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We have a 5,000 year-old relationship with the horse. That pretty much ended in September, 1939 when Polish Calvary charged German tanks and machine guns.


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We have, roughly, a 200 year-old relationship with the train. It transformed the face of America, that’s for sure. The Interstate Highway system here wasn't built until the 1950's.


We have a 100 year old relationship with the automobile: with the heat of that love affair flaming hot from about 1940 to 1980 or so.


For the most part, my grandchildren and their generation have no particular relationship with any of the above: certainly not in the way generations before them had. It all changed pretty damn fast. I don’t know if they ever will have a relationship - heated, warm or tepid - with these things. I guess they'll find their own things to be passionate about.


Oh well, nothing lasts forever.


I had Lionel train sets when I was a kid: 027 gauge. So many of us kids did. I still have mine: they're down in the basement, packed up (once a year or so, I go look at them; touch them, smell them). My dad and I would go out to watch big trains changing in the train yard. Whenever we got stopped by a train, I’d jump out of the car and get as close as I could to watch it go by. Awww, my goodness…the earth-shaking, ground-rumbling power it exuded.


I wasn’t alone in that. Big guys (grownups) would be standing next to me as well.


This is in Wilmington, Illinois, about 55 miles southwest of Chicago. It’s been abandoned for at least 25 years. That’s how long it’s been since I took my first picture of it. Mike McLeod and I were going to fish the Kankakee River. Wilmington sits right on the shores of that river. We stopped and – wearing waders, vests and carrying fly rods - took shots of ourselves sitting on the platform like we were waiting for a train to take us to the fishin’ hole.


People used to do that, y’know - ride trains to go somewhere to play. How do you think New Yorkers got to the Catskills?


The spirits of riders still linger here. People with bags, suitcases, items wrapped in bedsheets; they sit in small groups, or quietly, alone with their thoughts (no IPODS). People comin: from where? People goin: to where? "Anywhere but here," some think; anywhere but where they were.


A distant whistle announces arrival...departure. While adventure waits for some at the end of the line; a reckoning waits for others.


Horses, trains, cars, jazz, country & western, and the blues. I’m not sure what the future will bring for these things, although I fear they are fading fast. I ain’t tryin’ to overly romance the past; it weren’t all champagne and cake, that’s for sure.


But….I do miss some of it. Clang, Clang, Clang....hisssssssss....."All Aboard!!!"


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Distressed Jewell -

La Banda del Charco


Pat Metheny Group -Are You Going with Me?


Muchas gracias por el EXPLORE - Thanks so much for the EXPLORE

(I involve you in my silhouettes)




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And I Love Her - (The Beatles) Pat Metheny (acustic)

“By persisting in your path, though you forfeit the little, you gain the great.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson


Listening to: Soliloquay by Pat Metheny Group

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listen ♪ PAT METHENY GROUP - Last Train Home

“When late morning rolls around and you're feeling a bit out of sorts, don't worry; you're probably just a little eleven o'clockish.”

Winnie the Pooh


Listening to: Piosenka Dla Stasia [A Song For Stas] by Pat Metheny & Anna Maria Jopek

“Without a wish, without a will,

I stood upon that silent hill

And stared into the sky until

My eyes were blind with stars and still

I stared into the sky.”

Ralph Hodgson


Listening to: If I could by Pat Metheny Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny, "The Moon Song"


Darkness - Dusk's Glow - pretty much takes away the ability to see the fishing line. So, you linger around, chat, look at the sights, and then either pack it up and go, or wait for your eyes to adjust to full dark and night lights. The fish will still bite.


I'll tell you what, sitting on the grass by the water, sipping on a Margarita, watching the women (of all ages) walk, jog and bike by would really go well now, but the Park District doesn't allow alcohol on Park Property. Dammit.


Texture by Skeletalmess: Bruised Ego


Photo by April Ballard iPhonenography

"Nor rural sights alone, but rural sounds,

Exhilarate the spirit, and restore

The tone of languid nature."

William Cowper


Listening to: And then I knew by Pat metheny


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La música, mejor con auriculares._ Music, best with earphones.


Titulo. Ferry cross the mersey

Interprete. Pat Metheny

Compositor. Gerry Marsden

Del album. One quiet night (2003)

Genero. Foll jazz


♫Enlace a la música♫

"I have a simple philosophy: Fill what's empty. Empty what's full. Scratch where it itches." ;)

Alice Roosevelt Longworth


Listening to: Tell it all by Pat Metheny

"Joy is not in things, it's in us" Richard Wagner


Good day all.


Listening to: To the end of the world by Pat Metheny

If I have been of service, if I have glimpsed more of the nature and essence of ultimate good, if I am inspired to reach wider horizons of thought and action, if I am at peace with myself, it has been a successful day. Alex Noble


At the zoo today, catch you later.


Listening to: Into the light by Pat Metheny/Keith Jarrett/Chick Corea

En la falda del volcán Chillán, a unos 2800 metros de altura, listos para subir a la cumbre y bajar esquiando al día siguiente.


Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays: It´s for you


Volcán Chillán, Región del Biobío, Chile central.

Anna Maria Jopek & Pat Metheny: Tam, Gdzie Nie Siega Wzrok (Follow Me)


Bosque de Nothofagus obliqua (roble) en invierno.


Pucón, Región de la Araucanía, Chile central.

