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Not from my yard but still beautiful ;-)

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Wih you a beautiful week my friends!



Built by the Emperor Hadrian, starting from 117 A.D.,

it is the most extensive ancient roman villa,

covering an area of at least 80 hectares, more or less as Pompeii.


Narcissus in Greek mythology was a hunter from the territory of Thespiae in Boeotia who was renowned for his beauty. He was exceptionally proud, in that he disdained those who loved him. Nemesis saw this and attracted Narcissus to a pool where he saw his own reflection in the waters and fell in love with it, not realizing it was merely an image.

Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, Narcissus died.[1]

Taken with Helios 40-2 85mm f/1.5


Stephanie Palm Fotografie


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This shot was taken two months ago and there are some more photos that I did not upload on flickr... so far. So be prepared to discover a small leap in time :)




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From the series "Secret life of the trees".

Created after very last 5 days in Canada...


Who were the Druids? Popular folklore tells us they were ancient Celtic wise men. They wore long robes and had long, flowing beards. Merlin, the famous magician of King Arthur's court, was reputedly a Druid. They are credited with having built Stonehenge and other megalithic monuments throughout Great Britain and Europe.


Other sources tell us Druids were men and women who were really into trees. Their ceremonies were conducted in the open air, often in oak groves. The word Druid is apparently derived from the ancient Celtic words for oak and truth--dru and druidh. Other trees were also very important to them, including yew, hazel, walnut, willow, rowan, ash and birch. Tree symbolism was used in their religious and philosophical teachings, and in their calendar and system of writing, called Ogham.

Druids also believed that trees are like a humans. They deliver a babies, they grow, sometimes they get an illness, they fight, and they die...


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a thin line between us , though

we can not cross this distance

to justify it's beating

my heart tells there's still chance


- Frosted July -


My friend Sarah gave me some pretty narcissus for my birthday earlier this week - got to capture them right! ICM Hope you all managed to survive that storm last night! Happy Weekend peeps x

"Κάποια μέρα καθισμένος ο ωραίος Νάρκισσος κοντά σε μια πηγή είδε το πρόσωπό του στα νερά της πηγής. Στη θέα αυτή λέγεται πως τόσο πολύ θέλχθηκε, που θέλησε βυθίζοντας το βραχίωνα του στο νερό να τη συλλάβει. Επειδή όμως παρά τις προσπάθειές του δεν το κατώρθωνε παρέμεινε στη θέση αυτή αυτοθαυμαζόμενος μέχρι που υπέστη μαρασμό και πέθανε. Στη θέση εκείνη μετά από λίγο φύτρωσε το ομώνυμο άνθος ως σύμβολο της φθοράς και των χθόνιων θεοτήτων"


Narcissus, upon finding an image of himself in a pool then fell in love with himself and, not being able to find consolation, he died of thirst at the pool, for if Narcissus had reached to take a drink, he would have shattered his own image into thousands of pieces.


The Narcissus flower is named after Narcissus. This was after he supposedly turned into a flower when he died, by looking at himself in the water too long. This forced him to stay there, because he was the god of beauty and he could only fall in love with himself; he later died of despair as he could not grasp the 'stranger' in the water


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© Copyright A Pendleton 2011 A shot of the beloved Daffodil, but with a twist... Have a great wednesday all my flickr friends, lovely when viewed on Black :) .................. Alan.

A "tazetta" daffodil of great beauty.

From my garden, they still look clean and fresh.

Royal Botanical Garden of Madrid (Spain) - Real Jardín Botánico de Madrid (España)


[ENG] Paperwhite, bunch-flowered narcissus, bunch-flowered Daffodil, Chinese sacred lily, cream narcissus, joss flower, polyanthus narcissus


[ESP] Narciso de manojo



What can I tell you? It's a flower.

Wonderful Sunday to you all!!


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They have a rather overpowering scent - not quite sure if I like!

Parée Erica’s Texture Fun Challenge 38


Textures with thanks to Parée Erica


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Αccording to Greek mythology,Narcissus was a beautiful man in love with him self.One day as he was looking in a lake,he saw himself reflected on the water.He tried to touch his reflection,so he fell in the lake and drawn.


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I might not be around much this week, I have a lot on this week.

30-05-2010: Vremščica o (più orecchiabile) Auremiano.

Narcyz biały (Narcyz wonny) - Weiße Narzisse (Dichter-Narzisse, Montreux-Narzisse, Echte Narzisse) - Narcissus poeticus

We went to Narcissus Park last Sunday. It takes about 1 hour from my town.

We've had a lot of snow this year but it's getting warmer day by day.


Thank you for watching, hope you have a nice Tuesday!

"I weep for Narcissus, but I never noticed that Narcissus was beautiful. I weep because, each time he knelt beside my banks, I could see, in the depths of his eyes, my own beauty reflected."

— Paulo Coelho (The Alchemist)


tears of springtime joy....

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