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MOZ Designs

Original Mesh


MOZ // “Pippa” Halter

Updated with Legacy


MOZ // Boy Short

Updated with Legacy


Find both at MOZ Designs Mainstore.


Catwa ▪ Legacy Perky ▪ Personal Shape


Check my blog for SLurls and details ~ Live Love Laugh

And yes, she sure knows how beautiful her tail is!

★ Moz Haley Tank Dress updated all textures & saved only the most popular fabrics. 14 texture HUD. Also updated to include Legacy mesh bodies. Vendors are located at mainstore Belleza ➤ eBody ➤ Legacy ➤ Maitreya ➤ Tonic ➤ Slink ➤ Eve


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!MOZ "Riley" Belted High Waisted Shorts

Available in 6 denims and the fatpack gives you a choice of 3 belt leathers.


!MOZ Crop Knit Camisole

Individual packs, basics fat pack and a superpack of 12 colors.

Original Fitmesh for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Tonic and eBody mesh bodies.

Main store:


SEmotion Libellune Glamour Puppy Bag Animesh

RAMA.SALON - Lindsay Hair 'Blondes Colorant'


MOZ Tampico Swimsuit

Available in Solid and Pattern single packs. Fatpack offer many combinations.

Original Fitmesh for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza I/F, Tonic and eBody mesh bodies.


Available in Solid and Pattern single packs, or get the fat packs and create as many combinations as your imagination.


MOZ Scarf Sarong Wrap

Silk art and lace fabrics in single packages or fatpacks.

Created and tested to fit over MOZ swimsuits. It may also fit over other creator's suits.


Background: Wall photo part of Girls Beach house from Salome Design:


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Sponsor Moz Designs

Designer : Mila Poses

Credits ♥

This is Moz. Her owner died and the son took her in, but she didnt like her new home and so she decided to adopt the guy im seeing. Shes living with him and his housemates now and shes living the best life... shes a long haired beauty and she sure knows it! A proper little diva!

He's not happy about all the damp and rainy weather we've been having.

Motya (Ancient Greek: Μοτύη, Μοτύα; Italian: Mozia, Mothia; Sicilian: Mozzia), was an ancient and powerful city on an island off the west coast of Sicily, between Drepanum (modern Trapani) and Lilybaeum (modern Marsala). The island was renamed San Pantaleo in the 11th century by Basilian monks. It lies in the Stagnone Lagoon, and is within the comune of Marsala.

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MOZ // “Camilla” Cowl Neck Top

(Exclusive Designer Showcase, now)

MOZ // "Taylor" Lettuce Hem Skirt

(UPDATE April 1st, 2020 @ Mainstore)

MOZ // “Elsa” Platform Ankle Boot

(Exclusive Swank Event, April)


Revoul ▪ theSkinnery ▪ IDTTY ▪ Yummy ▪ Simple Bloom ▪

Doux ▪ Catwa ▪ Legacy


Check my blog for more (SLurls + more pictures) ~ Live Love Laugh

Es tan lindo ♥

MOZ Designs "Dusty" Vest Duster with many nice colors and texture versions. Original Fitmesh for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Tonic and eBody mesh bodies. Available at eBento Event.


MOZ Designs Boy Short in 6 pastel natural silk shades, plus natural and black silk.... perfect for the Spring and Summer fashions. Original fitmesh for Maitreya, Slink, Belleza, Tonic and eBody mesh bodies. Matching Dusty vest colors. Available in main store:


[Dreamlight] "Nicole" Bento Nails. Hud with 16 pastel colors of nails and 20 gem colors. Made for Maitreya, Kimono and Slink. Available at Vanity event.


Hair Truth Surrender

Ring: ChicChica

Genus Project Classic


It was seven years ago today we came to an agreement. He chose to live with us and we agreed under the condition that he always use the litterbox and not pester Pixie. Well, to be fair it took him a while to break both conditions, but we love him anyhow.

Thank you so much, it's a real privilege!

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Original FitMesh

MOZ "Olivia" Blouse


Get yours now...


Mainstore Release: July 13th, 2018


Follow me, see full credits and LM's here

Live Love Laugh ~ Blog

The Saline della Laguna are located in western Sicily, on the coast connecting Trapani to Marsala. It is a unique area in front of the island of Mothia, on the famous "salt route".

Sicily has always been tied to salt, and because it is surrounded by the sea, salt has always been one of its economic resources. Salt is produced in various parts of Sicily from the sea in some salt farms and from rocks in salt mines.

The "Stagnone" is the largest lagoon of Sicily (2000 hectares), and home to a reserve characterized by the presence of some small islands (Isola Longa, Santa Maria, San Pantaleo, Scola). Here, there is fishing galore and a luxuriant and varied fauna to observe. The Phoenicians harvested the "murex", mollusks from which drew purple dye. The stops allow views along the banks of reservoirs, and along the tanks used for salt crystallization. You can also see the Islands which contain restored windmills, a gentle reminder of a time when they were the main tools to pump water and grind salt.


!MOZ "Mona" Eyelet Lace PJ Set

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