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Meerkat Mob -South Africa


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White tailed Eagle - Haliaeetus



Being Mobbed by Tern!




Un grand merci à Samyi Basevi pour m'avoir associé à ce très joli numéro

MoB is a photogenic sim dedicated to pleasure: As part of a long, rich and lust-filled tradition there's a Salon with exotic adult entertainment, courtesans, parties, a gallery, a boutique, beaches and pool area where you are welcome to enjoy your SL experience.




last MoB issue:

White and fluffy, migrating through the skies...

Watervale. South Australia.

Die MOB war, ist und bleibt spannend. In jeder Epoche gibt es wieder fotografische Leckerbissen.


Darunter gehört für mich auch der "neue alte" Anstrich, den die Fahrzeuge nun fortlaufend erhalten und an den früheren Crystal Panoramic Express erinnert. Da für den geplanten, umspurbaren Pendelzug eine neue Kupplung eingeführt wurde, hatte dies nun zur Folge, dass die Züge wieder stilreiner im jeweiligen Erscheinungsbild wurden.


Auch wild durchgewürfelt werden die Umlaufpläne. So verkehrt diese Komposition heute bereits nicht mehr in dieser Fahrlage, welche für dieses Motiv ideal war.


So rollte hier am Morgen des 25. Juli 2019 der Zug Gstaad entgegen, für dessen Menuhin Festival der klassischen Musik die Lok 8004 wirbt.


Auch glücklich schätzen kann man, dass hier relativ früh die Otth und Allioth Holzfahrleitungsmasten durch eine modernere, damals noch windschiefe Fahrleitung ersetzt wurde. Nicht auszudenken wie es aussähe, würde die heute jeweils gebaute Fahrleitung hier stehen.

The "sardine" flash-mob is born from the idea of being all squeezed in the square: many, tight as sardines in a can, supporting values such as democracy, freedom, solidarity, Europe

MoB magazine

4th Issue - Light -


published by Choo Vegas & Samyi Basevi


I am very honored alongside

Arnno Planer

Madoka Kawabata

Megan Prumier (interviewed)

Meilo Minotaur

Mich. Michado

Tati Hara

to be one of the photographers who is allowed to present his photos on the subject "light" in this issue.


Some of the photos can also be viewed in the great MoB gallery at Devils Ranch:


and of course in the magazine itself:


4th Issue - Light


Many thanks to Arnno, Mich, Madoka, Dodo, Meilo and Tati

l'ABDe 8/8 n°4001 des chemins de fer du MOB assure un train régionale entre Montreux et Zweisimmen.

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Various action figs that are in LJN D&D scale (or as close as possible).


LJN D&D Strongheart hangs out with Schleich, Papo, Safari ltd, Crystar, Bullyland, Funko Reaction and other figures.

Donna Marcus (Sydney) Slide. 1999. Aluminium teapots and steel rod. MoB

What an honor! Thank you so much for selecting my pic for your cover.



interesting colour scheme.

At the Museum of Brisbane. (MoB)


As they came out from their chrysalises.

ABDe 8/8 4003 MOB assurant un train Montreux - Zweisimmen (Saanenmöser, 12 août 2012)

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Feel free to visit - Here's your taxi

Spotted Townee,watching for trouble.

My lifer Swainson's hawk being mobbed by a blackbird at Tuttle School Section Prairie.

Sculpture mobile , Vasarely. Fondation Vasarely Aix en Provence

Open to the public finally here

Feel free to visit!


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Bt 242 and a unknown Be 4/4 500x (behind) leaving Lenk. On the left side the Be 4/4 1002.

Lenk, 28.7.2017

I have made an attempt to process images taken on Saturday night last, just beyond the Sally Gap. I really do not know how best to process the clouds. Hard to avoid weird colours... Lots to learn.


6 images stacked. Each 15 secs f2.2 ISO 6400 (eq mount). 24 mm on Sony A7R3.

I bumped up the contrast and added some darkness to this photo. I wanted to do something different with my nature photos and evoke a sense of unease.

One country, one mob. As the sun rose, I was fortunate enough to connect with the world’s oldest living culture. I witnessed our state dignitaries celebrate our traditional custodians, watched Koomurri Aboriginal Dance Troupe perform a smoking ceremony, then sing the national anthem as the Aboriginal and Australian flags were raised on the Sydney Harbour Bridge.


What a day! What an inspiration!


Candid eye contact


Camperdown, Sydney


Australia Day, 2019

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