocasión, como era al final de la tarde, no había nadie y pude disfrutarlo sólo para mí.




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Nikon D500

Fisheye-Nikkor 10.5mm ƒ/2.8G ED


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Itacoatiara - Niterói - Rio de Janeiro - Brasil


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ÜBERBLICK ÜBER SITGES TOWN, mit dem Strand Norden, wo FKK praktiziert wird.



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