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Taken this morning at Bloody Bridge. On the way back, slipped and nearly ended up in the river :-)


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Parco del Ticino - Bosco del Modrone, Maggio 2013

Chincoteague, Virginia. Love these long docks.....

...... e colori :))

scattata il 16 febbraio 2013


buona settimana a tutti :))

Dedicated to Joe whose love for Gotham City goes to way back when. Thank you for your kind support to my work. You can check his stream at Thank you so much Joe you're a good friend

... you just have to bear it all alone

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My stream : Tati@

Non usate le foto senza il mio permesso, tutti i diritti sono riservati

februari 2014



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Cheers to you all! :)

Synnavindsnipa til høyre, Tungremstindane til venstre, i bakgrunnen.


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doubles exposure + botta di c... :-) + pp.



Piove luce, a volte accade, piove intorno alle parole ed ai silenzi mentre tutto tace. Piega la testa la vita, quasi ad ascoltare l'eco della luce più vicina a terra, mentre scende, mentre si posa. Alcuni momenti, solo alcuni, sono respiri, poi suoni, poi si fanno note su un pentagramma immaginario scritto sulle nuvole. L'apparenza delle cose muta, spoglia, riveste. Quante parole, quante, eppure, dopo tanto rumore la luce fa armonia, la vita fa silenzio, pochi passi più in la, su ali bianche, si adagia accanto e mi consola.




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vedile in nero / see in black




Video di presentazione della mostra "percorsi di luce" di Claudio Parente -



Parco del Ticino - Vigevano (località Parco Robinson). Oggi è il mio compleanno e che questa sia l'alba dei miei "prossimi" 52 anni.

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The flower is the poetry of reproduction. It is an example of the eternal seductiveness of life.......Jean Giraudoux

“Perhaps our eyes need to be washed by our tears once in a while,

so that we can see Life with a clearer view again.”


~~ Alex Tan ~~

Would like to Thank my very good friend Abdul Haseeb for suggesting the name for this photo


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You can't see it, but you know it's there.


Skogar Iceland



Hibernia - the Land of Eternal Winter - was the name given to Ireland by the ancient Romans.


I first posted this photo some years ago in disgust at the lousy weather we were having.


Textures by me and Skeletal Mess


Vigevano (Pv) - Ancora -7°C sulle rive del Ticino



A bee at work in my garden in Dublin



The shapes are real, the duck is real, the colours are not. I did a lot of colour editing on this shot of the duckpond in St Stephen's Green, Dublin.

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