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Kay sitting on a rock in Yorkshire, looking strangely like a monster

Money Monsters are a great way to hold your cash, cards, lip balm....whatever you want to feed them!


Meanwhile... when we leave the fence... the monster bird lurks in the pickle weed scaring little egrets away. :-)


I know that this one looks like the "boy meets girl" chase but it isn't. The "monster bird" literally chased everyone away and then he strutted up and down like he is the big macho bird. Perhaps there was a female bird nearby and she was impressed... who knows!

Couldn`t resist the title,although it was a huge murmaration,what a spectacle.Theres gonna be plenty more of these shots to come unfortunately

The age old Monster Slayer, created by the Iron Builder to fight the menacing Monster of Mediocrity. After many years of slaying the gratuitous hordes of blundering minions, the grizzled old robot finally managed to sink his hammer into its enemy in the name of the State of Tadashi!


Since a certain someone has been spewing forth tiny appetizers but no main dish, I thought I'd give him a taste of his own medicine.


There are a couple other tidbits awaiting editing.

This monster of a waterfall cascade is the outflow from Swiftcurrent Lake into Shurbern Lake there in the Many Glacier area of Glacier National Park. I took several compositions here - both in BULB mode with the 9 & 6 Stop filters stacked, and also with the 9 Stop and CPL Stacked for some 2 second captures.


This post here is of the Bulb capture that is @ f14 for 3 minutes. Certainly a tough sun angle for the time of day we were there, but I liked the scene with the split between light and shadow, and I was able to expose this and not blow out the water there in the sunlight. With the clouds there, this 180 second capture turned out pretty cool I think.


This outfall from one lake to the other was quite the flow. The square looking boulders there are about the size of a small house, that helps provide some scale to the image. A beautiful spot ... if I return here someday, hope to stay nearby this section of the park so getting a sunrise at this location would be incredible I think.

Ground release 1st birthday bash @ trellick towers london

yummy Cookie Monster cake :D


Done by me :D

This took me way too long...

Monsters are real - they live inside us and sometimes, they win

This bucket wheel excavator is a monster! It was built on site in the 1960's and was used for the local mining industry. It is about 170 meters long and 50 meters high. The buckets on this excavator went 15 meters down into the ground where the layers of coal are. The power for this machine was even taken from the same coal they dug out.

The machine was turned down in the early 2000's as there was not much coal left in the area. Because disassembly is very expensive, and the machine parts are old and worn, the government decided to leave the machine where it is and let the weather and Mother Nature do their thing. Impressive to see!!


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Paris / 93

I love you baby I’m not a monster

You know how I was in the past

When time passes, it’ll all disappear

Then you will know baby


____________________________________________Play Music


Work tune♬ : BIGBANG - MONSTER






Hair : Damselfly - Gabriel

Top : Howl - Survival Jacket [Gray]

Pants : [Deadwool] Lahood pants


ACC : Soy. My lung - air tank (Black) - male / Soy. My lung - mask (Black) - male


pose :Bounce This Poses - Gun


Ice monsters on Lake Michigan! The big one in the front has its head up ready to eat some unsuspecting goose or tourist, and the ones on the left are lying in wait.


I wonder if anyone studies the process of forming these large natural ice sculptures. They seem to have a lot of sand in them as well as ice. I can imagine the basics of the process, where some ice holds some sand together and then the water washes away the sand around it, but the shapes that are left are fascinating. I would love to somehow be able to leave a timelapse camera out there for weeks to capture the process of creating this.

Slit eyed Maggie Monster


My last year’s - Monster

Another wednesday came and I go to my files -again, this wednesday- searching for windows for the famous tag in flickr, "window wednesday".


This picture makes me imagine, its appears has to be alive, the dissorder of its roof resembles have wrinkles, the bottom shadow a peeping nose, the two windows are the "eyes"?. If you let me, can't avoid think in the Steven Spielperg movie, "Monster House".


Have a great wednesday my dear friends.


