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using my N95...Im very busy again but i will try to catch up..God Bless everyone..

I actually had these laying around from some sanding work on another project

Proper attachment to the face with the elastic banding as illustrated and the metal nasal lining firmly placed on the nose. This is the only type of mask, called a respirator, that can filter out Coronavirus from the air. Unfortunately they are on back order and are currently unavailable to healthcare practitioners and the public.

Nouveau langage des fleurs, ou, Parterre de flore :

Bruxelles :Chez Th. Lejeune ...,1832.

Edwards's botanical register.

London :James Ridgway,1829-1847.

The Botanical register

London :Printed for James Ridgway,1815-1828.

The natural history of Carolina, Florida and the Bahama Islands :.

London :Printed at the expence of the author, and sold by W. Innys and R. Manby, at the West End of St. Paul's, by Mr. Hauksbee, at the Royal Society House, and by the author, at Mr. Bacon's in Hoxton,MDCCXXXI-MDCCXLIII [i.e. 1729-1747].

Icones of Japanese algae.


Art album of New Zealand flora..

Wellington, N.Z.Bock & Cousins[1889].

Recherches sur les poissons fossiles ... /

Neuchatel :Petitpierre,1833-43.

Tentamen florae Abyssinicae

Parisiis :Arthus Bertrand,[1847-1851]

Flore des serres et des jardins de l'Europe

A Gand :chez Louis van Houtte, eÌditeur,1845-1880.

Exotic flora,

Edinburgh,Printed for W. Blackwood; [etc., etc.]1823-27.

[New Zealand ferns]

Auckland, New ZealandDobbie, H. B.1880

British phaenogamous botany,

Oxford,Published by the author, sold by J.H. Parker [etc.]1834-43.

Piscium, serpentum, insectorum, aliorumque nonnullorum animalum nec non plantarum quarundam imagines :

[Germany] :Georgii Wolfgangi Knorrii,1777 (

Safety, imaged with Pentax gear.


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It's not new! I bought it last year on 11th July. As the picture isn't new either.

It just I want to upload something before traveling to Omrah on Friday to Friday.


And I wish to All happy vacation. :)

Pôr-do_sol em Pesqueira com um Nokia N95

Testing the very functional Nokia N95.

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service Mercedes reserve appliance, standing in for Bude Fire Station's 1st away whilst it had its MOT.

Foto tomada sobre el reflejo que produce la pantalla del teléfono móvil Nokia N95

I picked up this full-size Dodge Charger to take a drive around the San Francisco Bay Area for a day. I really liked it -- unsurprisingly roomy, decent engine, surprisingly manoeuvrable (see the front wheels all the way at the nose) and, I think, a good-looking car. Plus, it had Sirius (satellite radio), so I spent much of the drive listening to OutQ, the gay radio station, which seemed to be doing a live broadcast about Halloween costumes in New Orleans. Not exactly radio material, methinks, so after that it was time for a bit of Wagner.


I had an absolutely lovely drive, from SoMa over to Lombard Street (the Crookedest Street in the World), then over the Golden Gate, up to Mount Tamalpais, round to Fairfax, down to San Rafael, over to Richmond, then Oakland, then back over the Bay Bridge to SoMa. And in the evening, my friend Abe and I headed out to the Melting Pot in San Mateo. Mmm, Melting Pot.


Pluses: leg room, engine, radio, looks


Minuses: visibility, especially in the back seats, size in cities

Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service Mercedes reserve / spare appliance temporarily based at Bude while their second away, L213 VRL, was away at the CFRS Workshop.

Plumley West 2-1-95 Bank Holiday Monday 37066+417 return to Tunstead from Northwich on the first set of empties at 11:15 with 34 empty ICI hoppers in tow

Plumley West 2-1-95 Bank Holiday Monday 37107+686 pass on the 2nd loaded ICI hopper train of the day at 11:40 but with only 12 hoppers from Tunstead for Northwich.The sun doesn't get up very high at this time of year! TAKEN FROM TREE

1. Var fick fredrik sin frisyr från?

2. Hur kom man på snilleblixten att illustrera internet med paraboler?

3. Har blondinbella någonsin sagt något om sociala medier och

4. Nu är alla på bilden väldigt mycket ute och rör på sig också, men även om det inte vore så - är det ett mindre socialt umgänge bara för att det sker över internet?


Gammalt och trist igen, DM. Nu får ni väl snart ge er?


(Från dagens media)

1996 Toyota Corolla Sportif SE auto 3-door.


No DVLA records.

once again playing around with the crop and colors


Furness Vale 12-2-95 (SUN) 37509 passes Furness Vale on the former LNWR route from Buxton to Stockport with 22 ICI hoppers and 2 class 37s in tow having been diverted off their normal route due to engineering work

The natural history of British birds, or, A selection of the most rare, beautiful and interesting birds which inhabit this country :

London :Printed for the author, and for F. and C. Rivington ...,1794[-1819]

Buxton Fairfield 12-2-95 (SUN) 37509 is on the front of 22 ICI hoppers forming the morning departure from Tunstead for Northwich but it has got 37108+066 to push it up the hill out of Buxton on the former LNWR route to Stockport.I don't know what the precise details are for this train on this morning but someone made a mistake as the train was formed of 3 locos and 24 hoppers but the previous time we had seen it the train had been only 22 hoppers! They tried twice to get it in the station and had to reverse out both times as the train would not clear the points to enable it to leave for Stockport,Eventually they dropped 3 hoppers off and now fitted in the station to enable the signalman to set the road for Stockport but he still held the train at the Home signal due to the long section on a Sunday with Chapel box switched out.At Stockport 509 dropped off and 108+066 worked to Northwich.The 3 hoppers are seen in the distance presumably towed back to Tunstead later

Edwards's botanical register.

London :James Ridgway,1829-1847.

Ichtyologie, ou, Histoire naturelle, générale et particulière des poissons :

A Berlin :Chez l'auteur, & chez François de la Garde libraire,1785-1797.

Encyclopaedia londinensis, or, Universal dictionary of arts, sciences, and literature

London :Printed for the proprietor, by J. Adlard ..., sold at the Encyclopaedia Office ... by J. White ... and Champante and Whitrow ...,1810-1829.

De toerako's, afgebeeld en beschreven door H. Schlegel onder medewerking van G. F. Westerman ... Uitg. door het Koninklijk zoölogisch genootschap Natura artis magistra.


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