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Waiting for the perfect sunset that never came...

Have a happy weekend my dear friends and many thanks !!! :)




Photo was taken in Tea Tree Bay, Noosa National Park, Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia during my winter camping trip recently. Observing the tides and waves before taking photo really make a different as I notice this beautiful small pool that create during low-high tides.For more info feel free to visit my page


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Natural solar landscape. The photo is made in a Krasnogorsk on the bank of lake. (Near Moscow suburbs).

somewhere in the forest

Harness Creek, Annapolis, Md.


Mother Nature's Bold Curve

After capturing this image, I knew that I would want to give it an impressionist feel, so that it would look like a painting; which is exactly what I saw there in the woods with all the wonderful color and light that nature could provide. (All Rights Reserved)

© Jeff R. Clow


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Some woodland reflections on the outlet waters of British Columbia's beautiful Duffey Lake.


I served on 2 US Navy nuclear submarines during the Vietnam War. Spent 577 days underwater on 8 patrols. My mental escape from that tight, claustrophobic tube was dreaming of natural wonders like this. Helped me get thru those long patrols. I now am blessed to make up for those lost days by spending as much time as I can in beautiful scenery like this.


Wishing all Veterans a wonderful Veterans/Rememberance Day.

I salute you. Thank you!


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Fiery colors begin their yearly conquest, propelled by the autumn winds.

Fall is the artist.

- Takayuki Ikkaku -

Wolgan Valley, Australia

Early morning light across the stillness of Pontsticill Reservoir in the Brecon Beacons creates textures in nature.

Had to go to Brisbane so JF & I decided to photograph some city scapes and a shot or two of the moon setting over a lake on the way down the mountain. Quite pleased with the Brisvegas jaunt, this to me is a reminder that nature reins supreme and should she shake her mighty fist we are all undone no matter what, will post later the city skyline, arrived home to this and more for about an hour had the most awesome sky. This is two minutes from where I live so luck is a lady


Autumn in this part of the world although does not get the imported beautiful rusty colours of the deciduous trees but has a unique look after a good season as this has been with the green grass forming seed heads which turn a golden yellow and with the intermittent sunlight is quite a sight to see, with the patchy sunlight late this afternoon made for interesting shadow on the rolling hills.


Is still mumbling and grumbling outside threatening to swing back this way

The backbone of nature's creation supports a strong structure. The design of Sago Palm fronds show us symmetry, pattern and lines. The first photo from a new series that will explore nature abstracted.

Situated in the south west of Britain Exmoor National Park contains an amazing variety of landscapes within its 267 square miles. A unique landscape of moorland, woodland, valleys and farmland, shaped by people and nature over thousands of years. Where high cliffs plunge into the Bristol Channel, and cosy pubs and tearooms offer delicious local produce.

Several areas of the moor have been declared Sites of Special Scientific Interest due to the flora and fauna. This title earns the site some legal protection from development, damage and neglect. In 1993 Exmoor was also designated an Environmental Sensitive Area.


Thank you for looking at my photographs and for any comments it is much appreciated


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Apart from a slight crop and sharpen, SOOC

Awesome waterfall, with amazing color, admired on our road to Landmannalaugar!

Taken today in the mount of Pelinaion which is famous for the unique wild orchids..Im trying to locate a very rare wildflower but i wasnt lucky today..may be next time ;-)

Have a good time my friends!

..Explored...Thank you all..

Remember to be gentle with yourself and others...

We are all children of chance and none can say why some fields will blossom while others lay brown beneath the August sun...

Care for those around you. Look past your differences. Their dreams are no less than yours, their choices no more easily made....

And give, give in any way you can, of whatever you posses...

To give is to love. To withhold is to wither. Care less for your harvest than for how it is shared and your life will have meaning and your heart will have peace.”

** Kent Nerburn***


Textures my own


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Single Oak against an Autumn late afternoon sky.

Whitmore, Staffordshire, UK.

It's wet in the middle

With a shell around it

It's called life

It goes wherever it wants to

Don't try to predict it,

Then you'd offend it,

It's MEANT to surprise


Rescue me

form level-head-ness

And the un-necessary luxry of being calm


She's got dark hair

On her head;

Blonde on her arms;

She sneaks up from behind,

Come on,

You deserve it!


Nature is ancient,

But surprises us all

Nature is ancient,

But surprises us all


Sea Brooks Shores, Texas. Balance of nature.

I believe that this tree is the one most photographed in the Japanese Gardens in Portland,Oregon. When I was there, there were multiple photgraphers shooting and others waiting. Just admiring it is a special experience

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