Oh, the comfort, the inexpressible comfort of feeling safe with a person; having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words, but to pour them all out, just as they are, chaff and grain together, knowing that a faithful hand will take and sift them, keep what is worth keeping, and then, with a breath of kindness, blow the rest away.

George Eliot


Sorry I have been behind on my commenting, been poorly, will catch up soon! Hope your having a nice weekend! :)


Listening to: Better days ahead by Pat Metheny (my all time musical hero)


“Contentment is a pearl of great price, and whoever procures it at the expense of ten thousand desires makes a wise and a happy purchase”

John Balguy


Listening to: First Circle by Pat Metheny

“A happy life must be to a great extent a quiet life, for it is only in an atmosphere of quiet that true joy dare live”

Betrand Russell


Listening to: Its always worth the trouble by Pat Metheny (from the film Passaggio Paradiso)

"Awake, thou wintry earth -

Fling off thy sadness!

Fair vernal flowers, laugh forth

Your ancient gladness!"

Thomas Blackburn


Listening to: The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Pat Metheny/Charlie Haden


If you get the chance listening to this track and indeed the whole album (Beyond the Missouri Sky) It is a brilliant album.

Do you feel like a walk?


Pat Metheny Group "Above The Treetops"


On such a day each road is planned

To lead to some enchanted land;

Each turning meets expectancy.

The signs I read on every hand.

I know by autumn's wizardry

On such a day the world can be

Only a great glad dream for me


Eleanor Myers


Listening to: Autumn leaves by Pat Metheny

.........the Godfather rests in peace...............LOL


Pat Metheny

“I trust in nature for the stable laws of beauty and utility. Spring shall plant and autumn garner to the end of time.”

Robert Browning


CONGRATS to our boys on winning the rubgy semi's against France!!! yeah!:))


Listening to: You by Pat metheny & Richard Bona

Si algún día te quieres perder en los bosques, este es el lugar.


Pat Metheny & Lyle Mays - It's For You


Cordillera de Pemehue, Región del Biobío, Chile central.

" Lest we forget how fragile we are "


I have the privilege of having numerous flickr friends

I am so fortunate

I am so grateful


This one is dedicated to four flickr friends in particular

Ronah Lee





Montreal fragile light

December 17th 2011

Appropriately linked song


Fragile ( Sting ) - Live Jazz baltica


Pat Metheny

Esbjorn Svensson

Michael Brecker

Wolfgang Haffner

Nils Landgren

Lars Danielsson



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Pat Metheny Group As Falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls

(there's POETRY in the solitude... of the MONDAY!)



♪♫♪♫... Pat Metheny


♪♫♪♫... I Told You So


How insensitive - Pat Metheny & Joe Diorio


Stukely Sud lumiere

Joncs ... Reeds

Friendship is like that ...

No need to say a word

Bon Dimanche




Sur la route des Cantons

On the road of the Townships

The Fields -the Sky / Pat Metheny Group live

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Another shot taken from my window!!!


Canon PowerShot G9


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Pat Metheny Group - "Daulton Lee"

Non arty shot in case you were getting a texture overload. :)))


Listening to Map of the World by Pat Metheny

South Shore Cultural Center, right on the shore of Lake Michigan (which you can see behind the trees). This is a smallish, two acre total, wetland, pond, savanna, woodland piece of land with a secluded, two-acre beach just to the north. It all provides quite a different view from the concrete, glass and steel of the dowtown, high-rise building we moved from. - Charlie Haden & Pat Metheny, "Our Spanish Love Song"


We'll get migratory birds out here, various types of butterflies and bugs (dragon flies, bees, mantises), as well as rabbit, raccoon and other four legged, semi-wild furries. Fishing isn't too far away either: again, just over behind those trees. The sun rises off to the left over the Lake. That's kinda' nice. So do many of our full moons over the course of a year; they come `a sliding up right off the edge of the water on the horizon. Sometimes the moon is pale pink; other times it is a rosy red, pearl and silver, or pale straw like a light, white wine.


(Man, you should see the full moon rising over the Lake, hanging just 20 degrees above the horizon. Actually, you will get to see that; here.)


The prairie plants and grasses will soon flower; the trees too. No gardeny, civilized things; real plants. The stuff that resided here for thousands of years.. I think I'm going to like them more than the easy-care, cutesy little perennials planted in downtown planters that are supposed to remind us of nature.


They don't really.


From this vantage point, there is a golf course 100 yards to my right. Nine holes, I think. I ain' agin `em; golf courses that is, I just wish they let us put native grasses and plants around them, and fish the water hazards, which are always deeming with unfished bass, it seems. And yeah, the ocassional slice and hook brings a golf ball arcing this way; coming from further away than the "fore"" can reach. C'est la Vie.



Pareeerica -

Skeletalmess -

Distressed -

Photoshop Action -


En los alrededores de la laguna Santa Rosa.


Pat Metheny - Are you going with me?


Cordillera de Pemehue, Región del Biobío, Chile central.

Cumbre sur desde el lago Cabrera.


Pat Metheny - Above the treetops


Región de Los Lagos, Chile.

Valle Chacabuco desde la antigua Estancia Chacabuco, hoy Parque Patagonia.


Pat Metheny - Et Si C'etait La Fin


Región de Aysén, Chile sur.

Desde el portezuelo que lo separa de los volcanes.

Pat Metheny The Truth Will Always Be


Región del Biobío, Chile central.

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