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mmmm interesting interpretation....

Hiding her face because she's very sad about her poor stitching!

I made a Mini Moopy together with my seven-year-old daughter who was home from school with a cold.


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Minimoopy, Scottie and my new creation- Jekell and Hyde. He's a cat that is two different colours and he has dried beans in the bottom of him so he can stand up properly :) It's amazing what kind of creative ideas you can get while looking at different websites :)

I made a Mini Moopy together with my seven-year-old daughter who was home from school with a cold.


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1) Is my husband not very tolerant for creating a world in which my buns can frolic?


2) It seems a little excessive to have made a whole bun army, especially in the midst of the Flu Season That Will Not End, doesn't it?


The thing is, my brain is so overwhelmed by the time I get home from work that I NEED to have a transition period of activity that helps me to downshift.


It's been a really nutty week. On Tuesday morning Tim woke up and promptly fell over, vomiting exorcist-style and crashing into walls like a drunkard. A proper wife would have called 911. I, however, saw his nystagmus and threw him into bed. I called the pharmacy down the street and begged the pharmacist to advance me a few antivert tablets, fetched and made Tim take them and then threw Josie's sleeping bag, portable DVD player and a few snacks and toys into a bag and drove to work. I was only a little behind seeing my first patient.


I am at the office for twelve hours on Tuesdays, and with Tim far too ill to take care of Josie and no personal way for me to pick her up before her daycare closed I saw no choice but to have Josie spend the entire day with me. And, because my office is filled with saintly mothers, they all pitched in and amused and coddled her. She had a grand old time, but I did NOT. I felt like a bad mother everytime I left her to go into a room, a bad doctor when I had trouble concentrating on what someone was saying while I was listening for her to set something on fire and a very VERY bad wife for abandoning my husband when he was so sick. A real wife and mother wouldn't have hestitated to cancel her workday, but I didn't.


Last Friday the family of one of my favorite patients made the compassionate decision to remove the ventilator that was prolonging his life. I talked with his wife and daughter for a while, and she tearfully told me that she did not feel capable of being in the room while he passed. And even though I had two consults on the floor and three people waiting in the ER I heard myself say that I would not let him die alone. So, I went in with the respiratory tech when he removed the endo tube. Once the tube was out I held his hand and asked him how he felt. "Better!" he said, and smiled at me. And then he died.


It is an honor to be such a part of people's lives. I know this. I know that I chose to be what I am, and what I do. But some days it is so hard. I bring them all home in my head and I worry. I worry every day, and I don't think that will change. And I want to be with my family AND make sure that people get the care they deserve and I don't always know how to balance the two. So, I knit or sew or make things. My friends and family tease and call me "crafty" and think the volume of stuff that I make is crazy.


But, can you imagine how crazy I would be if I DIDN'T do this?

susie (mara´s midi-moopy) came for a visit, from hannover for the christmas-vacation and spooky-moopy was very happy, because he fell in love with her! ;)




(spooky is made from oilily-fabric and they lean next to a room seven pillow)

This one is going to be a gift to a friend of mine. A few of the fabrics I got from her. :)

moopy made for my neice Maisie's christmas present, love the pattern sooooo cute!

This one is for my daughter

Mini Moopy Bunny made from Moopy's free pattern. Thank you Moopy, the pattern was great!

Mini moopy bunny from Carly Schwerdt's pattern at Nest Studio:


Made for Albie.

Mini moopy bunny from Carly Schwerdt's pattern at Nest Studio:


Made for Albie.


(Note the 2 Tonis Kriisa originals in the background!)

Mini moopy bunny from Carly Schwerdt's pattern at Nest Studio:


Made for Albie.

A yellow minimoopy bunny for my elder daughter.

JH, Moopy and Scottie :D

2 bright minimoopys made from scraps of cotton and corduroy.

Moopys made for the girls

Beware, there is a moopy in the house ;)


(Special-Moopy made of Oilily Fabrics)

this mini moopy is super wonky - it was my first attempt!

Made by me, for our baby boy, due October 12th.


Fabric from the quilt square stash that I got at a yard sale last year.


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Made for a special 1 year old using this pattern from Nest Studio:

já tinha visto várias vezes esses coelhinhos de tecido, mas a primeira vez que ouvi falar o nome MOOPY foi nessa matéria escrita pela Fabi no site


Desde então fiquei louca pra fazer um, e esse é meu primeiro mini moopy!


A Doll a Week 2009 - 19/52

Mini Moopy made by my partner Donna Flood for our daughter Millicent to celebrate her first birthday.

My 4th of July rendition - Had to put him together in a rush, so he ended up with no ears:( accidentally, but he did manage to enjoy the Independence Day celebration on the correct date! Also I was afraid I wouldn't be able to work easily with the small pattern, so he was enlarged for the rush!

He is taking a rest under IKEA Cath Kidston bedlinen...

i'm using different types of linen and then they all have whale badges in the front.

Used an array of thrifted fabrics and brown ric rac.


moopy no paraíso....

First minimoopy!

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