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I turned my golden flute upside down. Here the flute tones would have to come out. I captured in the garden, the sun rays made same nicely reflections inside.




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Music 2008


Not confined to music released in 2008, but including music I returned to again and again in 2008. [Albums in bold, songs in italics; asterisks for the best of the best]


*Aidan Baker + Tim Hecker ~ Fantasma Parastasie


[Broken Social Scene Presents] Kevin Drew ~ Spirit If... ~ Frightening Lives


*Fleet Foxes ~ Sun Giant / Fleet Foxes


*Géraldine ~ Enrôle-toi dans mes bras


El Hadj N'Diaye ~ N'Guri


The KLF ~ Chill Out


Mono ~ Under The Pipal Tree / You Are There


Muslimgauze ~ Hamas Arc ~ Khan Younis


Nadja ~ Radiance Of Shadows


The Nels Cline Singers ~ Blood Drawing


Sam Shalabi ~ Eid ~ Jessica Simpson, End Game


*Toumani Diabaté ~ The Mandé Variations


TV On The Radio ~ Dear Science


Van Morrison ~ Veedon Fleece


*Various ~ 1970s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground


Various ~ African Scream Contest


Various ~ Nigeria Rock Special


Various ~ Nigeria Special: 1970-1976


Various ~ The Very Best Of Éthiopiques


Various ~ World Psychedelic Classics 3 - Love's A Real Thing


*War On Drugs ~ Wagonwheel Blues ~ Taking the Farm


Wooden Shjips ~ Wooden Shjips Vol. 1

Do you want to read the background story?


Vanessa's painterly style brings to mind the works of Rembrandt, El Greco or Anthony van Dyck with her use of dark and golden tones and heavy textures. It is a pleasure to feature her work here

(Geri Centonze-ArtofMob)


Esta foto tirei ontem no Churrasco entre amigos do SulFotoclube ( Enquanto o meu colega brincava com o violão, eu brincava com a câmera e testava algumas situações de flash e composição.


From Wikipedia:


The cathedral's pipe organ which was built by T. C. Lewis and Co of Brixton, England. Over six and half thousand pounds were spent on its construction, shipping and installation before it was played at the cathedral's opening in 1891. Various modifications and maintenance works have been carried out since then, culminating in a $726,000 restoration which was completed in 1990 with the help of a National Trust appeal. In its restored state the organ has four manuals with 44 stops and pedals with nine stops, all with electro-pneumatic action. It is housed in the cathedral's south transept behind newly-stencilled facade pipes.


Here's a link to download an MP3 of JS Bach - Sinfonia to Cantata 29 (arr Gehring) - played by David Ratnanayagam on the St Paul's Cathedral organ.



Camera: Canon EOS 5D Mk II

Lens: Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM

Exposure: 5 exposures (-2.-1,0,+1,+2 EV)

Aperture: f/8

Focal Length: 16 mm

ISO Speed: 100

Post Processing:

Imported into Lightroom

Exported 5 exposures to Photomatix

Tonemap generated HDR using detail enhancer option

Re-imported back into Lightroom

Contrast adjustment in Lightroom

Noise reduction in Lightroom

Slightly cropped in Lightroom

Vibrance adjustment in Lightroom (because the orginal seemed washed out when I uploaded it)

Sharpening in Lightroom

Added keyword metadata

Exported as 3000 x 2000 JPEG


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Or: Dust Music


Member's choice theme "Musical Instrument"


"Oh this is easy!", I thought. "Just take a decent capture of your violin from an interesting angle, it's a snap", I thought. I ended up with almost 200 captures and a whopping folder size of 6,3 GB. Well.

I should know by now that whenever a theme seems to be an easy one, it isn't. Seriously, are MM themes ever easy ;-) ? So this is not my violin, but piano strings. When I opened the piano I saw those rather attractive, dusty spider silk threads hanging above the strings. I wonder what they would sound like. Maybe a very high, wispy sound...


Size: 4 x 4 cm (1,5 x 1,5 inches)


A Happy Macro Monday, Everyone! Have a great week ahead!


