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Taken on 06/08/2017 in Palm Beach County, FL.


Some debate on the ID of this Mocker. Normally I wouldn't think twice to call it a Northern Mockingbird but since here in Palm Beach County we have recently had a Tropical Mockingbird across the street from where this photo was taken, and the fact that this bird lacks the white wing patches of a Northern Mockingbird there is some doubt to its true ID. Also showing here is the white on the rectrices.

This Northern Mockingbird was hiding in the trees. It worked hard to hide itself from our zoom lens’ eye. Every once in a while it would stick its head out to see if we were still there. It was at that moment that we took this pic. Males are a bit bigger than females, but other than that they look the same. Female mockingbirds do not sing as much as the males do, and they are much quieter as well. A male mockingbird can learn up to 200 different songs. Mockingbirds are monogamous, which means the pair will stay with each other for life.

It's been really quiet for bird activity lately. On a brief outing all I saw was this Mockingbird taking in the late afternoon sun on a Spring-like day (14C/57F in mid-February!).

The mockingbirds love to pose and fight, the one in the back looks much worse for the wear, and a little rough on the wings too. The other one seems to be moving fluidly, maybe a little more confident! These two reminded me of old samurai movies, with their winds swinging through the air so much like katanas.


What I like best about the shot is the one on the bottom showing some type of defensive behavior, but doing so fluidly, look at his tail and how it balances the wing movement. This one is firmly anchored and drove off the poor intruder, who is looking rough. If you see him on large, you can see how rough he looks.


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Saw this on explore this morning! Thanks everyone for looking and commenting, I sincerely appreciate it! Y'all rock!


Seen in the backyard this afternoon.

04-23-2017-Riverwood 7D2-0167

Le fond est la devanture d'un édifice où se promènent 2 Moqueurs polyglotte. /

The background is the front of a building where are 2 Northern Mockingbird.

Île-des-Sœurs, Montréal, Québec, Canada

These two were having a wonderful conversation filling the woods with sounds, then it turned into something like Dueling Banjoes from Deliverance with the Cardinal becoming upset. Note the crown on his head all laid back.

My friendly little 'mocker' watching me like a 'hawk' while sitting in my backyard.

The Upper Newport Bay Nature Preserve offered several wonderful walking trails and access to the tide overflow for the Newport / Costa Mesa area.

Featuring Neighbor's 2007 Honda Civic!!!

On an afternoon of passing clouds, a little burst of golden sunlight shines on a backyard mockingbird.

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