Blessings for You all,


♪ Bambina & Mayonga ♪




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Money Monster Minis are smaller size of the original Money Monster. They're great as a keyring or to hang from your purse or backpack. And...they're adorable! ;-)

Best viewed large. All rights reserved. You just have to love this atypical monster...more to come!

© 2013 Werner Schnell - All rights reserved !

“Monsters are real, and ghosts are real too. They live inside us, and sometimes, they win.”

~ Stephen King

Found some caterpillars in the garden via 500px

Submission for "Faboolous Second Life Halloween Snapshot Contest"

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Hair and Violin Hat from Boudoir...Avatar is Doll Coco

Lati and cake sized monster sweaters :)

The place where the monsters live.

I decided my monster wasn't finished so have updated him

I recently found some folders with images from our Australia trip and discovered some crazy images in there.


These rock formations were amazing and had so many little caves and crevasses to explore. It almost looks like a monster with two big eyes staring at me. What do you think...


3image Panorama

Nikon D300

16mm, polarizer.


Have a nice day!

Bit of a practice.

Song: Meg&Dia - Monster.

Let me know what you think.


Hugs and kisses!

Cornelia x

One day i found that lil pinkeii monster..

under meh bed..

"can i have sum cupcakes" said the lil monster...



Baby , I love U . I'm not monster !


E đừng nhắc đến ngày mai . Cứ yêu anh đi , cứ thươg a đi . Hãy yêu a thể như ngày mai là ngày cuối


Rồi e qay lưg cứ như vậy dời bước đi.Nếu a cố giữ e lại ,liệu có nực cười khôg ?


Thiếu e cuộc sống là xiền xích ,thế giới ảm đạm của từ lúc tâm a chết lặg


I think I’m sick . I think I’m sick : )


. * Yêu a qá , chết mất thôi :x , tình yêu của e :* . Đág yêu qá <3 . Thích qá , thươg qá đi mất <333


- Chỉ cần là a , tất tất cả nhữg việc a làm đều đúg . A à , chỉ cần a tổn thươg 1 chút , e cũg cảm thấy bản thân mình khôg ổn . A tự hỏi tại sao lại yêu a nhìu như thế ? Idol của e ? Dặn lòg e khôg đc yêu thích a thêm chút nào nữa . Để một ngày a bỗg khôg còn xuất hịn e khôg phải đau đớn như kẻ ngốc , đừg đừg tự làm mình đau lần nào nữa ! E yêu a , hơn tất cả , hơn chính bản thân , lên trên mọi thứ . E khôg nghĩ một ngày nào đó a sẽ b' đến tình cảm ngốc nghếch của fan cuồg , chỉ cầu mog a đừg bị ngkhác tổn thươg , cũg đừg mag tổn thươg đến cho bản thân a ! Một chút cũg khôg a à . Có thể e hơi ngốc , có thể e hơi đág grét . Có thể có nhìu ng` khôg thích ! Nhưg mặc kệ với e , a còn hơn tất cả nhữg thứ đó . Xug qanh e , khôg ai đc phép xúc phạm tình yêu to lớn của e . A hơn tất cả ... Hỉu khôg a , e thươg a nhất qả đất!


* - Có thể gọi là qá cuồg , qá ngốc or đại loại jì đó . Nhưg tóm gọn : E thươg A . Vậy thôi !


. Anh ...


* E chỉ cần a thôi

Nesting monsters using plastic Easter eggs, knitting pattern included in my upcoming book, More Knitwits.

Money Monster Minis are smaller size of the original Money Monster. They're great as a keyring or to hang from your purse or backpack. And...they're adorable! ;-)

hehehehehe fdeeeet my monster xD lol

(k)(k) <333 u Glbeee

monster of rock practicing songs in his bedroom studio


3d render made with blender 2.49


cheers for looking

..vor meiner Haustür


..on my doorstep.

...cambiando il modo di fare le cose abituali,

permetti che un uomo nuovo cresca dentro di te...


life is made of magic moments...


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