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Target has everything Basics on sale now, the 3.0s are $15.99 while the 2.0 Target exclusive Basics are 17.99. :)

Glamaholic Magazine - November 2012


"A Harem Affair" Editorial


Hands down, my fave shot of them all from this shoot. :)




Benji - Mattel - Barbie in A Mermaid Tale


Preston - Mattel - Then & Now 2011 [She Said Yes]


Irina - Mattel - Barbie in A Mermaid Tale


Nathan - Spin Master - Liv


Tanzie - Mattel - Malibu Barbie Repro


Kendra - Mattel - My Scene


Murphy - Mattel - Fashion Fever


Julia - Mattel - Barbie in A Mermaid Tale


Gwen - Mattel - Then & Now 2011 [She Said Yes]


Trevor - Mattel - 2011 Beach Line


Rom - Mattel - Fashion Fever

One of the shots I really liked the results of from the shoot, less model and more regular teens having fun. :) Still, Gwen never seems to turn her fierce off. ;)

Tagged by so many contacts, that I can barely remeber them all. lol


TAG GAME------- Animal Print


Take a photo of Barbie in a animal print.




This shoot was a complete mess from the start, but I think it it was worth it because I LOVE this shot! :)

I just love doing group shots of them all together! Plus I finished redressing all of them, which is a challenge in of itself. :)

The last shot from the 'Bare All" photoshoot, and it's actually my fave of them all. Posing was a pain during [the girls were unexpectedly clumsy during], but it was all worth it in the end. :)

Gwen has been my go-to girl lately, can't stop redressing and styling her!


Ironically, the rest of the gang have been wearing the same outfits I redressed in their casual outfits for nearly a month. lol


P.S. I got the pillars idea from Dawn, I love her use of them and they are such awesome as well as versitile props. :)

Holiday 2011 Express - Nationwide Campaign


Gwen, Owen, Vida, Murphy, Nathan, Kendra

I found these shots of the 2.5 Basics packaging shots. LOVE them and am excited even more. :D I'm curious about their skintones though, I just can't seem to quite pinpoint the shades.


Model 08 seems darker than Fashionistas Artsy, yet much lighter than Pop Life Christie and Model 04 seems lighter that the Fashionistas tan, yet much darker than the Pop Life Blonde tone. Good this we only have to wait about a month for their release for all out answers to be .... answered. :D


Anyone have any ideas on their skintone shades?


P.S. to all the Captian Obviouses out there, they clearly these are not their final boxes, so no need to point that out. OK.

New York, Tokyo, Paris, Milan,

LA, Aftershow, Berlin, Here We Go

Girls Beautiful, I Love Love You - Bullmeister



LOVE them! These girls have the perfect socialite look, I think it's the glitter. ;)

A sneak peek for three separate shoots I did today [had a very productive shooting day], 2 editorials with Nathan, a one page spread with Gwen, and an ad with Trevor. :)


Also did some shots for a few upcoming #TML story updates. Prepare to be (re)intooduced to Farrah's boyfriend as well as Murphy and Anderson (finally) getting dialogue. ;)

Still no 2.0 Basics dolls yet, but I found the Camel and Graphic accessory packs at Target.


I LOVE the Graphic pack, the yellow bag is is perfection along with the sneakers and and purple booties! I love all the new shoe molds added to this collection.


I ordered the Camel and Ken sets from Barbie Collector and am eagerly awaiting their arrival!

I was going to do a prom themed shoot and figured, why not keep it school appropriate by add the uniforms with a twist. :)

Model 004 is so beautiful in person, it was a little surprising how perfect she is. ;) I'm naming her Gwen and I'll add her personality when I get Model 015. ;) Thanks to Dawn and Connor for letting me know her body match.


Any Target I go to seems to be taking their precious time adding Collection 002. I'll have to resort to Barbie Collector.

Mainly stemming from my disappointment in Barbie Collector because the earrings have been looking very 'playline' lately (and finally figuring out how to properly do earring pins), I've started making doll jewelry again.


These set is my favorite so far out of the pieces I've done this week, love the red 'pearls'. :)

To see more of my work, please go to my web site

There is a point in every model's career where they are asked to bare it all for the camera and surprisingly, all the girls were up for it!


I actually had no redressing plans in mind today, so I did everyone's new TBL inspired 'nude' profile shots and came up with this shoot after. Everything came out much better than I expected and I'll post the group shots of the guys.Adams and everyone together later on next week. :)

We all know breakups are very hard, so it's always good to have a best friend to help you get through it and keep you smiling.


A gallon of ice cream is always a plus too. :)

I wonder if your dolls have a strong brother and sister relationship :D


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Aside from the usual sibling squabbles, Gwen & Rom are very tight. :)

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