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Lauren Simeoni, Winter neckpiece/ Melinda Young, Pink Lung brooch. Showing in 'unnatural, naturally' at metalab in October 2009.

Thanks fine folks at Metalab!

I was visiting Metalab after attending 29c3 and they let me use their lazzzor.


I was inspired to create a map using the Dymaxion projection from xkcd:977. Once the pieces came out of the laser cutter it was clear that they'd look great as an isocohedral globe. Here it's just taped together, but I hope to bevel the edges and install hinges on some edges and magnets on others. The idea being that it can be flattened out into (near enough to) the Dymaxion Fuller projection and then pulled up into the globe.



Photo by Rubin Starset, shared under the CC BY-NC-SA license


This photo is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike license. If you use this photo within the terms of the license or make special arrangements to use the photo, please list the photo credit as "Photo by Rubin Starset, shared under the CC BY-NC-SA license" next to the photo with provided links.

Thanks to MetaLab and Squared Eye for the sweet New Year prints!

Mathias built this cute Atmel USB programmer at Metalab :)

Changing faces, brooch, showing in 'Layer upon layer' at metalab in October 2009.

10 years of MagicShifter development (: from top to bottom :)


1) First hand soldered 8 led, analog accelerometer, PIC uc

2) 16 (single color) LED first "Shifter" design done by Prof "Happy" Hoertlehner RIP (I was super happy that he would continue on my idea:)

3) first "MagicShifter" design (16 RGB and lots of wires)

4) first integrated shifter (2006 at metalab, note the serial port!!!11)

5) first minimized integrated Arduino based MagicShifter V1 (using an FTDI cable, no charging...)

6) MagicShifter PRO (V2.4) with black printed PLA case

7) MagicShifter PRO (V2.4) assembled PCB


I finished the final (hopefully ;) PCB design! Now I have more time for writing the firmware:


I'll won't do any eagle design the next weeks ;)

one of the two new boards we soldered tonight. I plan to assemble the LEDs tomorrow. So far it looks very good :)

Word of the day: Kaykse


She uploaded the design to thingiverse:

Melinda Young, Grain Earrings, Marine Ply, 925 Silver, Pencil, Acrylic Paint

Ein Probe-Siebdruck mit roter Stofffarbe auf ein Blatt weißes Papier.

A proof copy for a silk screen print (textile color on white paper).

Artwork is by banksy


He can program every pixel simpliy by drawing into an image in his hacked GIMP...stay tuned he is building something very cool :)

During our hacking holidays at NYC Resistor Marius and me did not only play around with Bre and Zach's awesome Makerbots but also spend quite some time hacking on our parametric modelling plugin for Art of Illusion. It's still not really finished, completely undocumented, and the syntax changes every day, but I just had to give it a try and model parametric Lego-inspired bricks. You can download it at thingiverse here:


Of course it does not snap in place as nicely as original lego bricks but it should be good enough to create the custom lego piece you always wanted :)

Amir made these awesome lazzzored stencils. It is like screen printing with lazzzored pixels :)


Digitalization is so powerful...


LED WARZ is the incredible new open source 16 pixel action game by clifford. First public beta test at 29C3!


Play it at Metalab Assembly/Leiwandville (3c) or look at the code at


first test reviews:

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