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My best wishes for a Happy Easter to you all!!

Buona Pasqua a tutti :-)

“To succeed, jump as quickly at opportunities as you do at conclusions."

~ Benjamin Franklin. (American Statesman, Scientist, Philosopher, Printer, Writer, and Inventor. 1706-1790)


In the mood for a morning jump!

Hilton lagoon

Hilton Hawaiian Village

Honolulu, O'ahu



Copyright © G.DelaCruzPhotography. All Rights Reserved.


Me in the Mesquite dunes in the Death Valley desert, posing for a funny photo... shared with

I was chatting to this monkey on the common, he's called Barry, and halfway through his rather interesting suggestion about the benefits of hair straighteners he just fell silent....stared straight passed me.....said, "Fuck... me!" and scampered off into the distance...

Who am I, you ask?


I am made from all the people I’ve encountered and all the things I have experienced.


Inside, I hold the laughter of my friends, the arguments with my parents, the chattering of young children, and the warmth from kind strangers.


Inside, there are stitchings from cracked hearts, bitter words from heated arguments, music that gets me through, and emotions I cannot convey. I am made from all these people and moments.


That is who I am.


~ Ming D. Liu

My sissy... always here.. always by my side... always to put a smile on my face... my amazing sissy, beautiful inside out... you gave me this song sissy and I asked u to do ur version and my version... so this is my version... u inspired me to make this pose so this is my version.

Love u to pieces Isa thank u for being here for me♥


Our inspiration song

I did this picture because my sister Arol Lightfoot is now making poses. Not your ordinary poses, but artistic. This one is called Quiet Thoughts and although she made it work for sitting on a car, I wanted to pose in a surrounding eluding to the quiet time of dusk with the sounds of only crickets chirping. My thoughts are mine to keep close and reflect upon.


Pose - Quiet Thoughts - Simply Posed -

Set - Apt B // Forgotten Corner - Setup RARE - Gacha is available at the store -

Body - Maitreya - Lara V4.1 -

Head - Catwa - Kimberly -

Applier - League - Ella - Medium -

Top - **RE** (RealEvil) - Lyana - Available at the current Shiny Shabby -

Shorts - JustBECAUSE~Mimi Shorts (Solids)~White~Lara

Heels - [BREATHE]-Nozomi Heels-M.LARA-White - I cannot remember or find where I purchased these from. Please let me know if you have this information. Thanks

Rings & Bracelets - *RE* (RealEvil) - Amira Gacha - Epiphany *RARE* -

Necklace - RealEvil Industries - **RE** Noelle Necklace -

Hair - Tableau Vivant \\ Duona hair - Natural dye -

Bike with Sunflowers - What Next -

Apple Fall Milk Urn w/ Wild Geraniums - Apple Fall -

+Half-Deer+ Birbies - Bunnikeet - June Gacha Arcade - Now in the store -

+Half-Deer+ Birbies - KING JUICY - June Gacha Arcade - Now in the store -

+Half-Deer+ Birbies - Bluebirb - June Gacha Arcade - Now in the store - -

Stool - {Concept} 06. Rodas. Wood Stool - A Gacha Item - Now in the store

this photo is special to me since i waited for this moment to capture this beauty! if i was patient enough to wait for the wind to subside...i waited many hours..sleeping at the park, in my car to capture this image...i had few minutes to capture the sunrise bec. it was so foggy that early could hardly see the lake and mountain...


and i would like to dedicate this to my grandmaster and dear friend Jacq77

...who always make me laugh so hard! with her beauty and wisdom combine! her talent, taste and elegance-- i admire soo much!!! i hope you like this my dear friend! :o)

On Black

(taken @ cachuma lake, santa barbara, CA)

Listening to jacq's music! :)

..."For all the days passed and those I have yet to live.

For every star I have ever wished upon

and the ones you have wished on too.

To my friends and the friends I have yet to meet.

To my broken dreams and to those that may

still come true.

To those I have loved

and the one I love now, and the one I will

love in the future..

I give my world to you

forever, blue"...

