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The Bear Committee (see if you're not

familiar) has decided to run a fun competition to name their newest

bear cub minion/crony/ally that signed up over here. Answers please to either or -- a prize of a Committee-endorsed lunch

(bought from The Kiosk at VUW, or other Committee-approved

establishment of course) with Nikster, Little Albert Kenby-Bear, new

cub and their hēkeretari is on offer to the winner. If the names are



In order to help you select the best name, fourteen photos (taken with

Tiny Albert Kenby-Bear, one of its brothers) is attached; [the] new cub is the white-furred bear with the blue scarf. Deadline for

entries is when the bear's named. Which could be in the next five

minutes, so you'd better hurry.


Good luck!


Bear hugs,

Nikster's hēkeretari (for Nikster, who's actually on holiday somewhere

in Wellington).


NB: no shaggy fur from [the] new cub was lost in the shooting

of the pictures. Just so you know; new cub wanted that mentioned.



Jonathan Ah Kit - Lower Hutt - New Zealand - -

Ettie Rout: 'the basis of marriage is obviously mating[...]'.

And again: 'A marriage may be legal [...] and diseased.'

I was visiting Metalab after attending 29c3 and they let me use their lazzzor.


I was inspired to create a map using the Dymaxion projection from xkcd:977. Once the pieces came out of the laser cutter it was clear that they'd look great as an isocohedral globe. Here it's just taped together, but I hope to bevel the edges and install hinges on some edges and magnets on others. The idea being that it can be flattened out into (near enough to) the Dymaxion Fuller projection and then pulled up into the globe.



Photo by Rubin Starset, shared under the CC BY-NC-SA license


This photo is shared under the Creative Commons Attribution - Non Commercial - Share Alike license. If you use this photo within the terms of the license or make special arrangements to use the photo, please list the photo credit as "Photo by Rubin Starset, shared under the CC BY-NC-SA license" next to the photo with provided links.

10 years of MagicShifter development (: from top to bottom :)


1) First hand soldered 8 led, analog accelerometer, PIC uc

2) 16 (single color) LED first "Shifter" design done by Prof "Happy" Hoertlehner RIP (I was super happy that he would continue on my idea:)

3) first "MagicShifter" design (16 RGB and lots of wires)

4) first integrated shifter (2006 at metalab, note the serial port!!!11)

5) first minimized integrated Arduino based MagicShifter V1 (using an FTDI cable, no charging...)

6) MagicShifter PRO (V2.4) with black printed PLA case

7) MagicShifter PRO (V2.4) assembled PCB


I finished the final (hopefully ;) PCB design! Now I have more time for writing the firmware:


I'll won't do any eagle design the next weeks ;)

one of the two new boards we soldered tonight. I plan to assemble the LEDs tomorrow. So far it looks very good :)

Melinda Young, Grain Earrings, Marine Ply, 925 Silver, Pencil, Acrylic Paint

LED WARZ is the incredible new open source 16 pixel action game by clifford. First public beta test at 29C3!


Play it at Metalab Assembly/Leiwandville (3c) or look at the code at


first test reviews:

We spied into the "Metalab", a computerclub close to the town hall. Some guy was sleeping on the couch, so we left as quietly as we got in. ;)

Lisa made this cute fix for her laptop. I think it looks even better than before :)

thx @marius who made this kind of shots possible


Travelling across the globe by bike -

Pippilotta had this cool idea of melting a printed star onto hot stones and other things. So I printed a simple design for that at Metalab and we tested it ... the idea needs some refinements (hot stones are hot...who would have thought that?) but it seems to work :)

These are the new DC/DC boost converter boards based on the TPS61200 chip from Texas Instruments:


It can convert any voltage from 0.5-5.5V to any other voltage up to 5.5V and can also be used as a constant current source for LEDs witch you dim by PWM with an optional enable input. So to test all those options I soldered 5 different versions, from left to right:

* 200mA constant current source for high power LED

* 500mA constant current source for even higher power LED

* 4.65V voltage source

* 5V voltage source (TPS61202)

* 3.3V voltage source (TPS61201)


Board size is 19x14mm and they can be used on a breadboard :) They seem to output the correct voltages but I have not tested the current sources yet. If they work as expected you will soon see them at the ;)

From Pennie Jagiello's solo exhibition 'Coral Wreath' at metalab. September 3 - 24 2009

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