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Honoured and Chuffed to be on the Front Page of Finest Images January 2011 :-)

thanks to JoesSistah for texture



Thanks to The Power Club Gold ~ Excellence for the Front Page Admin Choice of the Week

-- 15 Feb 09


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-- 08 Feb 2009


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--10 Dec 07


29.5.09 - © All rights reserved

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~PERCEPTION group - Frontpage 16.june 09


- The Dark Knight and his Moonlit Princess group - Feb.2010

Your picture is chosen for the frontpage mosaic “Best theme shots – Nature Close-ups"


# (2) Poppy -Papaver rhoeas - Klatschmohn


~stretching out the first red transparent delicate bloom leaf -tasting how it feels outside ~ ♫ Let the sun shine in ♫


have a wonderful weekend my dear friends!

thanks for all your shown appreciation and encouragement.


Salida con parte de la Banda del Charco


The Killers - Human


Presentacion NO TE LA PIERDAS EN GRANDE!!!!!!!!!!!! -VERY BEST IN LARGE!!!!!!!!!!!!


foto rafaluna




Es un hecho que nuestra sociedad anda camino de un acusado envejecimiento. La base de la pirámide demográfica constata un menor peso en cuanto a juventud se refiere. Pero ello no significa que nos encontremos en un estado de andropausia social ante el cúmulo de abusos de variada índole que están mermando la capacidad adquisitiva de un sector muy significativo de la ciudadanía. Me incluyo entre quienes hemos dicho basta y hemos decidido salir a la calle real o a la calle virtual de las redes sociales con el convencimiento de que otro mundo es posible, o que la economía no es cuestión de una minoría privilegiada para su enriquecimiento personal. El bien común ha de ser un bien irrenunciable.


Ánimo, que la democracia no consiste solo en ir a las urnas cada cuatro años.



Día 15 de febrero, de 22:00 a 22:30






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(Merci à Daniel pour son aide sur cette photo)


Je fais une expo virtuelle sur le brouillard dans le groupe Je Suis Venu Te Dire. Vous êtes bienvenus.


I have currently an exhibition of fog and mist pictures in the group Je Suis Venu Te Dire. You are welcome. for thought.




More Polaroid and 2 digital below

This tree mallow flower is a hybrid cultivar of Lavatera assurgentifolia (native to the Channel Islands off California) and Lavatera venosa from off Baja California. I love the elaborate center for its appearance, but this flower is more than just a pretty face -- it is a nectar source for the Painted Lady butterfly. (Zuiko 50mm macro, f/8, 1/125 sec., ISO 400, open shade, handheld) Texture (background only) courtesy of Shadowhouse Creations


April 2012: This photo is featured in the Spring 2012 issue of Digital Photo (UK) magazine.


May 6, 2012: This photo won 1st place in the contest "Celebration Colours of the Rainbow VIOLET" in Prestige Nature. Thank you very much!


September 16, 2011: This photo won 2nd place in the contest "Show your best FLOWER" in the group Exhibition of Talent. Thank you very much!


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- Front Page Explore Canon 50D (April 15, 2011).

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- Admin Pick of the Week October 22, 2012 and displayed on Front Page of Group Nice As It Gets~Level 7.

- 2nd Place Winner Theme Contest: "What does SPRING mean to you?" and displayed on Front Page of Group "Nice As It Gets~Level 4".

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- PHOTO OF THE WEEK in 2013 and displayed on Front Page of Group "Fleurs Passion ~~ Flowers Passion".

Happy Weekend to all of you with love and hugs!

Winner Card Zero-The Fool Challenge * Dec 14 - 21/08

group: Tarot 78 >


Realidad Ficticia-Fictitious Reality-17th Exhibition


Created for Kreative People's TT 31 challenge:


Thanks to love-tt-shoot for this great source

Also thanks to plumnutz for the frog

hipea for the butterflies

rubyblossom for the lizard

Dragonfly from creative commons

April 27, 2012: This photo won 1st place in the contest "Elite Drops Macro" in the group MACRO ELITE. Many thanks!


February 4, 2011: This is an "Administrator's **E Ticket** Epitome of Excellence" photo featured on the front page in the group **E Ticket**(invited photos only). Thank you very much!


Here is yet another image from my first visit in 2 months to South Coast Botanic Garden last Sunday. Ants seem to love bird of paradise flowers (the flowers exude a sweet sap), but sometimes I want photographs without insects. I tried my bulb blower to run the ants off, but they were unimpressed with the sudden increase in windy conditions. I tried a spray bottle (I usually carry a 2-ounce bottle full of filtered drinking water), but these determined ants were not about to leave, so here they are, exploring paradise in the rain. ;) (The translucent shiny bits at lower left are part of the flower.) (Zuiko 50mm macro, f/6.3, 1/250 sec., ISO 100, filtered late morning sun, handheld)


NOTE: I truly appreciate your generous invitations to groups, but please NO invitations to private groups that I am not already a member of. Thanks.


