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It has been, after all, an enjoyable experience being part of Chris Lott's dispersed reading group this month. A group of people reading James Joyce's The Dubliners and then sharing about it in any way they see fit, from blogs, to twitter, to posterous.


Someone suggested also doing some old fashioned post cards. I've been trying to match whatever is on the cards I find in the local thrift storre to a quote from the story (or sometimes something I imagine a character saying).


The front of this one is yucky cute, a mature deer going nose to nose with a cute baby deer who says ,"Hi!" which I tied somehow to the creep named Corley in "Two Gallants" who abuses his power on women.


And bg, its not a message to you, just for you, that i am enjoying reading.

Joel Stein comments on James Joyce's story, "After the Race." Wonderful!

I'm trying to hang with a bunch of readers of James Joyce's Dubliners (see - I'm using Stanza on the iPhone accessing the Project Gutenberg version

It's a postcard hinting at "A Painful Case"--perhaps my favorite story from Dubliners. Who is it from? "The Imitator", apparently!

From Cogdog, a lovely pairing of text from Joyce's "Araby" and a photo of Mount Fuji.

We are reading James Joyce's "The Dubliners" together as a network of loosly joined readers/reflectors. Using digital and analog media.

Can I read it in Italian too? I don't think so. I already have vocabulary questions in English such as gnomon, simony, pipeclayed, miching, sedulously