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Country House - Blur


My entry for Elvia Montemayor moly. Her theme is “Farm animals”




As part of the moly_x: international moleskine exchange


Our blog


Based on this Rubens painting “The Arrival of Marie de' Medici at Marseilles

Detail of Marie de' Medici” (1622-26)


Blindly pushing my way through this creative block. I kind of feel like I'm getting somewhere. Just not sure where that is.

<3 for moleskines and early morning light :)


Happy Sunday!


Last night, (in lieu of studying!) I spent hours and hours clicking from one amazing photographer's website to another. Felt so inspired! And was in awe for hours. Ahh so much to strive for!

©2014 Toru Fukuda All Rights Reserved.

Our Earl Grey contest. The most expensive sorts are not imperative the best ones. I think the GEPA tea has the best price-performance ratio.


All rights reserved. Permission required for any use. © Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel

I rearranged my little watercolor box. But after finishing this drawing I squashed in one more pan. ;-)


All rights reserved. Permission required for any use. © Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel

La noia del treno. La musica dell'iPod. Le penne colorate.

pencil & chalk on moleskine big size

I really like this sketch for some reason. I think I'll end up doing a big version of this with various critters and whatnot. This was done in my Moleskine reporter notebook with Micron Pigma pens and a Pilot G4.

For an advent calendar I needed some paperbags. I didn't understand those tutorials on youtube, so I dismantled a shopping bag and had a look for the folds. After that it worked! ;-)

The moon rose a couple of nights ago looking so huge against the sky. Couldn't capture it so drew it instead.

Moleskine Watercolor A4 Sketchbook

carboncino + acquerelli.

dicembre 2012.


su ispirazione di questa foto.



stuff from my black book...



I re-discovered rather normal felt tip pens. They don't bleed through like copics do and the colors are vibrant. Accidentally I discovered that they are watersoluble, so you can use them like watercolors.


All rights reserved. Permission required for any use. © Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel

The colors of my favourite watercolor box.

Essa foi a primeira página que fiz no moleskine que a Mari me deu.

O desenho é a partir de uma foto do meu amigo Sam quando era niñito... manchas de tinta e letra set.


Bjs Sam ;***

from my moleskine

When I try to brainstorm for my Printmaking class I end up drawing random photos.


drawn from this photo:

neck should be bigger derp

a pen drawing in my moleskine.

The cycles repeating.


It's that time of the month.



Este es un boceto de mi nueva libreta: ¡Una Moleskine! Sonia fue mi paciente modelo ¡Gracias! Y también quiero invitarlos a conocer mi nueva página web:


Y para el blog clic aquí.

_ _ _

This is a new sketch from my new sketchbook: A Moleskine! Sonia was my patient model, Thanks! And I want to invite you to my new website:


To see the blog just here.

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