View On Black


This is my 1st , 200 Favs photo , a technique I am trying to develop of working with light and shadows ( not easy ) ,, Thanks for all the comments ;o)

...I am sailing, home again, 'cross the sea.

(Rod Stewart)

Borrowed the words to the song which best describes this scene :-)


Dedicated to CH (ILYWAMHASAM)

I was lucky enough to get a pic done by Doutz, what an amazing talent she is and i couldn't be happier with the result.


Thank you Doutz! ♥

When I say forever, I mean forever, I do

As long as the world

Keeps turning and turning

As long as gravity keeps my feet on this Earth

You'll be my one, my all, my universe

It's a distant memory

Who I used to be

Somewhere in the atmosphere, not here

Looking up at that midnight sky

I don't need to know why

Or what there is up above

I just need your love



:jeans:: Abyss Spires

:dress:: Raven Spires

:radio:: The Shires: My Universe

:taxi:: de*cid*u*ous

I found it near the sea. And I took it with me, to help me explore the beautiful, challenging


I have 3 wonderful rock crystals!.....this one, is the tallest! One day, when I was cleaning my livingroom; I discovered some beautiful sunrays through the window. The rays were consumed by my loudspeakers! For fun; I took this rock crystal; placed it in front of my loudspeaker and the sunbeams went through the crystal.......I wish you a nice day, Bent.


My daughter with my old camera.

My heart has melted when I have seen this beautiful, wonderful, so brave young female polar bear.

In the Arctic it has become very obvious to me how fragile they are, how hard is their life and how threatened is their safety. Every hunt is for them vital. We must never ever approach too close, and trouble or disturb them, even for a photography.

Wonderful brothers Bears, I greet all of you. I very much hope that the situation will be better for you in the future.


(This photo was taken on the Eastern coast of Svalbard, about 0,4 miles, thank you to the 300mm lens and the clarity of the air. I do not think we troubled her.)

Who I am and that's all I can be.


Left //

Hair : *barberyumyum*S02 *Hair fair NEW

Eyebrows : [Knot&co.] Eyebrows (CATWA)_Sephora @ Knot & co.

Eye bags : [Knot&co.] Bell_Eyebags (CATWA) @ Knot & co.

Tops : ISON - sahara wrap dress (blue floral)


Right //

Hair : *barberyumyum*S01 @ Hair fair *NEW

Eyebrows : [Knot&co.] Eyebrows (CATWA)_Mao @ Knot & co.

Eye bags : [Knot&co.] Beth_Eyebags (CATWA) @ Knot & co. *NEW

Tops : ISON - iman wrap shirt (flamingo) @ Summer fest.


Knot & Co. Only Summer Project

Event LM

Shanghai, China

March 2014.


I begin my Shanghai series with this photograph showing the very recognizable skyline with the Dong Fang Ming Zhu Ta (Oriental Pearl Tower) on the Pudong side during blue hour. I was in Shanghai recently for a short work trip and I squeezed in some time to capture the city.


This was my very first trip to Shanghai and I returned to Singapore very impressed by how modern and just how international Shanghai is. It is a cityscape photographer’s haven with endless opportunities, angles, and compositions. It really is quite an amazing city and it’s a pity I had so little time there. I certainly plan to be back :)


I didn't get clear skies all the time while I was in Shanghai but had a couple of nights where light was sufficiently decent, thankfully. I was expecting the city to be completely blanketed by smog 24/7!


Copyright Rebecca Ang 2014. All Rights Reserved.

Do not copy, reproduce, download or use in any way without permission.


A high resolution image is available. If you wish to buy or license my image, please contact me by email:




None of my photos are HDR or blended images, they are taken from just one shot


Cabo de Trafalgar, Caños de Meca (Cádiz - Andalucía)


Sony A900 + Carl Zeiss16-35mm + Cokin filters: X121S


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © All rights reserved

Matterhorn, Riffelsee Lake, Switzerland.


