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to big for microformats center focal point is the word light

Ultramax 400 in Pentax Auto110

Ben at the Microformats Picnic.

A poster put together on behalf of Osmosoft for the BT Open Source Awareness Event to promote discussion on Open Source and standards. It's now available as a clean, high-resolution PDF for print [also here]. [Reddit] [Digg] []

Diner de geeks Microformats au Bon Pêcheur

Diner de geeks Microformats au Bon Pêcheur

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Dopplr now supports hcard import from other social networks like Twitter that support microformats!

Axes' intents with what is probably totally incorrect Microformats and Services applied.


UPDATE: Ignore the Flickr assigned license, I release this image, idea, concept as Public Domain worldwide, without restrictions. Flickr doesn't offer a Creative Commons Public Domain option - WTF?


UPDATE 2: In response to "How does this work?" - The axes are mapped to any phone or MID's D-pad. Example, pressing the top of the D-pad adds events that are forward in time, like your schedule from Google Calendar, to the activity stream. Or, pressing the left part of the D-pad reduces the number of people listed in the activity stream. Better illustrations as soon as I figure out how to use Google Sketchup :P


Multiple streams in an out of Twitter. You'll find me @premasagar.

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Note the set that this is in - get to see the growth of the stickers over time :)

Soon to be distributed worldwide.

Nicole Sullivan, Dan Cederholm, Jeremy Keith, Eric Meyer, Wendy Chisholm, Tantek Çelik, Ethan Marcotte visit Jeffrey Zeldman at Happy Cog New York to answer the age-old question, What is HTML5, and should a couple kiss on the first date?


Taken at Happy Cog's NYC headquarters.

A mind burp to accompany the blog post A Vision of The Web in 2008. The original was made with paper and glue, scanned and then printed out in glorious A0. This poster is now hanging in the Osmosoft office, enjoy!

Olympus OM-2N SLR + Zuiko 50mm f/1.8

Kodak Professional Tri-X 400 black and white film


She's cute and all, but I still hate fish.

Brunswick, Maine


Flickr Explore - February 5, 2014

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You find some of my photos on Getty Images.

My name there is "alles-schlumpf".


Kasper Nauwelaerts, developer of the Safari Tidy plugin, has been developing a Microformats plugin for Safari. I emailed him last year on the off chance that he might fancy having a go! Cheeky, but it worked!


This is currently alpha, but works really well, and vcards and events were added really easily. Hopefully a beta will be out soon!


Safari Tidy:


Microformats is the glue that bridges web content with a richer online experience.

Your personal site should be your online identity and push syndicate everything out to community/social sites with perma(short)links back to your original on your own site. Then reverse syndicate all comments/tags/notes etc. on those social sites back to your own site so you have a copy if and when the social sites get acquired, shut down, blocked, banned, or just happen to go offline for a myriad of other reasons.

Dan Cederholm's logo but now adjusted for the microformat dinners. :D

::dan don't hurt me:: :D


Since I cannot change all sizes per photo.. here you guys go :D






A followup to The Web Is Agreement, another poster put together on behalf of Osmosoft ahead of FOWA to promote discussion on the value of The Web and openness for systems integration. Buy into "vendor led" rather than "open", and you'll end up in "Middleware Hell"! It's available as a clean, high-resolution PDF for print. [Digg] [Reddit].

Microformats DevCamp July 2009 day 1

Tantek's reaction upon signing up to yet another social networking site that doesn't allow him to import contacts from other social network sites (using, say, XFN).

The microformats workshop is just a few weeks away and the plan is to have fully functional microformats cookies for the attendees.

A poster put together on behalf of Osmosoft and in fulfillment of my duty as today's One Web Day ambassador. It's available as a clean, high-resolution scan [PDF].

This was not pre-arranged. We all just happened to have a microformats sticker in exactly the same spot on our laptops.

This is an IDEO Brainstorming quick reference card that I think I picked up while I was at Apple in the 1990s. In looking at this now, with the benefit of experience brainstorming microformats etc., and modern tools like wikis and Subethaedit (even old tools like IRC), I can say that this card is only about half right in the present day.

Not shown: Yahoo WiFi finder and Flickr lens cleaner, both attached to the bag.

My now defunct MacBook Pro seemed to have this way of attracting stickers like crazy. Do hover over and take a read. Before you ask, yes, that's a terrible thing to do to a computer - I'm a terrible person. Yes, I did get a lot of looks on the train. And, yes, I am procrastinating.

Microformats schwag sent to me by The Pimp Daddy Schwag, Ryan King.

Microformats schwag sent to me by The Pimp Daddy Schwag, Ryan King.

Microformats schwag sent to me by The Pimp Daddy Schwag, Ryan King.

yeah i know... we're a web2.0 colors wannabe. what-EV-ur.

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