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One of the side benefits of having kids is that they have all sorts of things laying around that you, as an adult, just wouldn't. Like bubble sauce!


A few weeks ago my son was out playing, so I grabbed his bubble sauce and started messing around in the garden. I'd done it before (see here and here), but my son was wielding the magic wand that time. This time, I was running madly between creating bubbles and then photographing them, all on my little ownsome! It was mayhem, but a lot of fun and this image was the best of the bunch.


I'll add that this is pretty much straight out of the camera. I ran it through Photoshop for a crop and some jiggery-pokery on the colour, but not much.


Small milestones:

Yay - my first photo to reach 100 favs!


Many thanks to everyone! I appreciate each and every comment :-)


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my dear friends, I will be away for sometime... on vacation wooohoooo!!!!

I'll see you when I get back, will miss you!!


“I'd be smiling and chatting away, and my mind would be floating around somewhere else, like a balloon with a broken string.” - Haruki Murakami, The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle - Suede, Marion Meadows


"When you fly a balloon you don’t file a flight plan; you go where the wind goes. You feel like part of the air. You almost feel like part of eternity, and you just float along." ~ Jeannette Piccard


"Once you have flown, you will walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you long to return." ~ Da Vinci


"You know what I saw today?," said the Old Fisherman, "I saw a balloon in the sky. A red one. I like the red ones most. Well, the balloon's string got caught way up on the top of a tall light pole. There it was, just laid out in the wind, y'know, gently moving about.


I don't know how long it was up there, can't imagine how long it's gonna' last. Although, I think its fresh, y'know. Like it just got there. I doubt it could be one that is a left over - one that could have survived aloft, floating around in the sky, like, from autumn until now, over the long, cold winter.


So, perhaps someone recently bought it, and it got away from them. Or, they decided to let it go. Sort of like releasing their coiled and pent up sense of existing ... of being spiritually constrained by the the capricious weather of this past winter.


You let go of a balloon, and as you watch it rise and get swept by the wind, it feels like it's you. It's your spirit that gets released as an expression of hope and joy for the days of April and May that are on the way. And if it gets caught on something, and ends up waving around in the wind, well, I guess its akin to being a flag....a flag dancing and waving in honor of your spirit and of spring to come."


"Which reminds me," the old fisherman continued, "somewhere, a river is beginning to lose its covering of ice, and its waters have started to move. Beneath the surface, life is stretching like after a long sleep, and its beginning to stir. Some nice fish will seek to sun themselves of the warmth of the shallow waters. I think I will go stand in those shallow, flowing waters, under a sun that warms my face like a gently applied warm, moist towel, and try to catch me one."



Distressed -

Flypaper -

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Dyrk Wyst -

Skeletalmess -


I could have crumpled like a drained wineskin. But I have no intention here of regaling the reader with bizarre details. See for yourself.


Before i start describing this shot i would like some opinions on something... I`m currently shooting with my good old Nikon D40. Im about to upgrade... I was thinking about getting the D700, but it will just get to expensive when i have to get some quite expensive lenses as well. Then i started thinking about getting a D300. I`m sure it will be enough of an upgrade for me. Hell, anything will be a significant upgrade from the D40.


But i laid awake tonight....thinking if i should cross over to the dark side. Perhaps getting a used Canon 5D and buy the 17-40L. That would probably match my photographic needs quite well....Im still thinking....


So any opinions would be great!


So...about this shot:


This one was seconds away from being trashed. Yes, it`s from that special evening in the mountains. On that evening i got more than 20 shots,

and i have processed every single one of them. So these will keep showing up every now and then in the future...

However, this one was a tough one. The raw-files were scattered with flare. It was everywhere...


Normally i spend maybe 5-10 minutes processing, but this one took maybe 1,5 hour. I had to clone quite a lot in addition to some colourcorrection

in a large area...


I`m still not sure if this one deserves to be shown or if it belongs in the trashcan...


Manual blend. Polarizer & ND8.


Check the map for exact location...


A huge thanks to everyone leaving comments, favs and notes. I really appreciate it.


Have a great wednesday!



These are my boys actually laying on the top of a batting cage. I thought it was sort of cool. SOOC except for a crop.


PLEASE... don't blog, pin, or add ANY of my images to a website without asking.

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Absolutely bathed in golden.


