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Pink Party drag show on NY Eve - The Overture Center

garden statuette at Lee and Jos'

Looking up toward the skylight at the Overture Center. Taken during The Pink Party on New Year's Eve.

Inglewood, California - I lived here through 5th grade. You'll find 25 little stories on this map, including the one-time home of Bruce Lee and events from the childhood of a little monster. When I lived here there were no zip codes: It was Inglewood 4, California. Area Code 213. Our phone number was PL4-xxxx (the PL stood for PLeasant).


1) My blog 2) Early 60s Hawthorne Home Page 3) geotagged


This is my first attempt at a memory map and it charts my time at university (from 1996-1999) and the year after when Fay was still there.


I would highly recommend this concept, it's fun and just making it has brought back a lot of memories.


Roll over the notes for details. I must thank Google Maps for the image.

MemoryMap (bandwagon) Spokane, WA. Where I'm from, though I rarely admit it. I moved there in 1974 (1st grade), and left as fast as I could in 1988.

Feel free to add comments if you have any memories of this area.


Most the the places I've indicated here are in the center of the comment. The smallest comment blocks are about a third of a mile per side.

No reference books. No computer. I intended a time limit of 20 minutes, but decided I'd done enough in 10.

I wrote a new GreaseMonkey script for FireFox that lets you GeoTag your images via Google Earth. You can find out how to use the script here.


Fly to this location (Google Earth required)


**UPDATE** 19th August 2010 - Ive updated the GM script to work with new photo page

Feel free to add comments if you have any memories of this area.

ornamental prettiness


(not to be confused with fundamental pettiness. That's a whole 'nother ball of whacks, not to mention fairly Grinchesquely poor manners)


30/12/04: Additional EDIT: While window shopping earlier this week I came across this bowl and, hurray of hurrays, a description. This is bamboo, pressed/shellacked

the insomniac, fretting over the airline trip her unaccompanied child will be taking to far-flung frightening places in less than two hours' time , decides the night is not meant for restfulness but instead takes comfort in the queasy feeling slung low in her gut. She has rediscovered the Holiday Moment.



mcsixth's fantastic Forum idea...

Buddy Icons - Holiday Spirit

I have this arty looking plexiglass creation hanging on the front of my home. Green small circles attached by fishing line to larger circles of purple. Thought I'd see what would happen with some mix & matching and play fun.

hypothetically speaking, is it a good thing to win the fish that is green 'round the gills?

The Wisconsin state capitol building.


Film: T-Max100 B&W

darkroom tray developed myself, scanned and sharpened in PS.

Shot on TMax100 B&W 35mm film, for a 35mm B/W class I'm enrolled in.


I learned to develop my own negatives a few weeks ago, and last week learned to make the prints and develop them. Coolio.

Taken from Arthur Road in Wimbledon Park, SW19. I was really surprised to discover that you can see most of London's most famous landmarks from a spot miles out in Zone 3 in SW London.


Best seen bigger...

View behind Lee and Joeys' home, Verona.

The MemoryMarkers series is an ongoing exploration of sensory intake and our evolving ways of mapping, archiving, sharing and recalling our experiences- through both artwork and digital tools.


Each 3dimensional artwork shown in the gallery has an online image counterpart (seen here) which contains clickable notes and spaces for embedding information and links. Each piece becomes a notebook for a type of personal and shareable scrap-booking. Outdoor walks in nature (in this case, along the Peconic River) are captured in photographs and notes which can be stored and repeatedly accessed within the online images here on Flickr. My hope is that information may be gradually recalled through the corresponding 3D artifacts themselves, which are intended as beautiful and subtle memory devices.


A palimpsest is a manuscript page from a scroll or book that has been scraped off and used again- an early version of today's wipe board. Though half-filled with notes and perceptions of my own that I would like to share, I invite the viewer to practice and use each piece as a type of palimpsest, for the organizing and retrieval of their own special notes, links and memories. - Darlene Charneco


shown here 'MemoryMarkers- The Living River (with notes)' 24" diameter, resin, nails, enamel, acrylic, flocking on wood. Mouse over the image to access the links.

Best Viewed Large


The locations of 41389 geotagged flickr images plotted on a World Map. Each red dot represents 1 or more GeoTagged image.


