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The long vacant Michigan Central Station. Finally seeing some new life after decades of neglect. The Ford Motor Company has recently purchased the property. I was privileged to be invited and get some shots in.


This part of the building was the depot where the trains departed and arrived. I’m hoping that it’ll be a train station seeing that freight trains pass through here occasionally. It’s not too far from the train tunnel in Southwest Detroit.

CP 2-240 pulls down past the Michigan Central Station recreating a classic scene with a pair of four axles on point.

CP 3134 (GP38-3, DRS-20e)

CP 3083 (GP38-3, DRS-20d)

CP 9503 (AC44CW, DRF-44)

Taken 4/7/19

Michigan Central Station: constructed in 1913 for the Michigan Central Railroad & was closed in January 1988 following the cessation of Amtrak.

A rainy day in Detroit and a new road surface provided some interesting reflections.


Michigan Central Station

Under the Ambassador Bridge, on the Windsor side. Michigan Central Station looks much closer from the Detroit side.


Notkalvin Photography

The sky wasn't that color of course, but while editing it a little, I liked how it came out. This is the back view of the historic Michigan Central Station in Detroit. You can just make out that a lot of the windows have been replaced, so work is slowly but surly still progressing. Since I took this photo there has been quite a bit of progress in fixing this old beauty up, it is looking pretty good.

MCS in the evening.


The Michigan Central Station, by Warren & Wetmore and Reed and Stem (1914), inactive since 1988 and totally abandoned until 2011. In May 2018 it was acquired by Ford, renovation works are now ongoing.


Detroit, Michigan - USA.


© Roberto Conte (2018)


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This building has since been renovated....or at least is still in the process of being renovated.

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A 180 Degree view of The Detroit Skyline in The Predawn Hour

MCS / Michigan Central Station / the Train Station

In case you didn't know.

Michigan Central Station in Detroit, with a little Lewis Carroll twist.


Michigan Central, through the trees

Michigan Central Station


After the windows were gone, but before they came back.


Matty's Detroit double dip; The old train station and the Ambassador Bridge.

While I was exploring with friends and enjoying the impending sunrise, scenes from Batman vs. Superman were being filmed across the road at Michigan Central Station.


Detroit, MI

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just for a week :) i'm officially on vacation!!! heading to the outer banks! woo hoo! not sure if i'll have internet access, but i'll catch up when i can.

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An interior shot of the abandoned Michigan Central Train Station-MCS, in the Corktown section of Detroit.



pretty sure that is long gone

Michigan Central Station

I took my drone down to Detroit on Friday for some aerial fun. This is Michigan Central Station, with the Ambassador Bridge in the background.

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