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Mom gives Jambazi (Swahili for bandit because he "steals your heart") a kiss. Jambazi was 1 day old when this was taken at the Rio Grande Zoo in Albuquerque, New Mexico.


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Happy birthday Mom! Hipstamatic Salvador 84 & AO DLX.

Mary Grace Locker, my Mom, died December 9th. She'd been suffering from emphysema for many years. In fact, six years ago, she was given six months to live. But Mom was stubborn and modern medicine is a wondrous thing. She held on to see the birth of her 12th-and-probably-last grandchild (3rd granddaughter). Her death was sudden, earlier than expected and it's been hard on us. Dad is heartbroken. They were married nearly 52 years.


We tried to get her to write down the things she'd seen in her life, the stories she'd tell us about growing up on a farm during the Great Depression and WWII. But she preferred to tell us. And when I went back for her funeral, I found that each of us had some stories Mom had told one, but not the others. I think she did that unintentionally, but it has worked out so that we all have shared memories ... and a few that are ours alone. She had to do that with nine kids - make us feel like we were all parts of a greater whole, but unique individuals too.


So this photo is a tribute to Mom. It might not seem much. To me, though, it's about Mom's love of nature and keeping natural things around to soothe the soul (apple gourds, leaves, rocks and fossils galore), and salvaging everything whether it's a little kid's hurt feelings or a basket well past its prime. The strawflower on the old chair really makes me think of Mom - they were the first seeds she and I ever planted together. I doubt this flower is in any way related to those we planted 35 years ago other than being in the same species. But I saw it and I knew - I may not see her, but Mom is here.

Happy birthday Mom! Hipstamatic Jimmy & DreamCanvas.

my mom, looking gorgeous as usual. check out the camera and the parliaments. mid 60's, Fremont, CA. what a fox!

he's so happy when looking at his mom... magic moment between the two!

Java Macaque baby & Mom ~ Miami, Florida U.S.A.


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The lovely Java Macaque is a very intelligent primate that lives in a complex social structure. These social animals are normally found in trees, though sadly, their preferred habitat is being lost to deforestation.


Java Macaques frequent agricultural areas and forest edges. It has also been found near aquatic areas, and is an adept swimmer. Java Macaques are active in daytime, and spend most of their time in trees. They live in groups of about 30 animals, and communicate through facial expressions and posturing. These groups do not usually tolerate other groups, and fighting or aggression may result at the meeting of two troops. A dominant male, who is often the only permanent male member of the group, leads each group. He, however, may be replaced if a wandering male is able to depose him. Wandering males go from group to group, and may replace other males of various social rankings through fierce tussles. Female Java Macaques remain in the groups they were born into for life, inheriting the social rankings of their mothers. They commonly groom each other to maintain social ranking and social bonds. Java Macaques eat mostly fruit, though their diets are supplemented with insects, bark, buds, shoots, flowers, grasses, leaves, seeds, sap, and gum. Often, food may be stored in cheek pouches while more is collected.


Female Java Macaques are usually smaller than males. While females weigh about nine pounds, males weigh around 13 pounds. They are 16 to 18.8 inches long, and their tails add an extra 20 to 24 inches. Every Java Macaque has deep cheek pouches, which it often uses for food storage. It is covered in grayish to reddish brown hair, which fades to lighter shades on the undersides of the primate.


The Java Macaque is often seen in captivity. In the wild, it is found in a variety of habitats, though it prefers forested or agricultural areas. Raffles first recognized the Java Macaque as a species in 1821. Although this animal is found throughout the Indo Pacific region, ranging through various lands including Java, Cambodia, Thailand, the Philippine Islands, and Sumatra, the Java Macaque is dwindling in population. It is fast approaching a "Threatened" listing and is not welcomed throughout much of its range, due to its tendency to destroy crops. Deforestation also threatens the Java Macaque.


