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Created for fotogriphone *EDITING LAB*


Original image shot by 71heidi


In which the subject becomes the viewer of his own life on a tiny screen where the best possible world exists only as a creation of someone else's mind.


He is looking at my other submitted photo called "the best of all possible worlds" that got explored on October 26th 2010.


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Taken and processed on my iPhone 4.

Just messing about with my phone. Not a bad camera.

Trouble is a terrible amount of shutter lag.



Taken me a while to work out how to connect via Bluetooth with my phone

This has allowed me to download the image and polish it in PS


This photo was taken with my iPhone in Dulwich Hill, NSW. Since the announcement of the new light rail system in the area I've been stopping to look at the rail area hoping to see some work being done. When I finally saw this I was just so happy and so proud, I thought those workers were our heroes, doing the hard work for the community. I felt we were getting somewhere.

I took several photos but I decided to force the perspective and make it really dynamic. This makes the person looking at the picture bend his head to the left and stare at the true centre of the photo: the 'end' of the railroad or better said, the promising future of public transport in a growing community.

With an app in my phone, I change the picture to black and white and then I restored the colour in certain areas to highlight the workers and the machinery they were using because that’s what’s really matters to us (locals) now.


Casio W63CA(mobile phone)

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