Thank you for your comments and faves, they are always highly appreciated!

for the 72 hr. challenge: "around the house"... now, which one to use...

original background

Lady with violin

Textures by SkeletalMess & H.Adams


An old friend, my violin,

Still lies within it's case,

And at times I take it out

To play and reminisce.

The joy of life it brought to me

As I picked up that precious bow,

And o'er the strings did play the songs,

That were the best to know.

My problems seemed to dwindle,

My thoughts went high above,

When the music flowed so gently,

In tender tonelike love.

There's nothing else can take it's place,

The music of this world,

To bring that special joy of life,

To unloose and to unfurl.

~by Aileen Karg


Created for the Kreative People Treat-This Challenge #34:


Source Image by Skagitrenee:


Texture 37 by Anna Lenabem:


All other images and textures used are my own.

Are you thinking thoughts that create inner harmony and peace and joy ?

When we are peaceful or joyful within it radiates out in the world ~


enjoy the music Wild celtic bagpipe piece :))


digital art - own resources


Thank you so much for all your comments, invites and faves :)


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simple and uncreative shot..


Created for:

"SOTN group New! ~ Shock Woman ~ Challenge 39.0


*The Hypothetical Awards’ 5th ANNUAL MUSIC CHALLENGE

Editing with Adobe Lightroom 5 and Photoshop CS6

Whenever I use my guitar for an image, I tend to get sentimental. My poor baby has had some use. If you look, you'll see the sound hole isn't so round any more. The wood on the right side has worn down to the plastic ring from constant strumming. I'm a bit heavy handed on the up tempo tunes. :) I'll tend to play high on the neck, thus missing the pick guard and wearing a near hole in the top. The bridge has cracked and been repaired and frets replaced through the years. It was dropped and the top split away from the sides. It was repaired. The wood has been cured with tequila, smoke, beer, sweat and tears. A lot of time, love and memories are associated with this piece of wood. And it's never sounded better!


Today I got to take photo's for a musician. She plays an instrument we call 'hoorn' in Dutch and I am not sure whether to translate it as horn or clarion or bugle (I know what we call 'bugel' is not the same as a 'hoorn'... ).

I never really take pictures of other subjects that people or animals so here I took advantage of having such a beautiful instrument nearby (not at hand - I did not dare touch it and had her move it the way I wanted or position it where I wanted as I was so afraid to break something).

I forced myself to really look at the instrument and take a picture that was not just an image of the total instrument.

An idea i ve had for a while now just getting around to doing it!


The Alan Parsons Project "Old And Wise"


As far as my eyes can see

There are shadows approaching me

And to those I left behind

I wanted you to know

You've always shared my deepest thoughts

You follow where I go



And oh when I'm old and wise

Bitter words mean little to me

Autumn winds will blow right through me

And someday in the mist of time

When they asked me if I knew you

I'd smile and say you were a friend of mine

And the sadness would be lifted from my eyes

Oh when I'm old and wise


As far as my eyes can see

There are shadows surrounding me

And to those I leave behind

I want you all to know

You've always shared my darkest hours

I'll miss you when I go



And oh, when I'm old and wise

Heavy words that tossed and blew me

Like autumn winds will blow right through me

And someday in the mist of time

When they ask you if you knew me

Remember that you were a friend of mine

As the final curtain falls before my eyes

Oh when I'm old and wise


As far as my eyes can see


Listen to the whole album


TOTW - music


Street musician... playing for tips . .

Music for the soul made in the Cistercian Abbey Stift Heiligenkreuz in the Vienna Woods by monks

called Chant

When music is your religion, doors to heaven are always open for you....


Shot on: Nikon D610

Lens: Nikkor 50mm f/1.8D

Post Processing: Silver Efex Pro in Lightroom

SOOC I haven't had a SOOC pic in a long while after I've learned to use Picnik :)


HBW, everyone!


Magical night, large on black



I do love to hear the sound of the piano at home especially if it's my husband playing it. This was his gift to me 2 years ago when I decided to take piano lessons. Never too late to learn something new, I guess. I took piano lessons for a very short time when I was little but never really took it seriously.


Sometimes it is better to escape with soft music to some place where the colors mix, and it seems that everything moves slowly in a space in which there is no beginning and no end and bad things disappear from the mind.

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