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Still working on Cass Tech. The subjects are endless and so is my enthusiasm for exploring.


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The princess really wants to go to explore. What do you think?

I have been to this place on a few occassions, always seeing the progression of decay. This was something new. While I don't agree with grafitti on an altar, I couldn't help but picture some people fitting the bill of standing up there.


Explored on 5/5/2011

Purple water lily in low light.


Notice of Copyright: This image is the legal creative property of Jeffrey Hecker.

ANY use or reuse without prior written consent from Jeffrey Hecker is in direct violation of the provisions set forth in Title 17 of the US Copyright code.


Strobist: sb-800 camera left at 1/2 and sb-800 camera right at 1/1. Fired by PocketWizards.

Have to throw a thank you out to Lou for firing the camera while I lit this. Thanks Lou.

Rockin' the sweet ass Nikkor 85mm f1.4 This lens is Heaven on Earth for portraiture.

My plan for 2011 is first, to continue to enjoy the company and camaraderie of all the incredible people and photographers I have met through flickr, Eastside Camera Club and Exposure Detroit.


Second, I am a lighting fanatic. I believe any subject can be made to look great with good lighting and that will be where I concentrate my efforts in photography this year.


Happy New Year to you all.

great sky today. so i put my daughter in the car seat and drove around a 5 mile radius where I live.

i "think" this is an old school-house. I couldn't investigate too closely with her in the truck.

hoping for more great sky days like this!


Explore front page, June 28. thank you :c )

A young fern opens to new life.

oh beautiful, for spacious skies!

for amber waves of grain!


photographing a wheatfield can be a little tricky: the slightest breeze sets the field in the most beautiful rolling motion... you can see it beginning at the wildflowers on the lower left...


Explore June 6, 2010.

thank you :c )

Beauty is not in the face; beauty is

a light in the heart


~ Kahlil Gibran.

Sweetest of the flowers a-blooming

In the fragrant vernal days

Is the Lily of the Valley

With its soft, retiring ways.


Lily of the Valley

~Paul Laurence Dunbar


LILY OF THE VALLEY: Return of happiness, purity of heart, sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, you've made my life complete, humility, happiness, love's good fortune. The legend of the lily of the valley is that it sprang from Eve's tears when she was kicked out of the Garden of Eden. It is also believed that this flower protects gardens from evil spirits. Also known as the flower of May.

click for a larger view ;c )

Ice Fingers


All Rights Reserved--What does this mean? None of my photos may be reproduced and/or used in any form of publication, print or the internet without my written permission. Please contact me if you would like to use one of my images.

Hey everyone I was notified yesterday that I was one of the select artists out of 300 to be accepted into the "Close To Home" art gallery showing at the Anton Art Center in downtown Mt. Clemens. Opening night is tomorrow from 6-8pm come check it out if you get the chance. The show will run through March 21, 2010.


Note - this image is not in the show, just something I was shooting for a commercial client. If you want to see the real one, you'll have to visit the gallery.

..and my final image of this photographic treasure chest.

Edited in my best Hardyc inspired style.

ECC Group shoot at Historic Fort Wayne, this is underground where the Cannon turrets were, you can see the metal rounded rails that the cannons turned on.

1/8 sec. handheld @ f/2.8 11mm ISO 2000 This is not an HDR

Thanks for viewing my work. Likes and comments are appreciated.


See more of my work at:

One of the sweetest and most cool people I know.

i don't like the 50/50 split of sky to earth, but,

i found the texture and curve of the road equally as interesting as the light and sky.


this photo was taken from the window of my truck, not far from where I live. the farmers here grow soybeans, corn, and i believe winter-wheat. i grew up in the suburbs, so this rural environment is quite a curiousity to me. :c ) i wish i could knock on the doors of these farms and ask them all kinds of questions.


there are also many equestrian farms and pastures, and some cattle. i am also close to orchards and berry farms.

Explore May 17, 2010

thank you :c )

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