I think the reason I like this is because this setup wasn't for a picture.

I was in one of those moods where I just needed to be still. To think. To completely change pace and forget about all those little things which tend to mentally pile up.

I wanted to simply be.


To pause and linger over little details.

I ran my finger along the wood, willing my finger to memorize the feel. I wanted to remember every moment of a quiet minute. The way each surface felt to my finger, the tiny details my eyes caught, the country air and the gentle breeze.


So I brought out my favorite quilt-- made by my mother--and laid it in the grass. I lay there doing nothing. Just...being.


I studied the patterns on the quilt. I took in the expanse of the sky, feeling suddenly so wonderfully small. It's good to feel how much bigger the world is than you are. I watched the edge of the cloud cover. I liked the way the clouds kissed the sky, so softly. So gently. In my head, I stole the clouds from the sky, curling the edge of the cloud away and down onto me. Like the most secure blanket.


I like every moment of this hour. The way the light shifts and changes and beams down and through and around the world. It makes anything beautiful.


And beauty, it's another thing I like. I like the world to be beautiful, just as beautiful as it is through my lens.


As the sun came close to meeting the horizon, leaving the comfort of the clouds, the most spectacular light broke forth. It was almost, just almost...a miracle.

That was when I grabbed my camera, because...well, I'm a photographer. I couldn't ignore the urge. And I knew that I could never describe it quite as beautifully.

I didn't want to leave you all with just a picture though, because the moment was more than visual.


I wondered while I lay there if I was queer.

I wondered if perhaps I wouldn't mind being queer...Because being whimsical is so much more enchanting.


I couldn't help it, though. Those beautiful thoughts that come when you choose to turn off the thoughts which dominate. Those angry all-consuming thoughts of silly details, silly people, silly plans and problems...They crowd out the beautiful thoughts, if you let them.


I was fascinated with the changing color of the sky.

I found myself watching a plane far in the distance, as the sun was near setting. It drifted through the pink clouds and oh, how jealous I felt. I longed to be up there, just to see the colored clouds surround be in the sunset. To be right there, a part of all that golden light.




If you could see yourself now, baby

It's not my fault you used to be, so in control

You're going to roll right over this one

Just roll me over, let me go, you're laying blame

Take this as no, no, no, no, no, you


Listen to Meeee



This is a nesting box right by our patio and I must have missed the laying of the eggs. I have watched the male and female flying in and out with worms so assume the eggs have hatched. I have not heard any peeps yet, but will keep you posted:) The brown thrashers have young ones peeping in a bush down a bit and the mockingbirds too. I love watching the birds this time of year.


I find, I usually do this when I'm dealing with the guys i hang with, especially after i count to ten. lol But on this day, I was also doing the same thing with the clouds as they were dancing and playing games with me and the mountains. Frustrating to shoot ....yet fascinating almost feels as if they were laughing at me in the shape of a smile. Brings me back to when i was a kid laying on my back, looking way UP, and imagining different cloud shapes in the sky. (mostly horses) .... To this day....I still cloud gaze..........sometimes you just have to grab the kid inside.......and dream.

I've taken this same shot with different lenses for the last two years. Today was the day. POW - here is the shot I was looking floor.


Confession. I laid straight on the ground and shot up. Just about the time I was standing up, the hired gun came out and chased me off. She said: "You can't take pictures."


Oh, but I did.

Thank You to Master's Gallery for featuring this on Front Page as image of the month - June 2011


...a time and place for us.

Hold my hand and we're halfway there

Hold my hand and I'll take you there.... :))


To my dear friend Mikul. You will always be in my thoughts in every sunset...

a beat in my heart in each golden moment....

...and a dream that I live as we sit by the sea... :D))



As I laid patiently hoping for any separation in the bunched up Scaups, I had this female gradually come my way. Maybe she liked that blazing shutter sound! She was enjoying every last bit of golden light as she floated in front of my lens. I had two hens that seemed to investigate what I was doing. Hopefully I'll get the drake next time for a close encounter as this one.

I used a cheap macro filter and zoomed at 200mm. This technique had me laying on my belly, in wet grass, from about 2ft. It was the 4th attempt to get this cute little flower with any resemblance of focus so I was determined to make something work!!