Special thanks to:

bibi for the oranges

roberta for the glass

the author of this sketch


perchè io, invece di mangiare la frutta, la spucigo (un big up per il verbo spucigare ❤).

this is my mom (in the back of the boat, running the motor) and my aunts Ann (center) and Susan (front), sitting in a little motorboat on Lake Champlain, in a town called Cedart Beach, Vermont, where they spent their summers growing up -- pretty sure this was taken in summer 1958


it's one of my favorite family photos, and so took it out of it's frame today & scanned it...


My mom passed away early Tuesday morning. She was the sweetest, kindest and most loving person I’ve ever known. No one could have asked for a better mom. I will love her and miss her forever.

Eakins Oval, Philadelphia

Photographed from Nilgiri Resort at Bandarban in Bangladesh.


Surrounded by beautiful hilly natural views and clouds most of the time. An esthetic place for enjoying serenity with ultimate relaxation away from city boredom.You will find yourself in the embrace of the clouds. Its located in Thansi Upozilla in Bandarban district which is lies 48 km away from the Bandarban town. There is beautiful resort in the top of the mountain maintained by Bandarban Officers Club sister concern of Bangladesh Army . Booking is done through 69 Infantry Brigade Headquarters in Bandarban Cantoment. There are five well furnished cottages ranging from Tk.5000-12000. There are also three tents having 4 beds each @2500 per tent. Foreign tourist will be restricted there. There is a standard restaurant and helipad is available for traveling by Helicopter

First pic is when I left the salon (seriously, what is with the teasing??), second is after I tried to smooth it out, third & forth is when I got home and humidity had smooshed it. I told the stylist I wanted a short, choppy bob and she blew it out to epic proportions all "Look how BIG your HAIR IS!" as if that was a good thing? Hopefully it will look less mom-like once I wash the gallon of product out. I know it might not look bad in these pics, I could not capture the immenseness with the camera.

Mom never knew her daughter Laurette, but I like to think she would have approved.

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i need my mom (far left) to give a better description of this picture. she belonged to a social sorority in the mid 60s, like a neighborhood girls sorority. and they would help with events. or something. and dress like trollops from the late 1800s old west.

My mom is seriously ill in the hospital and the last 24 hours have been pretty intense...please feel better Mom!

Eakins Oval, Philadelphia. Mom seems to be putting the finishing touches on the nest as the incubation period is about to commence.

My Mom

Image made from the scan of a photo from 1946.


Imagem feita a partir da digitalização de uma foto de 1946.


Thanks to Leeber for the texture

her given name was hazel marie, but she has always been known as marie. nevertheless, when i spotted this metal screen on a market street restaurant, i thought i'd use it to commemorate her 99th birthday today. studio photo was taken when she was 20. happy birthday, mom!

In the loving memory of my mom who passed away early this morning . . .


“I'm so proud of you that it makes me proud of me. I hope you know that.”

― John Green, Will Grayson, Will Grayson

"Sou extremamente feliz por ter você na minha vida e não te desejo nada além da felicidade eterna. Você merece um mundo repleto de coisas tão maravilhosas quanto você é! Obrigada por ser minha mãe e amiga fiel que escuta e aconselha até as coisas mais banais, puxa minha orelha e me aguenta todo santo dia, coisa que não é fácil e agora já era, ta kirida? Não te largo mais!" Feliz Dia do Amigo! :heartpulse:

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Jane's getting serious. At age 83, and seven years after my father's death, my mother has recently come to the realization that she can no longer manage on her own and has decided to sell her house. I have been helping her with the move.


Back in the early 1970's, when I was just a young teen, the house where my family was living at the time nearly burned to the ground. Those were some dark days indeed but somehow we all got through it. Almost all of my family's possessions were destroyed in the fire and I had been told over the passing years that this included most of our family photos. To my surprise while cleaning out the house, I recently came across this old Polaroid of my mom that was taken by my father in 1959 - the year I was born. Until finding this in the attic, I had never seen this photo before this time.


After all these years, even though I have learned the hard way that it is not the material things in life that are important, I'm happy as hell to have this photo in my possession.


My mother. An angel sent to earth departs.


