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Shot and edited on an iPhone 4s


The Murphy House on the corner of Prospect and Union in Bodie.


Bodie, CA



Murphy's Cove is the nicest campground in Nova Scotia I have ever seen.


I had to stand up early in the morning for that shot. The blackflies and mosquitos were almost killing me!


This is not a hdr. I made two shots with different exposure to one shot in Photoshop using layers.


Much better in Large: View On Black


the old boy having sweet dreams as mom works on photos all hours of the night.

Murphy the Springer Spaniel.

There are two functioning windmills on the western edge of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California. The northern Dutch Windmill was completed in 1903, and the southern Murphy Windmill was completed in 1908. It was in operation for several decades, but fell into disrepair after the park switched to electric water pumps. Murphy's Windmill's restoration was completed in 2011.


Deux moulins dans le parc Golden Gate. Celui-çi fut complété en 1908. Ils ont été tous les deux renovés ...

Canyonland National Park View North West from Murphy Hogback with Candlestick in the distance.

I stayed on the Murphy Overlook trail for a long time after sunset. I had already taken two shots that I really liked, and since I prefer the late afternoon light before the sun sets, I really wasn't doing anything except goofing off and trying new things. I didn't think anything had really turned out, but I found this one and it's growing on me…..

Murphy's outfit is mix and match SugarMag bits...


Panda pulltoy and lovely little "Chicken" Pixie Hat were gifts

to the girls from qdpatooties, Lisa, and her girl Chicken :D


From a trip to the beach with the dogs.


I got to know this beach very well during the summers of the early 70s, when I was 12 to 15 years old. It was a place where kids could spend the day away from adults (who generally weren't into the steep little hike down to the beach and back up).


We swam and snorkeled and made campfires and speared fish and cooked mussels and made crude treehouses ... or drank booze stolen from liquor cabinets at home, or smoked cigarettes, that sort of stuff. Many firsts.

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