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Ysleta Mission

El Paso, Texas

I tried to get a great sunset shot but got God's light instead.

Monsoon clouds do weird stuff.

Master Yoda gives mission orders at a mid-battle rendezvous.

one of the many staircases in Castlebrando. That lamp immediately reminded me of Tom Cruise's descend in Mission Impossible ... ;)

Mission Santa Barbara, Laguna Street, Santa Barbara, California


'Roid Week Spring 2014 - Day 3 #1

One of my Flickr friends and I went for a photo shoot to Goliad TX... found the most beautiful buildings, and missions there. The small town, has around 1000 population, and has houses like you stepped back into history. Wanted to show more sides at one time, and tried this one, the really nice thing at that day was, that we had plenty of cloud cover...


Thank you all for looking at my stream, and your lovely comments. I do appreciate all of your loyalty.


"Start by doing what's necessary; then do what's possible; and suddenly you are doing the impossible." ― Francis of Assisi


Here is the story behind this picture when I was participating in a group called Macro Mondays (MM).


The picture came about because of MM GMT 27 June 2016 with the theme "bubbles". I tried creating soap bubbles and letting them stay or float on top of leaves of plants at the balcony of my apartment. I was not good at making bubbles. Somehow I managed to have a few bubbles on the leaves, but not enough time to take a decent picture before the bubbles burst or quickly shrunk in size. I nearly gave up on what appeared to be a mission impossible (to me at least).


Then I thought it may be necessary to pay a visit to a nearby shop that sold fanciful stuffs to see if I could come up with some ideas. The shop had small transparent capsule spheres (about 10mm diameter) which may be circulated in water to look like bubbles. Fake bubbles! I bought some of them to do first what was possible.


At first, I just placed one of the spherical capsules on the leaves. It was light enough to stay on them. I took a few macro shots using an extension tube. They did not turn out nice. Then I thought of dipping the spherical capsule in soap water to give its surface a slippery look, to create a more realistic appearance of a bubble. I placed the capsule soaked with soap water on the leaves and was a bit excited to see a few tiny but real bubbles forming beside the capsule. I started taking pictures, but I could not successfully capture the real bubbles on the side of the capsule. I tried various settings on my camera but still to no avail. I kept trying. But now with only three hours of GMT Monday left, I still have not achieved the "impossible" yet.


I decided to give up now and post in MM the best picture (sans real bubbles) I took yesterday (that is, this picture). Since the "bubble" in the picture was not a real bubble, I don't mind if the moderators of MM decide to disqualify my picture and pull it out of the group. It will still remain in my photostream as a record of my experience of this MM.


But I believe that if I keeps on doing what is possible, I will find myself doing the impossible. For now, there is still one possible thing for me to do. To have a few hours of sleep before going to work!


P.S. The first thing I did when I woke up this morning, before getting ready to go to work, was to check if this picture had already been banished from the posting of the MM group. Instead of seeing the picture expelled, I saw a comment by the administrator of the group that the picture stays "even if it is a fake bubble." A fake bubble is a bubble after all! The impossible has become possible.

I went for a walk today and took a macro shot of some poppies on Mission Street with my Blackberry.


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Number: CT-1508/97

Rank: Sergeant

Nickname: Higgs

2nd Regiment of the 253rd Legion


///Log Entry\\\

Our orders were to advance through the crash zone to the base of the spire and report. I had strapped a flashlight to my rifle, just in case things would get dark in there. A few droid patrols, nothing too hard for the two guys that were left in my squad. I did not really know them, they were assigned to me on the transport down to the surface, before everything turned to shit. I did not know their names, if they had them. I have found many of my brothers give me a weird look when I identify myself as 'Higgs', instead of 'CT-1508/97'. But these guys were survivors, they'd get through. In the hour after the crash, each of us scored at least two dozen kills.


We were informed of DSD1 Spider Droids in the area, deployed by the Geonosian warlord Pong Kar. One ugly son'bitch. There were several small speeder bike hangers without shielding or blast doors, very close to the ground. That was our entry point into the spire. We decided to go in quietly and assess the opposing force, when we heard blasterfire. We looked up and saw a clone, DC-15 rifle on the hip, firing with one hand, throwing a thermal detonator with the other. He was making a final stand.


We broke cover and ran to the entrance, hoping to save this guy. While making this mad dash, I heard a blaster canon impact, followed by a familiar voice screaming expletives. The trooper had been knocked off his feet. Just as the droid was about to blast him at point-blank range, one of my guys mounted the fucker and planted a thermal detonator on top of its armored shell. I got but one shot off on the thing before I realised we all had to dive for cover. When I got up, I scanned the hanger with my rifle from left to right, but the crazy fuck had killed all but the one that was about to end him.


CT-7686-06:Sir, am I glad to see you! Not a second to late, by the way.

CT-1508/97:Trooper, what happened here? Where is your squad?

CT-7686-06:All dead sir. The Sarge. The guys. Clankers got them all. (Silence). So, what are my orders, sir?

///End of Log\\\


Here it is, my entry for mission 2.1. I have some Halo stuff in the works, actually old stuff I only photographed today. Will be up somewhere in the weekend. Tell me what you think, drop a fav, or build an application for the 253rd Elite Legion to join. Have a good one!

Promise of snow ... then perhaps spring

An explanation of this Bromoil image can be found at

Mission to Mars...eille... Camp de Base, Frioul

The Mission Mountains viewed from Nine Pipes NWR.

