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with my best wishes for a healthy and happy 2010 :)


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A selection of brightness!

Mosaic Coaster


Looking a bit old as I made this about 20 years ago. I don't use it as a teapot stand, but it has pride of place on my wall unit.


The 'teapot' itself is raised off the tile about an inch, giving a 3D effect.

Finally a bit of colors - !

Con este proyecto he querido mostrar la transformación del paisaje mes tras mes durante un año.


With this project I wanted to show the transformation of the landscape month after month for a year.


Mosaic-art made with "MacOSaiX".

the sources are photos of SQ30m which I took.

Little mosaic on a wall of an old bakery the village Prats del Rey.

The bread tasted very good ;-))


Happy Wall Wednesday!!

The inside of the inflating balloon.


By the way, it wasn't very easy to take these inflation photos while holding up a basket with two blazing hot blow torches inches from my head.


This photo made it to Explore (my first!) on September 2007 ranked at #261 :)

The Getty Villa in Pacific Palisades, California

tesselated mosaic with the head of Dionysos in the centre, fruit and ivy in his hair. of my addictions!

Pottery from beach, sea glass, beads and mineral stones. Best on black.

Mosaic floor from Kos, Palace of the Grand Masters, Old Town, Rhodes Town, Rhodes, Dodecanese, Greece

Fountain with turtle


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Mosaic meme, knicked from Seren's stream, who stole it from Nuuna Nitely.


Mosaic Challenge

Type your answer to each of the questions below into Flickr search.

Then, using only the first page, pick an image.


Then, copy and paste each of the URLs for the images into this mosaic maker (


1. What is your first name? - Katiya

2. What is your favorite food? - Chicken Satay

3. What high school did you go to? - Talbot Heath

4. What is your favorite color? - Burgundy

5. Who is your celebrity crush? - Jensen Ackles

6. Favorite drink? - Coffee

7. Dream vacation? - NY

8. Favorite dessert? - Panna cotta

9. What you want to be when you grow up? stable

10. What do you love most in life? - creating

11. One Word to describe you. - Erratic

12. Your flickr name. - Katiya Rhode


#1 is a video from Zonja Capalini's stream,the video of Seren and my wedding - first thing that pops up when I searched for Katiya <3

FraxHD ...updated my coloring of an older design


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Mosaic from Roman Emperor Era.

[I can't understand the subject and the descrition by Museum is in arabian...]


The Goddess in the imago clipeata is clearly Minerva (Pallas Athena) and the man with the snakes for legs seems to be one of the Gigantes Thanks to Tmitsu Timitsu for explanation!

by Todd Michael @ Hugh Taylor Birch State Park, Fort Lauderdale

For this mosaic I selected images containing various tags pertaining to pie.



apple pie

lemon pie

blueberry pie

pumpkin pie

peach pie

key lime pie







Mosaic Mall is a great place to hang out on weekends when we're not out camping in the camper car, as its one of the few places in Japan that is an honest to goodness shopping mall *and* is very kid friendly with lots of stores/activities geared to families with young children.


5xp freehand HDR rendered shot taken on a nice sunny weekend when we weren't out camping.


Yokohama, Japan.

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