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Finished. Hope you will like it as much as I ;). This one is some mix between modern and classic style.





Poke for drive chain,

VoodooKR for brakes.


All comments are welcome.

Greetings. xLunaticx.

The motorcycles used by the members of the Equalist movement were optimized for the fight against benders, showing a high speed and quick acceleration. They were even equipped with smoke generators to produce a smokescreen, giving them a possibility to easily vanish from the sight of anyone in pursuit. These vehicles were mostly used by Amon’s notorious Chi-Blockers in their fight against benders and even team Avatar and Avatar Korra.



Here's a second photo of the Equalist motorcycles, featured in my recent Republic City diorama and scene from The Legend of Korra. I think it is quite a nice perspective with the second bike in the background. Hope you like it aswell !

On the streets of Bangkok, motorcycle taxis can be used as a form of transport. It is however also one of the more dangerous modes of transport with a rather high accident rate. Still, it is a rather common sight to see groups of motorbikes vrooming along the avenues, like a motorcycle club of its own.

Yamaha motorcycle mad lomo kinda shot


Before the Health & safety lobby start kicking off about such a small child being on the back of a motorcycle, its Ok its on a race track.

The Indian/Victory dealership in Annapolis, MD

Schauinsland route near Freiburg

Shot in a village in Guangdong, China.

Thanks for your visit, invites, comments and faves !!!

Time circuits on? Good! Today we're traveling back to August 2011.


I believe this was the 1st MOC I ever built. My friends family was staying with me at the time (their house sold so quickly they were without a house for a month) and we all sat down for a few hours over the weekend and each built our own motorcycles.


I must have robbed a lot of the parts off the few LEGO sets I had received for my birthday and Christmas as I did not have any special parts at the time.


This is a new photo of the build and the original photos can be seen here and here


There was one change was made to the original build. I have added a 1x2x2/3 slope to the seat.

This is one of several photos during the weekend class where I was supposed to be practicing the various techniques we were learning in our street-photography class.


It was taken in the Mission District of San Francisco, on a crisp, dazzling-bright autumn afternoon...


I didn't bother showing this photo to my street-photography group, and I suppose I can't really defend it as a good photo. I just liked the lines and angles, as well as the placement of the people...




In early November 2015, I flew from New York to San Francisco to take a weekend street-photography workshop under the tutelage of Eric Kim. As you might expect, I took gazillions of photos; but not all of them were specifically associated with the workshop itself. On the way out to San Francisco, I took a bunch of pictures with my iPhone; and during the weekend, I took a number of photos that had little or nothing to do with street-photography per se.


I’ll upload the photos in dribs and drabs during the next several days, and let you decide which ones are sufficiently interesting to warrant a second look…

Hey, I've not posted a café racer motorcycle shot for ages.


If you like this kind of thing there are lots more photos to be seen by clicking the link.

天氣轉晴了, 出外踏青去~~ 一 一+


話說105VR的另一項優點, 就是VR和對焦速度!!


Leaving from a Memorial Service for Fallen Officers.

2008 Triumph Bonneville


2008 Triumph Bonneville

Harley Davidson Motorcycle - Matt Finish, Gunmetal Grey

shadow with his motorcycle ready to kick butt

Taken four years ago with a Canon Powershot on a bright sunny day in a parking lot.

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