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Sometime back in the 1950's or 60's a cement mixer overturned on a rural road. By the time they could get to it the concrete in the mixer had set up, so they got the truck and left the mixer. Someone got creative several years ago and painted it to look like a NASA Space Capsule

Panel music mixer with sound controls. Exhibition of music and light in Moscow.

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company Roland demonstrated at the the exhibition the 32-channel digital mixer, which is a full family concert console V-Mixer.

photo was taken during the International music exhibition NAMM Musikmesse Russia.

Mixer of an abandoned lime stone factory


Wirbler in einer verlassenen Kalksandsteinfabrik

Part of the Lower Falls along New Hampshire NH-112 Kamcamagus Higway, near Conway NH.

And so we begin with the phrase “mirroring the reality” - it is as simple as that. To illustrate this through an example let’s assume two landscape photographers capturing a particular vista. The first photographer studies the location then follows the weather forecast in anticipation of finding the optimal window of time to access the site. At the site, he searches for the best eye-catching spot from which he composes the frame precisely as he pictured in his mind. Later at home he processes the image in photoshop, and at last, he releases the final version to the public. His image apparently hasn’t gone unnoticed, a professional photographer from one of leading nature magazines scanned it and decided, on the spot, to seize the opportunity and capture a much grander version, or simply, to overdo it. Armed with top of the line photographic gear she went and stood on the same spot captured some pictures which she later advertised all over the place and thus, earned fame and recognition for her, so-called, original work. Although, one photographer used advanced photographic gear and smoothed her images using certain “makeup” slightly differently from the former, neither of them have left his intimate imprints on the photo as do painter with emotionally charge brush strokes slashed on canvas. So to sum up, style schmyle, it all was the work of mother nature - our fair heroes were at the same location only to mirror the reality and nothing else.


Now am wondering what would happen if I throw some colors and substances into the blank sheet of light? Well, I did so. And it was as the first day of school :-)


Cake making locked in

In the half light on the Pyg Track up Snowdon

Week#151: Spirals from nature, architecture or art.

i need more lights

Macro Mondays - Line Symmetry


while i was sitting at a starbucks last month, i noticed 3 different cement mixers pass by-- the company is down the road a spell. each mixer had the logo of a different .org group. very cool :)

Concrete mixer trucks have a mixer drum to mix concrete on the way to the construction site,

Concrete is made by mixing cement which is a powder that is produced from a burned mixture chiefly of clay and limestone that with water forms a paste that hardens into a stonelike mass, and that is used in mortars and concretes.

Individual pieces to one platter. Its for a gal who likes animal print and mixed drinks. These are to go on a bed of animal print cookies.

Cement Mixer '40


HDR 9 scatti

Fotocamera: Nikon D750

Aperture: f/8

Shutter Speed: 1/5 s

Lente: 24 mm

ISO: 100

Exposure Bias: 0 EV

Flash: Off, Did not fire

Lens: Nikkor AF-S FX 14-24mm f/2.8G ED

Mixer used for making butter in an old farmhouse.

This was a hoot!! @ the mixer today Liz in the bathtub with her bathingsuit (and son)and everyone crammed in the bathroom tring to get the shot...hehehe. I couldn't get on the counter..(being pregnant myself) so I got this shot for fun!

One of the newer rides created by the flat ride masters at Zamperla, the Mixer was built at the same time the G-Force was. On this ride, there are 2 large gondola cars, and what happens next is wild. The 2 platforms rotate 360 degrees in the air, and takes the riders upside down. The added twist is the ride is in a spinning motion which makes it look like the worlds largest blender, and thrills all the thrill ride junkies, and those who love to be put upside down

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