I miss you so much already, Toby. Thank you for being my very best friend for the last 16 years. I really don’t know how I’m going to get used to the idea of you being gone. My whole world got a lot darker. I remember when I first got you, I found you at my old high school. I grabbed you and ran home. When my mom and I took you to the vet, they said for me not to get attached, that you were too sick. I couldn’t except that. I got up early, I stayed up late and made sure to bottle feed you. I spent every waking moment with you. I never knew I could love a being like I did you. I’m going to miss everything; laying on the floor in the sun with you, coming home and having you greet me at the top of the stairs and having you jump up into my arms. You sitting on my shoulder because you thought you were a parrot. I’m going to miss your little head nudges and hugs. I’m going to miss you crawling into my lap and laying like a little baby and me refusing to move because you were comfortable. I’m going to miss waking up with you on my hip and snugging until I had to get up. I’m going to miss getting ready in the morning and turning around to you just sitting there watching. I’m going to miss coming home from a stressful day and just laying my head on you because listening to you purr was the best way to calm down. I’m just going to miss everything about you and your personality, and your little cotton ball paws. You mean so much to me. The moment I saw you, you became my whole world. I could never have a bond with another being like I did with you. You are my best friend, and always will be. I love you, my littlest bee.


21st December 2010.

Am I not terrible with the punny titles? But I like the punny titles, and i'm in pretty good spirits because despite the nasty ice which is still laying thick on our street, as you may be able to see, eldest daughter and I managed to get into town first thing this morning and do most of th rest of the xmas shopping, and what's left is bits and bobs that won't go amiss if missed :)

Youngest daughter stayed home and was still in bed by the time we returned just after noon....she is a lazy oik!

Off to deliver some cards now, got my cats(boots) on, they've got a better tread than I realised.



Dog laying in grass at sunset




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I laid patiently for the sun to set low beneath the tree that had casted a shadow on the water. Once the sun's angle got very low it rendered the Wood Duck and background colors beautifully. I almost forgot to check this CF Card from earlier this month. Sometimes you find a nice set :)

It's silly o'clock and I slither out from under the bed clothes, lit only by the LED on the clock. Its cold, the heating hasn't fired up yet. I quickly put on my clothes, specially laid out for speed. I hurry downstairs (we don't live in a bungalow you know!!) Gathering up all my gear I have placed by the door, I call upstairs.... Byeeeee, see you later. I'm off to the car. I have to scrape the frost from the windscreen; I think this is a good sign. I set off into the darkness, looking over the hedge where ever I can for any sign of the mist. Suddenly I hit a pocket... my heart skips a beat... so, it's about!!!!!

I pull into the little gravel car park at the bottom of Martinsell Hill. By this time there is just a smidge of light in the sky, you can see outlines of trees and hedgerows shooting off into the darkness. Switching off the headlights, my eyes take a few seconds to adjust. I set off through the gate and now for the climb up the hill. I know there are cows in the field as every five or six footsteps it feels a little squelchy underfoot :o(.. It's OK, I have my walking boots on and spares in the car :o). I head up the hill, Pewsey Vale on my left and a small wood on my right. Sometimes there’s a Raven just beginning to croak good morning at me ( I love that sound ) but not this morning, but as always there’s a Tawny Owl telling me it's his wood, sometimes the female adds her support !! All of a sudden a cow stands up in front of me from its overnight sleeping place, I nearly wet myself. It's still too dark to clearly see, but I hate using a torch, it spoils the mood. I have a chuckle and press on. I round a corner on the hillside and cross a stone-age flint quarry, the only tell tale sign these days is when the sun finally rises and the light dances off the hillside, it looks like the surface of a giant golf ball. I wonder if thousands of years ago Stone Age people sat here knapping flint for arrow heads and watched the sun rise, as I will!! Must press on, the sun won’t wait, every minute there is more light. I reach my chosen spot, heart pounding, as much from the excitement of what could happen, as from the walk up the hill. Unpacking all the kit and setting it up all takes time, checking and re-checking the settings. By now the mist is really starting to form, lying in hollows and collecting around trees. A buzzard calls somewhere, I don’t even look up, I just love the fact it made the hairs stand up on the back of my neck. Within minutes the sun pops over the far side of the vale, and sprays its rays over the mist, clipping the tops of the trees.

