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Model Kate Pritchard

MUA Vikki Draper

Model ; Dung - Winter - 2011.

Location : Kimma - Badinh - Hanoi - Vietnam .

Model Adriana Robinson

MUA Vikki Draper

Model car shot against a sunset photo in a book.


Feel free to use this photo for non-commercial use but please add the photo credit "Photo: Matt Ward".




Taken at Barber Paper Mills (abandoned)

Model: Hiền(Chaoxinh)

Location: Dailai

Camera: Nikon D3S

Lens :Nikkor 70-200 F2.8G

Model Laura Hernandez

Make up Caz Holland

Models Mike and Sal

Make up Jane Charlotte

Model Township

Ft. Berthold Reservation

Mountrail County

North Dakota


This unique little schoolhouse/recent voting precinct sits atop a hill by it self. The weather was chilly and dramaticly overcast.


(better on black)

Model Adriana Robinson

MUA Vikki Draper

Model - Francesca Petra Caruana

model : Emilie Shaw - Girl Management

mua : Anita Kwiatkowska

photography: Piotr Stryjewski

Model Jordaaan

MUA Punam Dueck

Model : Ly

Location : Temple Ve

Camera : Nikon D700

Lens : Nikorr 70-200 VRII F2.8 Nano.

Model Martina





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For contact:

Model: Veronica @ Dallys


Strobe in reflector camera right and high


© Mondo Photo

Strobist Info: Norman M600 camera left with Chimera 24"x24" softbox; Norman M600 with snoot camera left and behind model for hair light; Norman M400 camera right and behind model with barn doors; Westcott 42"x42" reflector camera right and even with model.

Model Jordaaan

MUA Punam Dueck

Model waiting her turn on a photo shot session for the fashion brand Nine Clothing

Model: Jamie

Make up: Julie Ebio

Location: Studio 33

8 February 2009

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