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Let the world know I weep

for the souls

that lie at the heart

of the raven's claws...


Upon the wings of this night

a wolf's moon will howl

the enchanting songs

torn from the vice of love's doom...

~~Rangzeb Hussain

"I know you, I walked with you once upon a dream

I know you, that look in your eyes is so familiar a gleam

And I know it's true that visions are seldom all they seem

But if I know you, I know what you'll do

You'll love me at once, the way you did once upon a dream" -- Sleeping Beauty


Jasmine Stardust is someone I've seen but never spoken to until recently. We clicked, i talk to her while I'm at work and having a bad day. She's picked away the bad days and turned them into something wonderful. I look forward to talking to her as much as I can because I enjoy her company so much more. Thank you for coming to Crystal Heart with me!


**pose is by La Baguette** @ Crystal Heart Event


Hair - Sintiklia [moon mistress] gacha rare @ Lootbox

tattoos - Stardust [ester]

harness - spellbound

moon bindi - evermore

dress - Blueberry (stole dress idea from Sintiklia because its perfect for this character)

choker - konpeitou gacha @ crystal heart

gloves - CX [iron maiden] gacha

claws - empire

Hit EXPLORE on Friday, December 19, 2008 at position # 62.


Hope I don't bore y'all with the ladybug!!!


Stunning Showstar outfit from Enfant Terrible available on the 17th from the TAG! Gacha event.


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This is Straumur Art Center. Being only 5 minutes from my home I go there regularly. When the light is good I often sneak out of my home late at night comming back home an hour or two later. No wonder my wife calls this house "The Mistress". Fortunately I usually have good photo evidence of what I was up to during the time I was gone.


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So there we were.........enjoying a nice glass of beer,talking to the landlady of a bar......near Alcudia.

She told us of the story of this Villa.........and that during the Second World War......Mussolini kept one of his mistresses(a princess from Jugoslavia.....I wouldn't accept anything less either!!!!!!!) shacked up in this joint,.... it has a beautiful view of the Bay of Pollensa.

She was guarded by a company of the Wehrmacht and any potential Don Juans were encouraged to keep their distance.....or probably shot.

Mussolini, on the other hand, was kept quiet busy killing people and didn't have too much time to pop round and pay many visits..........however towards the end of the war he managed to get a lot more free time but seemed to spend it just hanging around.

The moral of this story is simple............if you are in a bar with me.........don't believe anything you hear......

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This is dedicated to A Kindred Spirit ( Lee-Anne Carver ) who's

Heart goes with Nature and with Humanity

Model: Lana Gavrilovic

Makeup: Lana & Me

21.03.2012. Zagreb, Croatia


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Now where did I put that paddle...?

Ascot, 29 July 2017. The Princess Margaret Stakes (2yo fillies) (6f). Mistress of Venice b.f,2015 Bated Breath - Rohindi



Seduction - Bra/Garter/Skirt/Venus Black




Struggle [Catwa] + Mesh Bodies

ISUKA @ Man Cave tattoo



(r) Pared-Down Daisy Ring




Isis Bracelets


Mistress Jane Lane in Black Latex Lycra Cat Suit with 7 1/2 inch High Heel Oxfords.

I am scared... scared what Kilve beach will do when I revisit, this cheeky little bay in North Devon is vying for it's attentions! ;)


I was back in North Devon again last weekend for a 21st birthday celebration so I took the opportunity to revisit Lee while the tide was further out than mine & Jays visit a couple of weeks back.


The sunset was partly obscured by cloud, and a dark brooding mass descended on the bay as I found this composition. I like the way the rock lines seem to point to the far side of the bay.


The only downside? Bruised pride (& backside) when I slipped on a rock and went flying!

She called herself the "Spider Mistress". And boy, she had quite a profile ...

My attempt to look as mistress ;).

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