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the day i've got an ultra-wide lense... moscow metro was a suitable location to test it.


A beautiful public sim loosely inspired by the beaches, villages and shoreline of Devon and Cornwall, England, with limited private Beach Home Rentals.


Soul2Soul Bay, Isle Of Love


Original Landscape and Design by Minnie Atlass


Second Life is an online virtual world, by the San Francisco-based firm Linden Lab and was launched on June 23, 2003.

Sometimes I make unnecessary extra work for myself , as has been the case today and yesterday.

I thought I would force myself to have another go at conquering Layers in my PSP. Looked at videos first, but got fed up having to stop and start to make notes every couple of seconds.

Decided it would be easier to find written tutorial to print out , but that was no good either. I always find when following instructions that my screen layouts, lists and icons never seem to exactly match theirs and I'm left floundering and frustrated [ I thought I was doing this for relaxation and fun]....

Gave up on that and decided it might be easier to use a texture overlay , or underlay. So I took some shots of my own 'bokeh' effects plus several separate shots of a mini cup [ Just over 1" tall]

and saucer to amalgamate.

Well, I got myself in the same sort of mess with that too, so I abandoned ship .

Talk about fed up! What I need is a real person showing me what to do .... but alas that is highly unlikely ever to happen. [No suggestions about joining a camera club, classes etc please]

I've decided it's easier for me to do as much as I can with the actual camera after all - and it was much more relaxing and fun too. I'd rather fiddle around with f numbers, depth of field, lighting etc ...

But I keep seeing the lovely work that other photographers post here and oh how I hanker after doing more creative stuff with Layers and Textures. Ha ha - the grass is always greener I s'pose!


6615 W. Higgins built 1957

Rain Drop's, and 90 Degree's,Must be Globe warming.

festive is a feeling...feel it i bet you wont regret it,

This is for all the people who feel broke at your own light dont expect someone to be your light.

lil devil is looking at your steps , dont u lie daddy ~

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Obs.:pressione L (visualização na caixa de iluminação)

Min längtan är en underlig fågel,

som pickar på fönstret var natt …,

och skulle jag öppna den flög som besatt.

Den är fri under himlens sky.

Den flyger i motvind och med,

över människor och by,

tills den en dag skjutes ned;

min längtan.


Min längtan är en vingskjuten fågel,

som lagt sig ner för att dö …,

i en stiglös skog, vid en bottenlös sjö.

Den ville flyga mot en stjärnas ljus

men man skjuter allt som flyger och far

ifrån människrones hus.

Fast stjärnan brinner lika klar,





Meine Sehnsucht


Meine Sehnsucht ist ein wundersamer Vogel,

der jede Nacht ans Fenster pickt …,

und öffnete ich es, so flöge er wie besessen.

Er ist frei unter den Wolken des Himmels.

Er fliegt im Gegenwind und mit Rückenwind,

über Menschen und Dörfer hinweg;

bis er eines Tages abgeschossen wird;

meine Sehnsucht.


Meine Sehnsucht ist ein flügellahmer Vogel,

der sich zum Sterben niedergelegt hat …,

in einen Wald ohne Pfad, an einen bodenlosen See.

Er wollte zum Licht eines Sterns fliegen,

doch man schießt alles ab, was davonfliegt und davonfährt

von den Häusern der Menschen.

Wobei der Stern so klar leuchtet wie eh und je,



Allan Pettersson


1160 N. Halsted built 2014.

Minas de hierro en la provincia de Sevilla. Se cree que son anteriores a la época romana.

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