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When you call me late at night

Tell me you're just passing by

You got something else on your mind, I'm yours (I'm yours)

But in the morning light

When you're waking up by my side

You forgot what you said last night


You only say you love me when we're naked

When you're banging on my bedroom door

You only say you love me when you want me and we're naked

When you're laying on my bathroom floor


🎼 Jonas Blue, MAX -Naked

4608 2020 08 02 002 file

Surprise Lily........A pleasant "surprise" this year because we went two years without any stalks just the early (March) greenery. They are weaker this year.


Well naked face anyway xD


No makeup, no photoshop, no lashes, no jewellery


~James S. Tippett'


I like the woods

In autumn

When dry leaves hide the ground,

When the trees are bare

And the wind sweeps by

With a lonesome rushing sound.

I can rustle the leaves

In autumn

And I can make a bed

In the thick dry leaves that have fallen

From the bare trees



texture by

Location : Kg Merchong, Pekan, Pahang

poos es navidad

tiempo de benos


jiji amiz

diego te deseo lo mejor en esta navidad

pasatelo geniiial

auqn todos sabemos q no tienes vida social

jiji cuidate zorra


para esta pick qria alg brillante

i boniito

i sexi

lol2 me dio flojera

ase reconstruccion de la cadera


espero le gste


Vendetta - Orazio skin

Navajo - Breathing AO stand Pack 06

Signature - Gianni Mesh body v. 4.8b

RedFish - Time tattoo

Volkstone - Milky hairbase

LOP - Window Xmas Backdrop



♫♥♫Ibrahim Maalouf - Red & Black♫♥♫

More information can be found on the blog<-------

Macro Mondays - chocolate



This is my icon picture on my msn and yahoo messenger accounts and Brent thinks it's very cool and wanted me to post it, so here they are, naked mushroom peeps!

"This was the first time I'd ever gotten naked in such a risky place. There were people hiking all around and a large road nearby, not to mention Agoura is a small town so the odds that anyone who might see me probably knew me and my family was even more intense." - Jeni

This kid was walking around on the roof of a car butt naked. Lucky.

'.... I want you to dance naked

If you like I'll join you

I want to enjoy your body

I want to hear all your secrets

I want to know if you like me

As much as I like you

I want you to dance naked

But only if you want to ....'


John Mellencamp - Dance Naked


my dad is a huge music lover and he has thousands of vinyl lps. so i have thousands of old 70's and 80's tunes on my itunes. makes for a fun shuffle and when this one came on the other day, well, i just had to !!

this is a picture of a child taken from a barrio in the philippines...

Kid, Naked, Bogil, Orang Asli, Royal Belum, Tasik Banding, Gerik Perak

yeah....wooo get naked!

me being me...when i has adventures with fluffy o_o

boy exposed in agony

Great tit / Koolmees / Parus major


The female plucks herself bare before she lays her eggs


Het vrouwtje plukt zich kaal voordat ze haar eitjes legt


Thanks for taking the time to look at my photo / Bedankt voor de moeite om naar mijn foto te kijken

Senna arrived naked, wearing two different shoes ^^

Boy's cat looks so odd that sometimes it's easy to forget that it's still a cat, but it is--especially when it's in heat. Sure gets pretty cuddly...!

This was the only wildlife I saw,

No, he wasn't naked!

Just getting a little sun,

What bad thoughts you have!


Tuttle Marsh Wildlife Area

Oscoda, Michigan

naked boy mom african

earlier in November i did the photographs for a Naked charity calendar in aid of the Sophie Lancaster foundation.


If you would like more details or to buy a calendar please visit

Brandon and Laura in a very brief moment of sunshine during the NAPH Ringlight Workshop. Natural light.


Yeah, all the fish like the naked statues!

A pillar of the train bridge i slept under

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