It’s then that I know.... silly o’clock wasn’t so silly :o)


If you get this far, well done.... if not, sod ya..... lol ...



** Tại ásáng chíu nên tóc t mới ra mào d. á :"> chứ bt tóc t hôg có xơ xác d. âu à :-" =)))


“Got stones in my stomach and they’re in my brain

You faded away and I lost my way

Too close to ignore, too far to talk to

Wrinkles around yours and tears around my eyes

At least it’s getting late tonight and I

Wonder if you think about me sometimes

I got your words in my pocket but they’re hard to bare

I started to cry and you didn’t even care

Put my pen in the box that will be opened tonight

Times have changed since you held me in your arms

At least someone is laying down in yours

Can I ask, do you even miss me sometimes?”

♫♪ d[-_-]b ♬♩ I Wonder ~ The Him (feat. LissA)


♥ Credits ♥


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1.14.12 Snow is cold.


I laid in the snow to take this photo. Then I got up to check my camera and see how it came out. Then I thought "I could do that again so I have options when i go to edit it..." Then I thought "nah." Then I walked away.


The end.



I went back again today. I saw this door laying on the ground and my heart stopped. I thought that the jerks that had broken all the windows had been back. I thought that they had ripped off the door where I took the photo with the heart shaped balloon. And then I realized that this is an "extra" door. I don't know where it came from. I think it had been moved, but it had just resurfaced when the snow melted. So, I propped it up (which was no easy weighs a ton) so that it would not rot on the ground. And then I found this crazy stuffed cat, the second one I have found here. They may have broken all the windows, but it's still worth going back to this place. It will take them a long time to destroy all the character that this location holds, but I'm praying that they won't be back, especially not while I am there. It was another good day at this place, even though it started to rain. A good hour in another chaotic day ... even my days off have become stressful. I'm thinking.... if I can just make it through April, I can turn the corner! Here's hoping anyway.... ♥

because i was laying down at his eye level with camera on my face, he may be thinking 'what kind of mask is she wearing? can i scratch it?'

No des :">


# cmt đi :">


# chùa thoãi mái :))))

There is evidence that a wooden bridge had existed at Kingston since the 13th century. The current bridge is 382 feet by 27 feet wide The building contract was undertaken by Mr. Herbert for £26,800 The first stone was laid by the Earl of Liverpool, November 7, 1825, and the bridge was opened by her royal highness the Duchess of Clarence, on July 17, 1828.

I laid my camera in the flower bed and used a wireless remote shutter release and it kinda worked! :)

I have been shooting low, me laying with my camera in the snow.

I just love to see how much Yatzy love to play with his ball. And funny how the snow stayed in the ball.

...I’m slipping out of reach, now.

People talk to me, and all their faces blur,

But I got my fingers laced together, and I made a little prison...

And I’m locking up everyone who ever laid a finger on me.

I’m done with it...


These continents from overhead,

Look like tiny paper shapes,

Intricately set in place,

Below the misty mountain clouds,

There's a lovely silver bay,

Where sunset sailors often hide away

Sky Sailing


second photo of my simplicity of sailboats set

props to my mom and little brother for helping me do this! (:

those are my eleven year old brother's legs. he laid across to beds, endured tape, and played his ipodtouch while i was doing this, thanks kevin (:

and thanks to my mom for holding the sheet up while i was taping stuff and taking pictures hehe :D

this sheet is actually the hotel where we're staying in now's haha, i'm so cool.

i edited this with gimp and picnik, it may be a little TOO edited for my style, but tell me what you think. i don't do too much textography either, but i felt like this picture needed something (:

this is the first picture i actually kinda liked in a while.


i'm really glad i came up with this set because i have just about 10 more ideas, mwahaha! i though them all up while i was listening to the song sailboats by sky sailing (:


i have a question! i'm thinking about getting a Nikkor 50mm lense for my D90, but what's the difference between the Nikkor 50mm F/1.8D and the Nikkor 50mm F/1.4D?


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I was shooting this shot. a car stopped and thought something bad happened with me laying there. "Don't disturb me!" I said smiling.

When I was a kid, I had this deal with my parents about staying clean through the night. When I wet the bed, a rainy cloud was drawn on to the list that hang on the kitchen cabinet door. When I was dry it was a sun. And when I had enough suns on my list, my parents would take me to the cinema! THE CINEMA!! For the first time in my life!