Data obtained from and plotted via


Snapshot taken on 17-8-05


btw if this image looks familiar, its because i accidentlally deleted it, and had to reupload it, sorry to the people who had commented on it previously.

in her golden oil slicked dreams she could see with much greater accuracy that the future was simply holding its cards low and close.

a friend was kind enough to let me sit with her snoglobe for a while.


Sparkly shiny distracting things ... you understand.

one from the 'affliction' series.

I have this arty looking plexiglass creation hanging on the front of my home. Green small circles attached by fishing line to larger circles of purple. Thought I'd see what would happen with some mix & matching and play fun.

Any child who dares to creep out of his or her bed to play outside at night will have to contend with Esmerelda, the Tree Patrol.


(don't worry, her bark is worse than her bite)

One of Charlie's current fascinations is shoes. He loves shoes. If it was legal for a toddler to marry, and then for a toddler to marry an inanimate object, and then for a toddler to marry an inanimate object in the state of Iowa - he'd marry a shoe. Then he'd probably move to Utah where he'd marry multiple shoes and live happily ever after with hundreds of them. Charlie puts shoes onto his small wide feet hundreds of times each day. Daddy's shoes, Mommy's shoes, Charlie's shoes. The shoes down by the garage entrance, the shoes in Mommy and Daddy's closet; any shoe anywhere.


My sister happened upon these slippers at the Dollar Store recently and figured that they might fit the bill for the combination of Charlie's "I DO MYSELF!" and his shoe passion. Oh, and his aminal adoration. And his growing language capabilities. For a buck, that's quite a deal.


Beeeee. Suessssss.


That's what these are. Charlie's Beeee.Suessssss. And near as I can tell, this is how they work: Slip on. Slip off. Slip on. Watch your toes wiggle in there under the wings. Slip off. Check your toes to see if they have wings attached to them. Slip on. Run through the kitchen to the window to see how fast the Beeee.Suesssss. will carry you. Slip off. Line up a few trucks on the floor. Line up some trucks against your Beeee.Suessssss. Slip on. Move your feet away from the military straight line of trucks to evaluate the situation. Sit down on Aunt Beppie's lap for a picture of your Beeeee.Suesssss. Rinse. Repeat.

My elementary school and environs.

I noticed a strange growth this morning on one of our cats' noses. I took Artemis to the vet, who intially thought it may a hair follicle thaang.


Artie has a mast cell sarcoma and will be having surgery today.


I feel so sad and helpless and guilty for not having noticed it before today.


When you do your monthly breast or testicular self-exams, consider that a good time to also check your pets for any new or unusual lumps and bumps for their health.

deep underground: Cave of the Mounds, near Blue Mound, WI.

Some memories from August 2001 - May 2005 at the University of Pennsylvania.


Add yours!

Polly is one example of the continual build-up of minerals contained within water dripping down deep within the earth.


Polly has her own special lighting and is a feature of the cave tour.

Last Saturday I meandered out to the water behind KD's place to snap some shots. The pier looked inviting so I walked out, plopped down, looked around for angles and scenes that might be interesting.


This grabbed me. Though I'm not sure where it went, at one point there was a canvas cover over these arched pipes and the whole works was like a parking space for a boat that was docked within the 'U' shaped pier. I suppose either a strong wind took the canvas or, possibly, it was purposefully removed.


KD joined me on the pier where we planned the rest of the day, played with a neighborhood cat and discussed how we were going to change the world. Later that afternoon after running errands we noticed that four men were in the midst of taking the pier apart.


Funny how one's timing can unwittingly be perfect - we hadn't been out there in weeks and had we not been out there that morning we would have missed that last opportunity for the season to enjoy that space.

shot for 35mm BW class, 'atmosphere portrait' project.


Jordan has been tinkering on the old jalopy of a Tercel he will be driving (soon, soon). He's added important features ... the skull stick shift knob, a horn that honks in a variety of farm animal-ese ... I thought it would be the perfect place to capture him. He added his own panache by turning his very long self upside-down in the driver's seat. I've no idea where his peculiar sense of humor has stemmed from.

Go to Google maps, put in your address, and voila...

WARNING: kitchen mandolins will try to eat you if you're not careful.


I lost the fingertip while preparing Thanksgiving dinner a year ago - but the body is an amazing thing, and has healed well.

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