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Processing: PS, LR and Topaz Filtre

"Of raven wings and darker things..."


Body Tattoo: Nefekalum Tattoos - DIvine Messenger, coming soon

Astrid's Nemeton

Exploring the Fantasy Faire 2018

Focus Stacking with eleven pics.

Spring is a real resurrection a piece of immortality. Quote: Henry David Thoreau quote




Dura-B97-HAIR by chiaki Xue


WRONG - PIXEL HEAD by SatanLoveM Resident

WRONG Animations Included #4 Shown)


Other Stuff


:::SOLE::: SA - Mask 7M (White)

:::SOLE::: SA - throat mic Choker (White) (Sp) Large

:::SOLE::: SA Backpack LB2 D-EX (B) (m)

:::SOLE::: GRPE - NCcore (Black) (Lara)

:::SOLE::: GRPE - CArm (R) (White) (Unrigged)

:::SOLE::: SA - Wrap belt (Black) (Metal Gold) (m)

:::SOLE::: GRPE - Crotch Guard (Black)(Unrigged)

Catsuit Latex by Eleran Easterwood

A.W.A. Prosthetic Hands (Bento) Shu Mesh-


These beautiful angels have already arrived down town- or are walking in the woods.


Christian Advent begins on Dec 3 this year depending of course on which calendar is used, the Julian or the Gregorian. In the Greek Orthodox church it began on Nov 15.

Oreo (front) and Laura Belle (back) help me read the rural community paper. Photo taken in 2014. Laura Belle found a wonderful home later that year. Originally in my Natl Geographic Your Shot gallery. This photo is the banner for my blog:


Originally seen in My National Geographic Your Shot Gallery.

Crocuses and snowdrops


More exactly:

Crocus tommasinianus, woodland crocus, early crocus or Tommasini's crocus - Deutsch:

Elfen-Krokus oder Dalmatiner Krokus

Galanthus nivalis, common snowdrop - Deutsch: kleines oder gewöhnliches Schneeglöckchen


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At Campos do Jordão, Brazil. APS-C mode at Sony A7R2 with fe55.8mm lens.

Spring is taking a little break here. Me too. The next photos will come on Wednesday next week. Then it goes on. I wish my friends a relaxed weekend.

Bubble Gum [B.G] Poses

OPIA@Sense Event

Mosquito's Way@Sense Event

Sense Event


ZZ Ward ReImagining John Legend's "Ordinary People" | GRAMMYs

The news isn't good


Pix'd @ Tralala's Diner @ Pine lake



RO - Crosshot

DRD Wasteland Spear

Mad' - Yakan FaceTattoo [Tintable]

.Shi x Messiah : Earring

[ PROPAGANDA ] Spiky Goggles BloodRust v2

choke. Harem (Apoc Hide Cracked S)

Roberto & Roberta Hood

DRD Nerd Neckpieces

KOSH Uncut Necklace

Blindspot Memory Stick Neckwrap

.shi Lip Pierce - Medusa

7mad;Ravens The Messenger_End is Coming


(gb black tracksuit)

Even the blackest of them all, the crow, Renders good service as your man-at-arms, Crushing the beetle in his coat of mail, And crying havoc on the slug and snail.

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Listen to Meeee



The Outer Garden


Eli wings from Swagga

Aeson bracers from random.Matter & Le Morte

Heartology necklace from FINESMITH

Tyrion hair from monso

Pose from the sun set by ROQUAI




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The leaves of every tree bring messages from the unseen world. Look, every falling leaf is a blessing.


Nikon D80

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Meow-.. I mean; I'm just a messengerboy.

NEW from Raindale - Duskrest gazebo ~ The Liaison Collaborative

Raindale - Charfell cabin

Raindale - Nordhall arch

Raindale - Fairhurst mailbox

GOOSE - Lamp in snow

CREDITS at Her Sketchbook

As a Native American symbol, the horse has been honored as helper, messenger, emblem of freedom and harbinger of spirit knowledge.


This is a composite photograph made by layering three different photographs.


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