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a "corner" of lake Vidraru

The sun sets on the Gulf of Mexico, just off the coast of Galveston, Texas.

Sunset in Eikesdalen, Norway

Ogwen valley.Snowdonia xx

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Høgfallet, Gjøvik. Hoya ndx filter

got on my bike the other day drove 10 min.. and this is what i found.. "Paradice" well my little Paradice..;))***

Peaceful evening atmosphere at my home city

During the night, temperature drop to under 0, during morning time frost on leaves collection really make some special texture like nature art. 天氣轉冷,早霜讓很多自然界的事物充滿著特別的


The main attraction of Lake Seliger is nature. .This is one of the most beautiful lakes in Russia, located on the territory of the Tver and Novgorod regions, roughly in the middle between Moscow and St. Petersburg (360 km from Moscow and 480 km from St. Petersburg). The largest city on Seliger is Ostashkov (22 thousand people). Other large cities are Peno, Selizharovo.

Lake Seliger is located on the Valdai Upland at an altitude of 205 meters above sea level. The coastline is very quaintly rugged and, for the most part, covered with coniferous and mixed forest. The area is 260 square meters. km (according to the Seliger area in the twenty largest lakes of Russia), the average depth is 5-6 meters, the maximum is 24 meters. There are a lot of islands on the lake, mostly small ones, but there are also two large ones - Khachin and Gorodomlya. Lake Seliger has a maximum size of 70 km from north to south and 40 km from east to west. According to the origin of Seliger glacial lake, formed 70-11 thousand years ago. Not far from here at the village. Volgoverkhovie. is the source of the Volga River. There are many islands on Seliger, the largest of them are Khachin and Gorodomlya.

The climate and nature of Seliger are typical for the middle zone of Russia. Hunting and fishing are widespread here. Of animals in the vicinity of Seliger there are moose, wild boar, wolf, bear, fox, hare, squirrel, marten, beavers. Of birds, a duck, capercaillie, woodcock, hazel grouse, heron, crane, gull. In Seliger and the surrounding lakes, eel, pike perch, pike, perch, burbot, ruff, bream, tench, roach, rudd, bleat are caught.

winter nature. Sunrise.

This place is in the city of Krasnogorsk, Moscow region. Russia.

The settlement lies on the spurs of the Smolensk-Moscow Upland; the relief gradually decreases from the north-west of the city to the south and southeast, lying in the floodplain of the Moscow river. Ravine erosion processes are common. Absolute elevation marks are in the region of 190-220 meters. The presence of large reserves of groundwater belonging to the Moscow artesian basin and confined to rocks of the Paleozoic age, to deposits of the Jurassic and Cretaceous systems, made it possible to organize reliable water supply to the city from artesian sources.

Krasnogorsk is located within the forest park zone of Moscow. The city is quite densely surrounded by forests, mostly mixed, with individual sections of conifers. The species composition of forest stands is predominantly represented by spruce, birch, aspen. Treeless territories are heavily urbanized.

The environmental situation in the city is deteriorating. In the vicinity of the city, among the most important environmental aspects, a relatively high loss of forests stands out (and the anthropological factor here is only in third place among the reasons: the main ones are adverse weather conditions, as well as pests and diseases). There is a certain pollution of groundwater (there are excess MPC for manganese, lead, cadmium and ammonia). The radiation pollution of the atmosphere in Krasnogorsk is at the level of background values ​​(9 - 17 μR / h).

At this point there is a ski slope about 300 meters long, the slope with a lift and a rental point is called "Chernevskaya SKI Resort". “The decision to equip the hill was made in the fall of 2017. This measure allowed not only to recreate the open ski slope in Krasnogorsk, but also preserved the natural landscape, as well as the appearance of a favorite place of the townspeople. Previously, the territory was planned for capital development, ”specified on the website of the administration of Krasnogorsk.




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📷 SONY ⍺6000 with E-mount converted vintage manual

Leitz Wetzlar Colorplan 90mm ƒ/2.5 projection lens

adapted with a focusing helicoid and a 16-bladed aperture

@ƒ/8 | available light | manual focusing & exposure | handheld


Note the perfectly round specular highlights even @ƒ/8 - thanks to the 16-bladed aperture...


Here's the E-mount converted Colorplan used for this shot

A complete description of the conversion can be found here


Lens EXIF written with ExifMixer | ExifTool



Here's the same scene shot as a wide angle macro with my vintage manual Sigma 24mm ƒ/2.8 Super-Wide II MC



If you have bokehlicious shots done with vintage prime lenses please head over to my group Bokeh of vintage primes

and share them there. Thank you.


If you truly love Nature, you will find beauty everywhere.

Vincent Van Gogh




Pentax K-5

SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR



© 2016 stefanorugolo | All rights reserved.




La Nature

Τη Φύση




De Natuur



Живая Природа








Pentax K-5

SMC Pentax-DA 18-55mm F3.5-5.6 AL WR



© 2017 stefanorugolo | All rights reserved.

View from Dalsnibba


Sigma 10-20 lens

Beautiful trees show magic of nature.

- Windy Whispers on The Reflective River, AZ. -

Tamron AF SP 90mm f/2.8 Di VC USD Macro 1: 1 (Nikon)


I had to bend a bit down, but maybe it was worth it. Poor waist ...

view #1 from the kitzsteinhorn into the nature reserve Hohe Tauern in austria.

Seek, and you will find. It amazes me how certain elements within nature just come together. Its kinda like peanut butter and jelly. I scouted this area out for sometime when I came across this section of mud tiles that caught my eye. I noticed that this small section had the perfect pyramid formation that pointed straight out into the badlands.


Hope all you guys out there are doing well. Summer is almost over! YAY!!!!! Stay cool out, the fall is almost here.


Lots of new images coming soon!!! Peace and Love.

(not really mother nature)

I can definitely recommend shooting the nature in the moonlight! It is an almost surreal experience. This one was taken in the Glaskogen nature reservation.


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Virginia - Nature's beauty; deep in a forest at sunrise....

Natures Color Combination of blue green and Yellow...

fin d'une belle journée d'hiver

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