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Photo taken by Neal Deakin, all rights reserved. I have slightly improved it. Original at .

Left: Ginn Chen (A11Y module peer), Middle: Shaohua Wen 文少华 (main contributor for the Chinese translation), Right: Dave Lin (Release Engineer for the Solaris contributed build)

It could be familiar for canadians or americans, but not for any european!!

our mascot for the week

Commemorating the various adventures at the 2008 Mozilla Summit...designed by Tim Hogan based on the original design by Nobox.

A bear crossing Centennial Trail, taken from Tin Pants Trail in Lost Lake Park. I think it was a baby, since I think it was around 3 to 4 feet long. (dsc07224)

While waiting for my flight, there was a short spot on GIMP on the tele. The screenshot of the website shows the comparison shots of Bata's building on the Soukenne square in Liberec.

The tree came to life under Tara's art direction. Actual illustration by Monique LoBue.

John Santangelo, Rusty Felty, Martin Bowling, Brian Carter, Thomas Schmitz at Burke Museum for SEOmoz 08

Сите кои се занимаваат со l10n во Мозила заедницата

Taken at Tommy Africa's in Whistler.

Lost Lake in Whistler. (dsc07211)

João Neves


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The view from the bus ride on the long route out of Whistler. (dsc07467)

To be fair, it's a 2.5h bus ride from YVR to Whistler

The view from the bus ride on the long route out of Whistler. (dsc07433)

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