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The West Side Phil Collins live


The West Side à Montreux Phil Collins & Phil Collins Big Band

for the 72 hr. challenge: "around the house"... now, which one to use...

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Vanessa's painterly style brings to mind the works of Rembrandt, El Greco or Anthony van Dyck with her use of dark and golden tones and heavy textures. It is a pleasure to feature her work here

(Geri Centonze-ArtofMob)


took this picture @BassDay december 2011. Madrid, Spain.

Music 2008


Not confined to music released in 2008, but including music I returned to again and again in 2008. [Albums in bold, songs in italics; asterisks for the best of the best]


*Aidan Baker + Tim Hecker ~ Fantasma Parastasie


[Broken Social Scene Presents] Kevin Drew ~ Spirit If... ~ Frightening Lives


*Fleet Foxes ~ Sun Giant / Fleet Foxes


*Géraldine ~ Enrôle-toi dans mes bras


El Hadj N'Diaye ~ N'Guri


The KLF ~ Chill Out


Mono ~ Under The Pipal Tree / You Are There


Muslimgauze ~ Hamas Arc ~ Khan Younis


Nadja ~ Radiance Of Shadows


The Nels Cline Singers ~ Blood Drawing


Sam Shalabi ~ Eid ~ Jessica Simpson, End Game


*Toumani Diabaté ~ The Mandé Variations


TV On The Radio ~ Dear Science


Van Morrison ~ Veedon Fleece


*Various ~ 1970s Algerian Proto-Rai Underground


Various ~ African Scream Contest


Various ~ Nigeria Rock Special


Various ~ Nigeria Special: 1970-1976


Various ~ The Very Best Of Éthiopiques


Various ~ World Psychedelic Classics 3 - Love's A Real Thing


*War On Drugs ~ Wagonwheel Blues ~ Taking the Farm


Wooden Shjips ~ Wooden Shjips Vol. 1

Esta foto tirei ontem no Churrasco entre amigos do SulFotoclube ( Enquanto o meu colega brincava com o violão, eu brincava com a câmera e testava algumas situações de flash e composição.


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Today I got to take photo's for a musician. She plays an instrument we call 'hoorn' in Dutch and I am not sure whether to translate it as horn or clarion or bugle (I know what we call 'bugel' is not the same as a 'hoorn'... ).

I never really take pictures of other subjects that people or animals so here I took advantage of having such a beautiful instrument nearby (not at hand - I did not dare touch it and had her move it the way I wanted or position it where I wanted as I was so afraid to break something).

I forced myself to really look at the instrument and take a picture that was not just an image of the total instrument.

Please view this in large

I am going to be on later, to busy today putting on the roof tiles

on the Gingerbread house, hope by tomorrow I will be done,


...wenn sie vielleicht reissen können...und finde deine melodie

....but I have changed the strings

Music is my friend

when I am lonely

music is the one and only

thing that never ends

Music lives everywhere

can't escape it

can't replace it

Music is my life to me

music is what it is and will always be

Music is your strength

when you are weak

Music is your hope

when you are bleak

Music is made to be played

to fade

to serenade


Music is the gift everyone should give

music alone shall live


-Thaaaanks ya a7la {ra3iat`ha} in da world 3al EDIT il moot :*


*Model : cuzn M

“Music speaks what cannot be expressed, soothes the mind and gives it rest, heals the heart and makes it whole, flows from heaven to the soul.”


I'm not sure who wrote that quote, Some say it's Victor Hugo while others insist it's unknown. Regardless, whoever wrote that is amazing, because that's exactly what music means to me - and a whole lot of other people too, I'm sure.

Sometimes it just feels like the wordless words that music carry is so huge that it can't be contained, but to pour into the room and your heart, filling each empty space whole.


Although... I don't think the quote applies to these particular pieces of music portrayed (goodness, I hope not). I was actually happy when I found out that I don't need to do anymore technical works in exams - until I saw the substitute exercises, those are the sheets. It's mind-boggling at times, but I guess that's life, you've got to go through some horrible no-fun things to be good at it.


So this was what I did last night way past midnight when I should be studying for a french test.

151/365 If it's Monday, we must be at music lessons. Tate's teacher was out, so we practiced. She, on piano and I, on camera.

my luvly guitar, i painted those swirls on there too!


explore Mar 20, 2006 #11


updated 2009...same shot better camera!

beautiful model and also a great pianist...

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Our Daily Challenge - TIMELESS

...Timeless Music


Fender Precision Bass

i don't play any instrument ,i wish i could play piano & violin

do you play any instrument ? if you do which one do u play ? if you don't, which one do u wish to play with ?


sorry guys there is no ''face photo'' for today ! the lighting wasn't good :(


* i have noticed there are few of you read this, so if u read it you get a star :)!

tell me what do u think about the star in the comment


love you all <3


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I've missed my piano since moving up to Oregon (it was one of the things I had to leave behind). This year for Christmas one of my daughters bought me a keyboard. Music is the language of the soul and my soul is happy once again! :)

165/365 Lessons today. This is the Def Leppard guitar Jules got for Christmas.

in museum. Prangli island

Just playing around with my electric guitar, the light was perfect! (Best viewed on black)

- From Romeo and Juliet


The most perfect little music box, in the shape of a grand piano. And it plays the theme song of Romeo and Juliet - oh, the irony...


I absolutely love it. It couldn't be any more perfect.


I had a good day today.


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291/365: Music


Music fills our souls, it cries our tears and it pushes us to achieve.

A song can bring you down, or lift you up.

Push you to feel or make you numb.

Our lives create a playlist from year to year

Bringing us back to a time of cheer...

Or falling flat from lack of feel.


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