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It's a bit sad this reminds me of film fakes




for a moment. And cheerfully forward we go


Phantoms Of The Lake


" We were resigned to suffering, thinking that we loved outside ourselves, and we perceive that our love is a function of our sorrow, that our love perhaps is our sorrow.. "


Marcel Proust

Dune. I think the sun/moon/planet in the upper left corner is the result of a slight film curl.

Holga camera

Lith Photograph

Foma Classic Paper



In the 5th Annual International Juried Plastic Camera Show

Rayko Gallery

428 Third Street

San Francisco,Ca


January 18- March 6, 2012


Lars as seen through the eye of a Hasselblad Sonnar T* 150.

something's up with this roll, but I'm posting this anyway because this is kind of a metaphor for life recently, I guess. You know, beautiful messed-up things both near and far, past and present and future all blurred together, a little rough around the edges, but on the right path. or something like that.

for this is uncharted territory.

I didn't give much thought to this the first time I saw it. I don't know...


[ bigger ]

30 second exposure with the Pentax 67

with Contax 645 / Tmax 400


On the Old Roman Road


" Threading the palm, a web of tiny lines

Spells out the lost money, the heart, the head,

The wagging tongues, the sudden deaths, in signs

We would smooth out like imprints on a bed,


In signs that can’t be helped, geese heading south,

In signs read anxiously, like breath that clouds

A mirror held to a barely open mouth,

Like telegrams, the gathering of crowds—


The plane, an X in the sky spelling disaster:

Before the whistle and hit, a tracer flare;

Before rubble, a hairline crack in plaster

And a housefly’s panicked scribbling on the air.. "


Gjertrud Schnackenberg, “Signs”

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