My friends, wish you have a happy week@

I must be that Johnny Depp following me? o.O

i eat them for anxiety to relax my lungs...munch munch munch, go eat strawberries #_#

" I don't know what my path is yet. I'm just walking on it. "

~Olivia Newton-John


press L


I can't thank everyone enough for your kind and encouraging comments on my previous upload. Sorry I haven't had the time to reply to each and everyone. But I can dedicate this photo to you all. Final update is that the heart unit bed has been confirmed this morning (Monday) and the operation scheduled for first thing tomorrow (Tuesday) morning. Have fun guys and I will see you upon return :-))

Photo and context are Copyrighted : Gabriella* Copyright :copyright: - All rights reserved -


One day you will see my paintings,

maybe you'll think you have known me,

but you can never know everything about who paint.



My words

Ciao alla MAMMA !!

Thank my love for all this !!!!!!!!!!!

My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.

(Anna M Uhlich)


Thanks for viewing Flickr friends! :))


Only you can have my soul

Oh, you can have it all

Everything you want, my heart, my love

To you they belong forever


You were my heaven on earth, the light of myself

You turn my nights into days....


No matter what we'll be, with you and me

You'll always have my soul, my heart, my love my everything


© All rights reserved Anna Kwa. Please do not use this image on websites, blogs or any other media without my explicit written permission.


Thank you all (!!!) for so many views, comments and faves!! :)) This is now one of the most commented photo here in Flickr!!


Canon EOS 400D + Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8 L USM


Follow me:!/MarkoIkonen

I cherish you more than anything or anyone. ♥


This pose from La Baguette is life. ♥

Small pond near Trappenfelde, Brandenburg, Germany


Larger Version (recommended)


Please don't use this image on websites, blogs or other media without my explicit permission. © 2008 Dietrich Bojko, All rights reserved.

I wanted to teach myself how to do eyes in photoshop, this was my first attempt... at my own eyeball, wheeee

No Appointment Necessary. - -

- -

I am being forced to drive a white mustang convertible while my car is in the shop

* Office hours may vary - but somewhere between 12pm and 2pm is a pretty good time

sorry guys ... for me there's no monotony in lillies. i simply love them.

As long as I love nature ,,

It shows me always the best of it

to do my job & transfer that view to people ..


Fahad Aldaajani ~

Taken By : My Brother

Edited By : Me

Model : Me / Alzaeem


أنا الزعيم لو طروا الزعامه

كلي هيبه وكلي شخصيه

مكاني دوم في الهامه

عالي متعالي ومحد سوايه


الكلمات للشاعر : عمران البلوشي

"I hear, I know. I see, I remember. I do, I understand."

~ Confucius


your first toothy smile

your first hearty laugh

your first meaningful words


I remember

your tight bearhug embrace

and innocent brown eyes

and tender love


I remember.


I cherish

I keep

every bit of

it all

in the lockbox

of my heart


all these

and more...


Yellow climbing rose blooms

Plantation Ridge

Baton Rouge, Louisiana


Copyright © GeDelaCruzPhotography. All Rights Reserved.

very typical, I always forget :)

"Oh I get by with a little help from my friends,

mm, I get high with a little help from my friends!"



...just a way to say "thank you"...for your friendship!!!

Thanks all! :-)


These are a few of my favorite things:

a lovely friend and

her beautiful daughters (my models, smile);

the beach, the sea, the sun,

and The wonderful Island...


When the dog bites

When the bee stings

When I'm feeling sad

I simply remember my favorite things

And then I don't feel so bad


"My Favorite Things"


Well I am back and I am smiling from ear to ear. What a trip :) :) Cant wait to go back... It was awesome. Weather was brilliant all week and I have returned with a few thousand pics and a nice tan. If you have never been to the Farne Islands you so need to go. The amount of birds that are crammed on them islands is unbelievable. At one point I had a Shag sit on my foot. Best shut up now and go do some editing lol :) :) :) One very happy lady :) :) :)

...zoomed in close while stopped at a red light, on the way home from my daily trip to the post office. :D I guess that you could say I don't live in town. I cannot be without those Rockies...just cannot.

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