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A rainbow lorikeet (Trichoglossus haematodus) feeding on a flowering gum (Corymbia)


f/5.6 ISO 400 1/800 100mm Pentax DFA f/2.8 Pentax K-5

Monarch Butterfly appears to be awaiting for the Milkweed flowers to blossom!

Globe thistle - tightly surrounded by bumblebees


Kugeldisteln - dicht umlagert von Hummeln

I have this lavender bush on my windowsill and all day it is visited by bees and butterflies

Texture my own

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Whenever you call, your voice is as sweet as nectar to me.


Created for the 44th Weekly Contest on Man Ray: Phoneboxes

Its not a shot in the dark for sure,

and neither a sunny day hummer. This bat also loves nectar.

Plenty of bees out today. Had to be careful, they were buzzing all around, really close to me. Shot hand-held and this is as close in as I could get. Taken with Canon 50D and a Canon EF 100mm f/2.8 Macro USM lens.

This ant has found the motherlode of nectar in this milkweed flower. This was only one ant, of 50 or more, that was crawling all over this nectar-loaded plant.


Last summer at Maywood Nature Center in Sheboygan, Wisconsin...



"I am a nomad,

a cheetah.


I am perfect,


& now.


I hiss and I scratch.

Rub me right,

so I can purr.


Don't pick me up,

I aim at eyes."

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Não é a essência que se esconde,

É a tua busca que mal começa

E já se afoga

Na rasa superfície da forma.


É preciso ter fôlego

Até mesmo para tocar uma flor.




It's not the essence that lurks,

It's your quest that barely begins

And already drowns

In the shallow surface of the shape.


One must have breath

Even to touch a flower.

Bee Collecting Nectar

Morristown, NJ.

Copyright. All rights reserved.

Female of olive-backed sunbird, I think.

A shot from last week at Nectar Falls. Got to say ROLL TIDE ROLL!!!

I watched this buddy get his nectar fix by making a hole at the base of the flower, I never realised at the time that he was a vagabond and thief. :-)

Variable Sunbird "Nectarina Venusta"

Nectar robbers are birds, insects, or other flower visitors that remove nectar from flowers through a hole pierced or bitten in the corolla.

Charles Darwin (1872) himself wrote that, "all plants must suffer in some degree when bees obtain their nectar in a felonious manner by biting holes through the corolla."robbers "generally are not pollinators,".

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See it LARGER.

at least when the bees are done with it. :)



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