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This shot was taken during the fallow deer rut in the Forest of Dean. I have a tendency with my wildlife shots to try to get as close to the subject as I can. Quite often though, I think it makes for a better picture to show the wildlife in the context of the surroundings and habitat in which it lives... which is also a long winded way of trying to cover the fact that I alerted these deer long before I could get any nearer to them.

Цагаан суварга бол Дундговь аймгийн Өлзийт сумын нутаг дахь Дэл уулнаас баруун хойно орших эгц цавчим мөргөцөг. Эрт цагийн далайн ёроолын шаварлаг хурдас он цагийн эрхэнд эвдэрч эрэг ганга, мөргөцөг үүсгэсэн хэмээн үздэг. Мөргөцөгийн хана нь зүүн тийшээ харсан байдаг учраас баруун талаасаа харагдахгүй. Өндөр нь 60-аад метр, өргөн нь нийтдээ 400-гаад метр үргэлжилдэг, 90 хэмийн эгц эрэгтэй. Алсаас харахад хот балгас мэт сүртэй. Үнэхээр сайхан газар.

Santa Pola - Alicante - Spain


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Textured image. Texture by Lenabem - Anna.Texture 124

April 13th 2012.

I spotted this lovely lane so had to turn back in the car & photo it.

Nothing in the way to spoil the view which was unusual & it looks like 4 squares.

Nature at its best.

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Mona Vale / Warriewood Beach - Sydney NSW

One from my shoot with Aaron / James and Matt...


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A lovely Somerset countryside scene...


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another one from my archived..


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This shot was taken about a month ago, standing in my driveway. The colors were spectacular and also included some purples, but only lasted for about 7 minutes.



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Dec. 8, 2008


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Another foggy photo from our summer cottage a few weeks back. :3 I haven't encountered a fog as pretty as this one again and it would be a waste to stash these photos on my comp, so...


First one: here

Nature reclaiming the site of the old blast furnaces in Ironbridge, Shropshire.

I find the contrast between the blast furnace brickwork on the left of

the picture, with the overhanging trees to be inspiring, The path leads

from the base of the furnaces up to the canal, where iron ore would

have been shipped in to the site.

Best viewed large

Our Daily Challenge ... my daily challenge. My personal challenge at the moment is to develop this technique which includes layering of images and textures and manipulating them in Photoshop to create interesting artworks from some of my photos. The idea was originally suggested by Barbara (plumnutz) and she and Renee (skagitrenee) have been very helpful. Thanks ladies!


Scavenge Challenge ... #20 ... eaten by bugs.


The original was one bug eaten leaf photographed by me.

HDR Panorama

View On Black


Sometimes rainy days are good days! After what seems to be ages of clear skies... finally! Beautiful fluffy clouds!

I got rained on for this one... but who cares, that's what the wind is for. 10 min later I was completely dry as if nothing happened. 10 COLD minutes later....

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