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Coffee? Check.

Beer? Check.

Tennis Ball? Check.

Hand sanitizer? You bet your ass, check.


Let's do this thing.

At The Bards after the show. Sandwich in the background.

A dressing room that has little cages over the lightbulbs does kinda make you feel like a big shot.


But, looking right above them to see the setlist from the previous night's performance by The State? Well. That just makes a person feel like going number two. Really hard.


And, they don't really offer little cages for that.

PHOTOMAGICSHOPPING ADVICE // advice column for the Magicshopping Wonder Space group.


Simply put: This is how it's done, folks. Embed the © with the Dymo, and it's permanent. Yes, you might lose some of the background detail, but it's a small price to pay for Artistic Integrity.


Happy photographing, Professionals.

In an alternate universe, these two have the best podcast the world will never hear.

@ Monsters of Podcasting: Seattle, 23 April 2009

Road bags some cool, young, hippy chick at the 23 April 2009 _You Look Nice Today_ show.

@ Monsters of Podcasting: Seattle, 23 April 2009


You can't see it, exactly, but there's a lot of love in this room. Actually, yeah, you can see it.

Adam L. / Monsters of Podcasting, Eureka Theater, SF

It just seemed like they were supposed to have their own pinup, y'know?

@Monsters of Podcasting

My Express Pro™ finally came today. So I used it incorrectly for self-promotion.


Monsters of Podcasting, Featuring Jordan, Jesse Go! and You Look NIce Today


June 28, 2008

The Dark Room Theater, San Francisco


The guys down in marketing created a new logo for your viral marketing pyramid scheme. Unfortunately, there was a mistranslation from the cocktail napkin field notes due to a cheap chianti stain. Nonetheless, we all hope your soon-to-be restaurant is just as successful as your podcast.


in response to You Look Nice Today's podcast: Live!: Baby on a Dog.

Monsters of Podcasting, Eureka Theater. Jordan is sporting what is known as a Snuggie.

@Monsters of Podcasting

"You Look Nice Today" + "Jordan, Jesse Go!" @ The Dark Room

Monsters of Podcasting in Philadelphia, 2009 Sep 17.

very happy to have these tickets.

This is a man you want on your side.

Important words are in bold.

@Monsters of Podcasting

"You Look Nice Today" + "Jordan, Jesse Go!" @ The Dark Room

delicious confection, devoured by Monsters of Podcasting after-partiers.

Nothing I can say here could live up to the towering agglomeration of man that is Scott Simpson. Allow me simply to freestyle: Tillich. Muji. John Dickerson. Apple.

@ Monsters of Podcasting: Seattle, 23 April 2009

I love these guys so much, if I could've been in the audience instead of in the back, I'd have been sitting there in the front row with my elbows on the stage and my chin in my palms, waiting for one of them to look at me.

@ Monsters of Podcasting: Seattle, 23 April 2009

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