Yes, still snow in the peaks!

in San Antonio Texas - slid a bit for Slider Sunday!

No suelo visitar Iglesias pero esta Mision construida en 1797 siempre me deja cautivado de su riqueza en historia y su belleza

My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style. Maya Angelou


Thank you all who commented with so much appreciation on the photo of my 2 heart beats.


Mother's Day Weekend. Enjoy with every moment as much gratitude as you can muster. That is my mission and goal!

When I feel the powerful visions

Their fire has made alive

I wish I had that instinct -- I wish I had that drive


Spirits fly on dangerous missions

Imaginations on fire

Focused high on soaring ambitions

Consumed in a single desire


In the grip of a nameless possession --

A slave to the drive of obsession --

A spirit with a vision is a dream with a mission...


Holbien watercolor on 140 Arches 25x10




Tech Specs:

Taken with Minolta Instant Pro, multiple exposure, using PZ 680 instant film. No flash

My second mission since Geonosis has been an absolute drag. My orders were to find any sort of Seperatist activity. They've definitely been here all right, but they are not here anymore. The blast marks and damage is at least a month old. Although, I do suspect an ambush soon...


I'm starting a new Clone Wars series, so expect more builds like this.


Inspirations tagged.

Often a star was waiting for you to notice it.

A wave rolled toward you out of the distant past,

or as you walked under an open window, a violin yielded itself to your hearing.

All this was mission. But could you accomplish it?

Weren't you always distracted by expectation, as if every event announced a beloved?

------Rainer Maria Rilke


Location- Kessel

We arrived in the atmosphere above Kessel and we prepared ourselves for our first mission on the planet. We were told that prisoners had found F9-TZ freighters and were using them to escape. Our task was to proceed to a docking bay on the surface and board a freighter and pursue prisoners that had escape with these transports. We arrived on the surface and headed toward the docking bay. Once we finally arrived, we continued toward where the transports were being held.


When we finally found a freighter to take, I gathered around with Tac and Limb and told them what to do. We had to stop those prisoners.


Not my best, I intended on including a cutaway of the freighter, but it looked dreadful so I decided that it was best not to include it.

Mission Santa Barbara, also known as Santa Barbara Mission, is a Spanish mission founded by the Franciscan order near present-day Santa Barbara, California. It was founded December 4, 1786, the feast day of Saint Barbara, as the tenth mission for the religious conversion of the indigenous local Chumash—Barbareño tribe of Native American people. The mission is the namesake of the city of Santa Barbara as well as Santa Barbara County.


From Wikipedia

Lake Elizabeth, Fremont, CA

This image surprised me ~ I had a small basket of mission figs and lined them up like soldiers (I tried them in a small bowl first, but did not like that tabletop still life look). Then I got out the macro lens ~ geeze I didn't know they were almost as seductive as pears to paint! I didn't realize there were so many shades of purple hidden in the black skins. So, here you have my Mission Fig Soldiers with their very own fig bokeh, painted in PhotoShop and slightly textured with my textures. I hate saying "with my textures" but if I don't state that then certain groups do not let your image in ~ you have to state where the textures came from.


Who knew I could ramble so much about figs? OH ~ they are delicious :-)


Cut figs in half, press a small amount of goat cheese (Cypress Grove Humboldt Fog Goat Cheese is preferred) Wrap a thin slice of prosciutto (Italian, of course) around the center of the fig half. Lay flat side down in a grill pan on the grill and cook for less than 30 seconds, rotate and cook 20 more seconds, turn over and warm for another minute. Place on platter and drizzle with balsamic vinegar reduction and toasted walnuts.


Open your favorite vino and enjoy. . .


Oh, my ~ I can live on appetizers, who needs the real meal? Life is a series of snacks and picnics to me.

Mission Peak

Fremont, California

March 1, 2008

better on black at my site

Mission Impossible.

A herd of Rooibok come to drink water. Then, in a split second, a calm and peaceful scene turned into absolute chaos. They climb up an almost impossibly steep river bank.

My goal was to capture the chaos during the event.

(Kruger National Park, RSA)

Mission San Juan Capistrano in California


To see my slideshow of this:

Bay Bridge and AT&T Park across McCovey Cove at twilight.

High-resolution prints are available at Kate Brown Fine Art.

Lago di Resia (Reschensee)

://Reboot UNITOOM936

://Action-new /begin objective;

://Hostile craft; define - in range;

://Identification; HAET-221; Republic Affiliation

://Classified hostile threat to operations; /begin action;

://Action-new; fire projectile;

://Executing previous command; action in process;

://Direct hit; identification HAET-221 disarmed; /begin action;

://UNIT0012 Terminated; UNIT0004 Terminated; UNITHAET-221707 Terminated. /end

://<Proceed to next objective.

://Hostile unit detected aboard hull - Identify; UNIT6377. Class - Hostile. Republic Affiliated. Rank Major.

://ENGAGE. /begin objective

://<Deploy anti-infantry unit; board hull;

://Executing previous command; action in process;

://Hostile ordnance detected within hull; substantial damage to internal systems;

://Substantial damage to internal systems;

://Critical damage to internal systems;

://Communication lost with anti-infantry unit;

://Critical damage to internal systems;

://Systems failing>

://UNIT6377 detected 93 degrees southeast; /begin objective


://Critical damage to internal systems;





Mission 8.3 in the 457th Corps.

Mission Peak, Fremont, CA.

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