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Muffin taken by Jack Schmidt 04/09/17

Craft beautiful rectangular muffins using the rectangular-shaped muffin cup set.

With dulce de leche frappuccino



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Sono impegnatissima al lavoro, sono giornate caotiche con la certificazione Emas e volevo scusarmi per la mia scarsa presenza. Un muffin può servire? :)

(lo so, è verticale e si vede poco ma nel food va molto questo formato....)

Eu e meu irmão resolvemos fazer muffin com gotas de chocolate! Era pra ser cupcake... mas fiquei com medo de deixar muito doce =PPP

My first try to make homemade muffins

I made chocolate chip muffins for Zach today as part of his birthday, because he will be gone on his birthday and he had his party today. Next week he will be 16! I just can't believe it! Lighting - morning light through a window.

Muffin is very soft (don't know if its my influence). Every single cat in the neighborhood terrorizes her. She is very naive too, maybe even somewhat confused. The other day she caught a real mouse though. I was so proud. :P

Before eating it...

Muffins double-chocolat.

[2+ IN COMMENTS] It bugs me when Flickr messes around with my EXIF data.


Yesterday, both me and my younger sister helped the mother bake banana muffins. They were yum.


I'm on summer holidays now, and will be until February. So hopefully I will get the chance to experiment with my camera, take memorable photos and of course, update my Flickr more frequently. I still have a lot of photos that I haven't yet posted onto my stream because I don't particularly like having a mass upload and disappearing off for a long while.


Happy Macro Monday ~ HMM!

Theme: “Culinary Delights”


A Happy day for Muffin (and us) on the Oregon Coast. The red collar is from a male Springer Spaniel that had been our companion for many years. The color confuses folks. The web lead is from our days of training Muffin in tracking, a 25 footer and perfect for the dunes when others are around.


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Yumm :) Nothing better than warm crisp blueberry muffins to start off your day!

I'm so excited/nervous. I'm going to do my test drive and maybe testing to get my license today!! EEEEKKK!! :D

You guys have no clue how long I've waited for this! Now that I'm 17, I can go! Oh my gosh. So so so excited.


I've concluded that I am a helpless muffin addict. I'm already thinking about my next batch. Does anyone have festive favorites to suggest?


Pumpkin muffins for this week's Tuesdays with Dorie! I added chocolate chunks and sprinkled the batter with some homemade cinnamon sugar. Mm!


For the recipe visit here.

Banana & blueberry this autumnal spring


Love the chocolaty chips.

Muffins from Lartizan Bakery, Jupiter Street, Makati


Clockwise from left: Peach, blueberry, and banana.




250 gr flour

2 tsp baking powder

a dash of salt

a sachet of vanilla sugar

1 tsp grated lemon peel

1 tsp orange peel

100 gr sugar

5 Tbsp melted butter

2 eggs

200 ml milk

some chopped walnuts (roast them in a dry pan first)

some mixed candied fruits

some chopped dark chocolate


In a bowl mix flour, baking powder, salt, vanilla sugar, sugar, butter, eggs grated lemon and orange peels and milk until smooth.


Put candied fruits, walnuts and chocolate in a bowl and mingle well.


Pour batters into paper molds you have lined a muffin tray with and place it in the oven for about twenty minutes at 200 degrees.

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