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En noir er blanc c'est fantastique !!


À Kervel

I needed a new profile picture.

Photoshop & I do not have the same relationship we used to have.


حبيـــبي يســوى هالقمـــر

جمـــاله طــاقي عالبـــشر

مـوتوا قهــر موتوا قهــر

يــا أغلى من روحي علي .. يا أحلى شي وأغلى شي

إن قلت أحبك شفتها .. هالكلمة في حقك شوي

قلبي اللي من شوقه يجيك .. يغار من حبي عليك

مايحبك إلا يمـــوت فيك.. ويحسك أقرب مني لي

أتنفسك مثل الهوا .. وأحتاجك لجرحي دوا

مادمت انا وانتي سوا .. من دنيتي ماريد شي

إخذيني من دنيا الأنام .. خليني في حضنك أنام

دقات قلبي لك كلام .. يحكي لك الشوق اللي بي

ياســارتي ودنيا الهنا .. ماعرف بدونك من أنا

صرتي لنظر عيني سنا .. صرتي لهجير عمري في

أحبك لحد الجنون .. وأشيلك بوسط العيون

وأضلك برمش وجفون .. ياأغلى من عيني علي

Too : Umm il Ward MEME ;D


Please do not use this photo without my permission

All Rights Reserved


Mashalla plzz =),,,


Part 1 : ` MODEЯN LADY ♥ »D77«

Part 2 : ĽãďŷĹĕəłȏ♥♥

Part 3 : Me

Part 4 : Ŕêèɱĭťã♥ ~ Coming Soon

Part 5 : Me ~ Coming Soon

Part 6 : Modern Lady ~ Coming Soon

She hasn't even spotted it !

Then the rabbit disappeared.

@ Winter Moon


Pour ceux qui nous manquent....


Assis sur un rocher

Je regarde la mer

Pour petit déjeuner

Le vin blanc et les praires

Quelques miettes d’étoile

Et un croissant de lune

Traînent encore sur la toile

Cirée d’une nuit posthume


Un ciel encore humble

De tremper dans le bleu

D’un clapotis tranquille

Se berce au fond des cieux


Une mer d’aluminium

Scintillante d’argent

Emballe mon cœur d’homme

Et de petit enfant


Je voudrais que tu sois là

Je voudrais que tu voies ça

Je t’avoue que je n’y crois pas

C’est beau, c’est beau même sans toi


Un soleil feignant

Essore ses rayons

Dans l’azur en peignant

D’or l’horizon


Une mouette au tableau

Figure un goéland

Et se perd tout là haut

Au fond du firmament


Les embruns qui me giflent

Ou caressent ma peau

Et puis le vent qui siffle

Sur le mat d’un bateau


Je vais fermer les yeux

Je vais sentir la mer

Je vais sentir le bleu

Sans ouvrir mes paupières


Quelques miettes d’étoile

Sur la nappe du ciel

Un croissant qui dévoile

Un déjeuner d’ soleil


Et moi tout petit homme

Je me sens un peu con

De n’être rien en somme

Qu’un tout petit garçon.

El tractor MEME (EX RENFE 301-046) realizando maniobras con las PTT de cementos de la Fábrica cementera de Tudela Veguin.


Febrero 2015

jour de pluie à Pabos, Gaspésie, Québec

Que j'ai dit que je peux pas blairer les Nekos :p

Alors c'était pas la peine de m'envoyer l'ancetre là

Bon, ok, mais je l'ai pas dit fort :)

Waaaay better than the last time I did this


1 - Go to "wikipedia." Hit “random”

or click

The first random wikipedia article you get is the name of your band.


2 - Go to "Random quotations"

or click

The last four or five words of the very last quote of the page is the title of your first album.


3 - Go to flickr and click on “explore the last seven days”

or click

Third picture, no matter what it is, will be your album cover.


4 - Use photoshop or similar to put it all together.


5 - Post it with this text in the "caption"


I'm not tagging anyone. I just wanted something to do before I even finished my first cup of coffee today.


Additionally, I think my band is an ironic hipster experiment, shunned by all because they just tried too damn hard, and their CD smacked of production values and effort.


The real reason they broke up though, is that two of them wore the same cowboy shirt two sizes too small one day, and were unable to get past the fact that they had found the same thrift store full of deadstock, thus negating how obscure the other was.

Tagged by Hejog, thank you!

Sorry, I simply can't do a mosaic of ALL my dollies, so here's a family pic once again.

Plus there's now Yuko (B2 Holic factory custom), and Adeline (Coco Collette) too.

I'm also too lazy to write out a list of all their names again... ;)


So who would you pick and why?

(Despite knowing that I'd never let any of 'em leave, LOL!)


I tag anyone else who hasn't done this already! :)

I tend to disappear here and there .........


So concentrate, and you'll feel me everywhere ♥♥♥


اذكــروا الـله ♥♥



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Meme challenge information


I'm wearing:

Hair: Wasabi Pills

Skin & Lipstick : Pink Fuel

Freckle Face tattoo: Stellar

Cheerleader Costume: Stellar

© All rights Reserveds 9oo9i♡.

ادفن المــــاضي تحــت ســابع ثـــرى

Wicked twist of fate

modified hdr image of the Maroon Bells.

original hdr

Plus gros coef de marée de l'année : 115

I hopped on to decorate our new home<3


If you'd like to know where a specific item is from, please feel free to ask :)




Material :

Nikon D 700

Nikon Fisheye AF Nikkor 16mm f/2.8D

model Maryoom <3

taken by me

edit me


say mashallah plzz plzz


ask me




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