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This is the best group photo in my set. I cleaned it up and downrezzed it a bit so I could sharpen/NR it without artifacts. Leslie is missing (beyond the right border) but there are some great solo shots of her in the rest of the set. I'm missing too :-).


Note: This, and all the photos in the GSoC Mentor Summit 2009 are open for people to add notes, comments, etc (no need to be a contact of mine) If you wish to add your name to the photo please go ahead, there are a few already added.

this is what I was greeted with at the main station when I came back \o/

This was the hotel that most of us were staying in - there was a party on Saturday night, which you can see in the distance in this photo. (This was composed from two pictures using Hugin.)


The hotel was the Wild Palms Hotel in Sunnyvale.

Everybody helps Leslie not having to carry the vintage GSoC t-shirts back across the street.

This was lunch on the last day at the Googleplex.

Jonathan Leto, Selena Deckelmann, Olly Betts, Adam Hyde from flossmanuals (standing), Jennifer Redman.

Dinner at a Persian restaurant.


Jennifer Redman, Selena Deckelmann.

Just like in the movies!


(In the UK at least, Chinese food doesn't come in containers like these...)

Dinner at a Persian restaurant.


Adam Hyde, (Bart Massey's arm), Jonathan Leto, Alexander Pico.

The best way to experience Google Earth.


I especially liked the note on the screen: Press 1 for Earth, 2 for Mars, 3 for Moon.

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