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stretti caruggi al Parasio - Porto Maurizio



PS: Mi scuso con gli amici e i visitatori, ma sono costretta a venirvi a trovare solo un po' per volta, oggi un pacchetto di voi, domani un altro eccetera...


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I stepped out in a sunlit groove

Although deep down I wished it would rain

Washing away all the sadness and tears

That will never fall so heavily again


diana krall - narrow daylight


con la ayuda de las texturas de Lenabem y Paeeerica


on black "L"




Not sure if this is the Wall Street area of the Narrows. Many thanks to Willie Huang and Francis Flomair for the tips here. They were greatly appreciated. Be sure to check their excellent photostreams.

Arawacus leucogyna FELDER & FELDER, 1865

(Narrow-lined Hairstreak / Tecla rayada)


Arawacus leucogyna is distributed from Belize to Colombia, Venezuela, Ecuador and Peru. This species is found in forest edge habitats. Males perch on the foliage of shrubs and saplings at trail intersections. Forewing: 16 mm.


There are 18 species of Arawacus, all confined to the neotropical region. All have a similar pattern of brown or black stripes radiating from the tornus of the hindwing and terminating at points along the forewing costa.


The pattern serves to divert the eye of birds away from the butterfly's head and body, and towards the 'false antennae' tails. Immediately after settling, the butterfly characteristically gyrates to face in the opposite direction and dips its head. It then slowly oscillates the hindwings, causing the tails to wiggle, which further acts to focus the observer's attention on the rear of the butterfly.


Taken in La Ceja, Colombia; Central Andes; 2.300 meters above sea level.


I am absolutely fascinated by the 5 tody species in the Caribbean (found on Cuba, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, and Hispaniola). Hispaniola is the only island with two species, and this, the Narrow-billed Tody, is found primarily in the higher elevations. This image was taken around 5500 feet while surrounded by towering Caribbean pines.


None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Arrozales (rice fields) en Puebla del Río (Sevilla - Andalucía)


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss16-35mm + Cokin filters : 2 X121S


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Train 64A rolls east through Narrows, Va., behind a pair of old school GP60's leading the charge.

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My 10 (ten) best shots


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Streets of Italy ~ stepping out of the hotel in Camogli

Texture my own.


Thank you for kind visit and comment.

ISO 100, f8 @ 18mm, 30sec, 09:39pm

I struggle taking landscapes so this was a challenge to get

something I was happy with, especially armed only with my 50mm lens.

Thanks to all that view, comment and fav my photos.

Poznan, Poland

Stary Rynek

Sometimes, I like a bit of narrow focus......this street for me really sums up how much I love Poznan. Every time I wander through this street it somehow feels like the first time....and I am captivated by the scene and light all over again. Love Poznan.


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[The Forge] - Apex - Track Pants, Black. [Gianni]@TMD

[The Forge] - Apex - Track Top, Black. [Gianni]@TMD



HX: H'adior Glasses Gold (Black Lens)@TMD



::Poseidon:: Free Running 9

This is the olderst part of Angers, Really nice with all it's narrow cobblestone streets...

I had a lot of trouble stitching this 4X3 shot panorama of Narrow Neck in Katoomba. I only stuck with it because I really like the light on the left hand side cliff face and the strong shadows in the valley cast by the clouds.


Rhys's Shot Here





@Arnarstapi, Snæfellsnes penisula, west Iceland

Full of character resembles old architecture

The Narrows - North Fork of the Virgin River, Zion National Park, Utah

"Wall St." Zion National Park, UT

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