August 1, 1927 - February 28, 2015

One of the best things about being a mom is making cupcakes. I never made cupcakes before I was a mom. And cupcakes are awesome!


M is for mom


Could there be a greater metaphor for love than home baked goods? For MacroMonday!



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Realevil blog

??/365 she comes!Meet my mom:)It was taken close to our weekendhouse in Börzsöny last spring. It was during a trip, but I kinda like that shot:)

my mom in Brooklyn

Coney island/brighton beach

dig the rocket bra and the monroe inspired hair

hey....looking hot mom!




P.S. the boobs are fake

padded rocket bras were the raged

later came padded push up bras and you know those little rubber foam things "FALSIES women used

her boobs are as real as her hair color

even Monroe


"No one is this Blonde"

Grizzly's Mothers love for them really is all about protecting them from and preparing them for a harsh world, she leads by example.


If Mom doesn't eat 25 to 40 salmon daily she may not survive through hibernation and the cubs would die.

out of the blue my mom IM's me, 'are you happy?'


i thought to myself, what a rotten question to ask someone first thing in the morning. if i was nursing a secret depression, barely keeping my mask from grenading on my face, then this question would pull the pin. if i was nominally happy, then the question would invariably make me think about why i was happy - which would violate some quantum event-observer state and collapse the whole happy phenom. but my mom's intentions are good-hearted and sincere, so i answered:


ty: happy is as happy does

mom: 'and Life is just a box of chocolates'

ty: yes- i am happy.

ty siscoe: why?

mom: was just hoping that you were.

ty: i dont think life is about being happy. that was boomer hippie ideology


and that was our little white-feather-joy luck club minute.


but what is life about? what are your choices? self-indulgent interior exploration? self-negating altruism? an untested submission in religion? a nietzschean will to power? each choice here has its noble, brilliant side. equally, they all have a seedy, trog, dark side of the moon.


artists never truly love another, a parent's life is surrendered to the autocracy of the child, blind sheep are eventually sheared and slaughtered, Nietzsche's Superman was nothing more than a morphine-fueled intellectual tantrum.


so how am i happy? in this 15 billion-year old incomprehensibly chaotic and complex universe, i have carved out a niche where there are people in my life that i love and who love me. this is no trite feat and should never be taken for granted or for advantage.


and consider this: the fact you are reading this right now means you have a computer and an internet connection which implies that you possess an education and a reasonable curiousity; that you benefit from living in a modern technological society, you enjoy statistically decent health, and have enough free time and material substance to seek entertainment or knowledge. in short, the fact that you are here right this minute means that you are living a quantitatively better existence than 98% of all humans that have ever lived. quantitatively - not qualitatively. the quality is up to you. that's your burden and gift.


are you happy? count to ten and see if that question blows up in your face.


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

and you think chippies are cute...the babies are cuter. This little one was very quick to follow mom, running, leaping and tumbling after her. So funny to watch!

If I hadn't forgotten how to put my camera in video mode I would have taken one.


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My mom is currently somewhere in Wyoming doing some crazy woodsman shit. I can't get a hold of her and she's not returning my calls. So for revenge, I'm posting a picture of her.

I came home one night to find her drunk, mostly passed out in bed, after coming home from her friends' party. She knew I was coming in to take a picture of her. I think she tried giving a half-ass peace sign, but probably also told me to fuck off or something.

And yeah, that's a "just in case" bowl in front of her.

My mom Isa Clary lovu <3333333

For all you "gardener's " out there-Bring 'em on!!!

Here I was trying to take a picture of my beautiful daughter (mom-to-be) who has always loved being in front of the camera. But Sunday it was a firm "NO".


This reminded me of the days when she was little. Actually made me laugh but she was serious.

Mom's last day was today, in her 97th year. She was a veteran of homesteading the Canadian prairie and of WW2. We will miss her forever.

I've been thinking about 'young' moms since Hannah's dear post. And then I happened upon this photo today, of my mom and I. She was 21. The stories of our mothers are so tender, aren't they?

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