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No Photoshop, this is genuine :)

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Pentax K-5

SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR



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Santa Pola - Alicante - Spain


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Цагаан суварга бол Дундговь аймгийн Өлзийт сумын нутаг дахь Дэл уулнаас баруун хойно орших эгц цавчим мөргөцөг. Эрт цагийн далайн ёроолын шаварлаг хурдас он цагийн эрхэнд эвдэрч эрэг ганга, мөргөцөг үүсгэсэн хэмээн үздэг. Мөргөцөгийн хана нь зүүн тийшээ харсан байдаг учраас баруун талаасаа харагдахгүй. Өндөр нь 60-аад метр, өргөн нь нийтдээ 400-гаад метр үргэлжилдэг, 90 хэмийн эгц эрэгтэй. Алсаас харахад хот балгас мэт сүртэй. Үнэхээр сайхан газар.

A mild and sunny Saturday in East-Westpahilia encouraged us to start our mill-project. Our area is covered with more than 40 mills, perfectly restored and maintenanced by volunteers. Our goal is to picture the most beautiful of them in the next couple of weeks. We finished the day with a breathtaking sunset lakeside in Bad Oeynhausen.

| Nikon D90 | IR 630nm |

Beautiful light, a must be captured moment

A lovely Somerset countryside scene...


By the way.....




I took this today, the sun was shining the light was perfects as was the colours, I was lucky enough to get a fist full of images of the place and I will post the rest in the days that follow!


Ragueneau (Côte-Nord | Manicouagan) Québec



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Louis bertignac *Ces idées là*

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... take care as you think it deserves.

Yesterday, we drove to the countryside. I was looking for rolling hills and pastoral but, didn't see any. But we saw a lot of farmland.

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'Harvest' On Black:


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breathtaking nature

FujiFilm X-S1

"Barangsiapa yang beramal soleh, lelaki atau perempuan dan dia beriman, maka sesungguhnya kami akan menghidupkannya dalam kehidupan yang baik (di dunia). Dan pasti Kami akan membalasi mereka dengan ganjaran yang lebih baik daripada apa-apa yang mereka kerjakan."

(Surah Al-Nahl 16:97)


Location: Lata Kinjang Waterfall, Perak.

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