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Saltarello - Dead Can Dance


My cat Rogelio (but he’s all black)


"My mind to me a kingdom is,

Such present joys therein I find,

That it excels all other bliss... "

~ Sir Edward Dyer


My dh gave me the Linda Kemp book titled "watercolor painting outside the lines" for Christmas. Here's a stab at a very basic landscape painted negatively. A good brain exercise and fun, too!


Watercolor in a 5 by 8" wc Moleskine.

Everey morning when I'm cycling to my job I see those poppies. The background is gesso, because the copics from the other page bleeded through. The poppies are made with watercolors - onto gesso they have a very special behaviour.

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Thank you!

first picture in my moleskine

moleskine book 4, page 64, 4/11/2008

For an advent calendar I needed some paperbags. I didn't understand those tutorials on youtube, so I dismantled a shopping bag and had a look for the folds. After that it worked! ;-)

la portada de mi moleskine


I got some pthalo turquoise this week and I was dying to give it a whirl. So here it is!


Watercolor and ink in a 5 by 8" wc Moleskine.


drop action pencil in moleskine

Ballpen on Moleskine

May you notice the beauty on your path and may it eventually lead you home.


Watercolor and ink in a 5 by 8" wc Moleskine. Inspired by a photo on page 35 of the March 1993 issue of Victoria magazine.


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Cosmic String

"A cosmic string's vibrations, which are thought to oscillate near the speed of light, can cause part of the string to pinch off into an isolated loop. These loops have a finite lifespan due to decay via gravitational radiation."


The Guildhall at Lavenham Suffolk

Sometimes I get so into ink and wash that I worry I've forgotten how to use watercolor alone. But I haven't and I love the purity of it.


Watercolor in the 5 by 8" wc Moleskine.

<3 for moleskines and early morning light :)


Happy Sunday!


Last night, (in lieu of studying!) I spent hours and hours clicking from one amazing photographer's website to another. Felt so inspired! And was in awe for hours. Ahh so much to strive for!

This one is from a photo taken in July. It was cloudy and late in the day. It is one of my favorite trees that I drive by at least once a day. It came out a little surreal. I had painted a winter version last December. I'll post that below.


Derwent watercolor pencils in the 3.5 by 5.5" wc Moleskine.

I'm still hoping you will wake up, please, wake up.

1. Spill Coffee.

2. Clean it up with your Moleskine.

3. Make a drawing.

Não resisti a esse momento quando percebi que o Floyd estava em cima do meu moleskine.

it's an expensive habit but i only want to take notes in moleskines now!!

So cute, but he COULD be poisonous!


Watercolor and ink in a 3.5 by 5" wc Moleskine.

This was drawn in our old VW Golf.

i try and fill up one of these 80 pg. moleskines a week.

another quick sketch in a watercolor moleskine.

Have had some serious creative block for what seems like months so have forced myself just to doodle and not draw things I usually draw.

Moleskine, pages 95-96, 27.11.2010

prima foto col 50ino che mi è stato regalato per natale da ezio. :)

All rights reserved. Permission required for any use. © Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel


Can't stop buying new colors, even if my stock of colors will reach until the rest of my life.

I bouhgt some Neocolor II (Caran D'Ache) and checked them out. Never thought I'd like them, but I do.


All rights reserved. Permission required for any use. © Kathrin Jebsen-Marwedel

I think this is the last of this series that I will post unless I have more that come out worthy of sharing.


I may be venturing through the Kansas Flint Hills this coming weekend so additional inspiration could come from the Kansas prairie.


As I have said earlier, these small, quick sketches were very rewarding to paint and overall, I am pleased with the result.


Small watercolor moleskine about 15 minutes of time . . .


Thanks all for the reaction to this series!!

Moleskine, pages 101-102, 11.11.2010

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