And so it happend that the first movie I saw in the cinema was: The Little Mermaid...or in Dutch "De kleine zeemeermin".

I was an instant fan of Ariel, and had a really big crush on prince Eric. When I was laying in my bed I pretended I was Ariel and that prince Eric would kiss me and asked me to marry him..

But above all, I WANTED HER HAIR!!

I have a huge preference for redheads, and I think Ariel (and Angelique) are the cause of that.

When I was 11 I bought red paint, without permission, but my mother without complaining painted my hair red + did a green eyeliner on. I was the happiest girl alive!! Too bad red isn't my color...I tried it several times, but it's just not matching my face.

But Yay for Ebay! And yay for beautiful wigs! And Yay for photoshop!!



"I Didn't Want to Go, So I Went Back/You Were with Me"; Laying in the dry leaves, looking up at the setting sun in the wind whipped treetops overhead; Bethany, CT, USA; 11/2/14.

I was laying

in the grass and watched the flower and the leaf. I thought how the world is there. When I looked more, I saw ants and other creatures. That was the world we do not see unless we lie down on the grass. The world there be amazing and full life ..We need should be very careful where to move, because there is a world that is our part ...

X- Người tốt hả .?

- Vào phim mà tìm :'j ~

HPhúc hả .?

- Lấy truyện cổ tích ra mà kiếm : ) =)* .. ♥



Need my rest..I'm digging a big hole in the yard! Yep right near the clothes line so very one can fall in it! I've positioned it perfectly for lots of action! Still a few days work left I think! So Goodnight & sweet dreams to all!



i wanted to write about my life each week so that i can look back on this and remember the important, and probably mostly nonimportant, things that happen to me during 2013. i havent been doing that good of a job so i'm going to try harder.

all of my friends are getting ready to go back to school, or are already back, and i still have two more weeks of break. which is a very beautiful thing.


basically i've done a lot of nothing this past week, and then i laid out in the rain for an hour taking this today. i realized the side of my house is covered in ivy, and i've never taken any good pictures there. i'm happy with this and life is happy right now.


hope all is well flickrers <3



instagram! @emilyytheresa

My favorite light for these laying down portraits is when the sun is all the way down or almost all the way down.

. A có E mà A khôg biết trân trọg . Còn nqười ta biết trân trọg mà vẫn khôg thể có E :')


. Đôi khi e biết, còn nhiều điều a k thành thật với e , Nhưng chắc a k biết đâu, đôi khi e vẫn giả vờ ngu để bỏ qua tất cả .


Empty :)


yh: bechuoi.nhidong :xxxxxxxx

-Tui bít tui tàn tụi r =(

-Dnì nãn qoá =.='' t3 này trã bài r :( ko bít làm sao mà nhét nổi cã mấy chục trang t.liệu thi nghề dô đầu đây :(( sợ qóa điiiii X_X

-Hồi nãy ngồi 8 w c.Trang nhà ta tới 11h hồi nào ko hay ;)) tươi gê :-d ngồi nc mới thấy thấm ko bít năm sau chọn nv sao nữa sợ tới lúc đó qoá :( xa bạn xa c` :(( nghĩ tới mà mún wíu lạy cho t.g trôi qua ttừ thôi :) thôy ko nghĩ tới nữa cũm còn lâu mà ^^ hihi :)

Cm + Fav + Note điiiiiiii mng :* Sẽ rep đầy đũ ạ :x




Mún chùa thì chùa đi than wài vẫn chùa than chi choa mệt =; thức đức lắm :)


Hú Hú thi xong 7 môn r \m/ còn 3 môn nữa thôi :)) cố lên nào \m/ quyết tâm đạt điểm cao :>:>

mong tới noel qá chừng lun :x Merry X-mas everybody :*


Hông có thích ngta chùa đâu nha :))))

...seen at Dodge Park, Sterling Heights, Michigan.

Explore #150 Jul 11, 2008

Little Mallard finishing dinner just before sunset. I've been wanting to get a close up like this for some time. Never could get close enough before. This time I was laying on the very soggy shore line in the weeds, lens about 6" off the water and this little fella swam almost to within min focus distance of the 100-400 (5.9ft/1.8m). I used the on camera flash to help a bit.


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