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Leave me alone, get out, out of my face

Leave me alone, get out, out of this place

Stop haunting me! Stop haunting me!

Stay in the shade, keep out of my way

What do you want of me? How low can you be?

Stop haunting me! Stop haunting me!


Just go anywhere the wind blows

Just go anywhere at all

Leave me at the waterfront


Your mouth big as the moon

You're like a hole for two

You know what I mean when I say

Strange beasts live in you

Stop haunting me! Stop haunting me!


Just go anywhere the wind blows

Just go anywhere at all

Leave me at the waterfront


There's so much dirt you spread

How low can you get, I am so sick of you

You keep coming back

Stop haunting me! Stop haunting me!

On the waterfront, on the waterfront


"Waterfront" - Clan of Xymox

Processed with VSCOcam with se3 preset

MySpace On White



This photo remind me several idea of Spacing.....

I hope you like it.

Thanks for your visit!!


Art is impossible to find, impossible to control, it can drive you insane and haunt your illusion of reality, but when it finds you it will show you the worlds we once knew, the worlds we keep locked inside our heads. Our forgotten reality is art's gift to those who are lost.

It's called 'myspace' because it's about the girls who take photos of themselves in their bathroom mirrors for their myspace profiles.

for several reasons:


there a so many i am thinking of posting more later


what started me on this rant is that i fond this stone on the beach at the end of the summer with a my space page address on it and thought brilliant how random what a grate way of promoting you myspace page. so of course i typed in the address and and thought i leave a little note say hello i found your stone but i can't because there page will not let me send them a message unless i am a friend. i added her as a friend but she never added me back, how crap. anyone on flickr can send me a massage usually they are some thing like how do you get you colors so vibrant what do you do in photo shop to witch i always like replying "there's no photoshop here!"


reason 1. because people can customise there pages and when people have no idea what CSS even stands for this can only mean one thing the worst designed web pages in the world. also who in the right mind thinks its a good idear to over lay green type on a photo that is mostly red? more people than you would think. i might get shexycorin to help pimp my space page cos hers is pretty cool and at the end of the day don't we all want to be all more like her


reason 2 some flickr users are bitching about yahoo owning flickr. since yahoo became flickrs sugar daddy i am sure they have stuffed a $100 bill into her bra now and again saying get you self something nice and then we get some nice new features. robbert max well no owns myspace and has it got any better? has it bullocks.


reason 3 the music player is shit! and considering that music is it main reason for being that's quite bad. i use my computer to lister to music, in fact i use my computer to pretty much every thing any way when i browsing the net i hate the fact that music starts mixing with what i am playing. some times you find a good tune and i think i will add them as a friend so i can follow what there doing, once you click on the link music stops! should be more like the paler on this site: when you click on a new page the music dose stop but once reloaded it dose play from the point where it left off.


reason 4 i was on some ones myspace just earlier and i wanted to leave a comment after signing in twice it said that i could not leave comments on peoples page where not in my contacts. most i just a error message


reason 5 i am not as popular on myspace as flickr


more reasons to come i am only just getting started


after this little rant you should check my my space page before it is deleted. in fact don't bother its shit! but just in case (

Dont try this at home Kidz:)

another picture of me, i would really appreciate some feedback before I try to break into modeling

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