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My third effort as far as a Photo Signature is concerned......



South Africa

Bunny in her favorite place as a kitten.



..und dabei während Belichtung eine kreisförmige Bewegung im Uhrzeigersinn gemacht (1.3s B-Zeit, -2 LW B-Korrektur) ;)

Lenz • Choq • Modem - Jam P19 (Paris 91,09/ 2017)

(C) 2017 David Kirba

Modem Magic ▰ From MicroKids ☯84MAY | “But to all of us, sooner or later, comes the need to get out of our shell and communicate with the world out there.”

The last two Computer History Museum photos I'll post; today's topic is "Communications" This acoustic modem used the telephone handset to send and receive sounds that represented one and zero bits. As you can probably guess, they were quite slow, but they still allowed data to be transmitted over long distances.

Multi Modem ZDX by Multi-Tech System.

Max transfer rate: 33.6 Kbps,

Interface type: serial RS-232,

OS required: Windows 3.x/95/98.


♈ 2019 / Haut-Rhin, France

Nice Manx Challenger 605 about to arrive on runway 26

Compositionally Challenged Week 8 is Abstract. Light for CC Most Versatile.


A column of green lights on my broadband modem, made interesting by the free photo editor Photoscape

Coming up at Rewind Y2K the 15th!

Modem by Smerf / perso by Korsé

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