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My Printed Version

Day posesses no key here

where moon sheds the cold twilight

This moment is eternity

Land of beauty,

Cold and cruel

Reflecting the melancholy


Acchivement :

Apr 27, 2009 -the artwork of the day in The Art Lair

Apr 28, 2009 - as Administrators Choice and featured in front page in Golden Treasure

May 6, 2009 - as 'Showcase Of The Week' and featured in front page in Thats Creativity

May 11,2009 - The Best Pictures Of The Week and featured in front page in The Oracle Of Beauty

May 2009 - Front page in Magic Univerrse


Thanks to all for your kind support, cc invites and favs....

- EXPLORE, Highest position: 213 on Thursday, October 11, 2012.

- Front Page Explore Canon 50D (October 15, 2012).

- 1st Place Winner 142nd Batch Contest and displayed on Front Page of Group **HARMONY**.

- 2nd Place Winner Theme Contest: "Your Favorite Flower". Group "PLANET EARTH FLOWERS".

- Admins/Moderators choices for OCTOBER 2012 and displayed on Front Page of Group ***Perfection In Pictures Supreme Images***.


É de graça! Assinatura da revista SOCIAL FOTO CLUBE.

Precisamos de 15 mil assinaturas.

Leia aqui:


In Front Page of Masterclass Group:


In front Page of The Award Tree September/2012

Explore: #218



group " La Mistica de las Texturas"


Realidad Ficticia-Fictitious Reality-17th Exhibition

Edited with Topaz Impression 2


On the mini theme Waterly World , The Award Tree challenge,

PLAY... ♪♫♫♫


FOTOFUCINA Ass. Fotografica - [Contest] #07- "Oltre il reale" ----> PARTECIPATE!!


Copyright © Alessandro Signore -

Please don't use my photos without permission.

Textures Only Competition #145


Original image with thanks to JoesSistah


Background: my own


Thanks to Brenda Strarr for the texture

And to Skeletal Mess for the other textures

They were in love deeply devoted each other. In those old time it was difficult to life as "black ship". Older one was artist painter, young teacher.

They both loved riding horses. Great excuse to be together.


explore: Highest position: 157 on Tuesday, February 10, 2009


Realidad Ficticia-Fictitious Reality-17th Exhibition open!

large View On Black

Explore: #127


Beyond 'Click'



Realidad Ficticia-Fictitious Reality-17th Exhibition

ON FP in this wonderful group.....


Well MY FRIENDS.........

for you this last image of Eire.........

THANKS for all the comments and faves.......:).

for 10 days we will be away.....reaching mediterranean shores:)

LOVExoxo and most beautiful days:)


A Last beautiful SONG

Thnaks werner:)


And a POEM!


Out-worn heart, in a time out-worn,

Come clear of the nets of wrong and right;

Laugh, heart, again in the gray twilight;

Sigh, heart, again in the dew of the morn.

Thy mother Eire is always young,

Dew ever shining and twilight gray,

Though hope fall from thee or love decay

Burning in fires of a slanderous tongue.

Come, heart, where hill is heaped upon hill,

For there the mystical brotherhood

Of hollow wood and the hilly wood

And the changing moon work out their will.

And God stands winding his lonely horn;

And Time and World are ever in flight,

And love is less kind than the gray twilight,

And hope is less dear than the dew of the morn.


W.B. Yeats

- 1st Place Winner Themed Competition [7]: "MACRO" and displayed on Front Page of Group "Nice As It Gets~Level 1".

- 1st Place Winner Theme August Contest 2013: "Your Favorite Macro" and displayed on Front Page of Group PLANET EARTH BUTTERFLIES, BEES, BUGS, AND INSECTS.

- 3rd Place Winner Theme Contest: "Beautiful Capture of Week-35" in the Beautiful Capture Group!

eXplore #20 (best position)

photo 197/365

june 15/20092235


Large view ...............


june 14 2009 Livorno Flickr meeting1505


UPLOADED FOR THE TFIF group.....check it out.


otherwise, not in a million years

but I have a hard time passing up thrown gauntlets.

shot for the group sixty-four colors


~yellow green



Explore - thank you

Unos botes a la deriva, en la Laguna, también al gustó cómo teñía los botes la cálida luz de esa hora

Some boats adrift, in the lagune also at dusk... I liked the stained boats with the warm light of that hour.


Ganadora en la selección de fotos del mes de Mayo 2010 en el grupo "Barcos"

Westminster, Maryland USA


This is not really a river, but a lake, a quiet place where usually lovers go at night. What reminds me the C. Eastwood movie is that many years ago two youngs were found murdered just here. The case has never been solved.....


In realtà si tratta della riva di un lago, non di un fiume. Un posto frequentato da coppie sul far della notte. Ciò che mi ha ricordato il film di C. Eastwood in questa immagine è il fatto che molti anni fà proprio qui due giovani vennero trovati morti, uccisi da qualcuno in un caso che non ha mai trovato soluzione.


"Bratanesque" Pic of the Day 11/16/08


Photo of the day Dec 3, 08 "Rare Treasures (1000+ views and more than 10% Faves/Views ratio)"


FRONT PAGE contest winner in "Elite WORLD Peace Hall of Fame" group


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