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explored #499 - 15.Jan.2009 - many thanks for all your visits and comments ;-))


...tomorrow is made today .... I wish you a nice evening and a lovely new day ;-))

"People tell me that the countryside must always be stupid and backward, and I get angry, as if it were said that only townspeople had immortal souls, and that it was only in the city that the flame of divinity breathed into the first men had an unobscured glow."

George William Russell


This is my countryside, dont you just love it!! ;))

We should all value it and look after it more than we do, one day it might not be here.


Listening to: More than this by Roxy Music

If I have been of service, if I have glimpsed more of the nature and essence of ultimate good, if I am inspired to reach wider horizons of thought and action, if I am at peace with myself, it has been a successful day. Alex Noble


At the zoo today, catch you later.


Listening to: Into the light by Pat Metheny/Keith Jarrett/Chick Corea

The intermittent CERKNICA LAKE


One of the global attractions of the Slovenian Karst. Abundant autumn precipitation fills the valley with water, which in ideal conditions remains to the start of summer.




The picture is geotagged.


" Now and then it's good to pause in our pursuit of happiness and just be happy!" Guillaime Apollinaire


Listening to: So Pure by Alanis Morissette

this is a place where I go sometimes for walks in the evening with my loyal friend

Camera NIKON D40 ;-)) .... it´s very peaceful and balm for my soul ....

Foggy Day


Highest position: 35

Koritnice, Ilirska Bistrica, Slovenija



Winner in the 2009 contest in "An Awesome Shot!Invited Photos only" group


Winner in the 2009 contest, Awesomeshot group




EXPLORE, 18. Jul. 2009, the highiest #488

.... after weeks of fog, the sun finally is back ;-)) so I walk out and here is the result of my heavenly day ~ I wish you all a wonderful evening and a lovely sunny Sunday ~

...still having the color...She is amazingly beautiful isn't it...


*Pondicherry | India

*with cwc.

Lake Mola, Ilirska Bistrica,

the paradise for fisherman.





16.May 2008 the highiest #492


View On Black

The overview of Lũng Cú from the famous Lũng Cú flagpole, the northeast point of Vietnam. I made this by combining 2 panoramic photos.

Heaven For Everyone - the genial song performed by Freddie Mercury (Queen) is exactly the perfect title for the region where I live.

Here the road can be seen where I walked some days ago through my beloved Mühlviertel in the Northern part of Upper Austria ...

Don´t forget to listen to the song :-))

2 giugno 1946 - 2 giugno 2016

Festa della Repubblica Italiana


Pengkalan Sultan Abdul Halim

even after all the rain,55% of oz is still drought affected !


I love a sunburnt country

A land of sweeping plains

of ragged mountain ranges

of drought and flooding plains


I love her far horizons

I love her jewel sea

her beauty and her terror-

the wide brown land for me!


extract from Dorothy Mckellar "My country"

Inspired by one great poet, Miroslav Mika Antić

Born on this day .


Mart - Mika Antić

... Krv se sva u žeravicu pretvori.

Nebo dlanom poravnava puteve.

Široko me kiše zaobilaze.

Obuva mi sunce žute cipele.

Kad mi tako strašno mnogo dođe

samo idem, idem kao lud

- unutra u mene.

The present extent of development


"Core of my heart, my country!

Land of the Rainbow Gold,

For flood and fire and famine,

She pays us back threefold -

Over the thirsty paddocks,

Watch, after many days,

The filmy veil of greenness

That thickens as we gaze."

Dorothea Mackellar


Melbourne's far outer west


I hope you all have a wonderful holiday weekend. I am taking my family on a road trip to the ocean! My 4&11/12ths year old daughter has never seen the ocean and I think it is high time she does! So, we are leaving in about 30 minutes and will return on Monday evening.


I hope you all have a wonderful time with your family and friends - remember to stop for a moment and reflect on what our Founding Father's sacrificed and the legacy they left for us to carry forward as stewards. America - it is an idea worth keeping alive and fighting for!


My hope is that our elected leaders and representatives keep this in mind as they read the legislation that they are voting upon. Our country is too precious to allow the actions of a few, tyrannically partisan individuals ruin the chances of our nation to survive and prosper. If you have a representative that votes "yea" on a bill without reading it, then it is your duty to exercise your voice and your vote against such illegal and unconstitutional actions in our legislature.


America - Long May You Run!

~ today early in the morning ~

I wish you a beautiful saturday, see you today evening ! ;-)

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